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Fighting Stance, Chapter two

Fighting Stance
Chapter 2

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Dee/Ryo
Timeline: September of Dee and Ryo's first year together, set after Justice.
Rating: Not safe for work! But what happens in this chapter is tame compared to what will happen further on in the story.
Summary: Dee and Ryo are in Ryo’s Karate club after hours. Dee has a couple of fantasies… but can he get Ryo to play along?
Disclaimer: Dee and Ryo are Sanami Matoh's characters, not mine. No one paid me to write this fanfic.
Author's notes: In my particular Fakeverse, Ryo has a black belt in karate. When you have a black belt, even if you don't teach classes, you should be addressed by other karateka as 'Sensei'.
Karate Terms:
A dojo is a training place for martial arts.
A gi (hard ‘g’, rhymes with Dee) is the white, belted uniform that karate students and fighters wear. Black belt-wearers are the most advanced.
A karateka is a practitioner of karate.
Karateka say ‘Osu!’ to each other, as a sign of respect. It’s a sort of general greeting and also means ‘I understand.’ The final ‘u’ is not pronounced. It sounds like ‘Oss!’
Once again, this chapter hasn’t been beta-read, so if you spot any typos, double words or inconsistencies, please don’t be shy about speaking up.

This is awieatti,'s story!

Fighting Stance: Chapter Two

Ryo did not answer him; he struggled instead, pushing up hard against Dee’s shoulder with his free hand. Dee was forced to let go of Ryo’s jaw and grab for the wrist he didn’t have secured. They pitted their strength against each other, muscles straining and breath coming out in puffs through clenched teeth. Ryo soon realized that Dee had the advantage because he was on top and had gravity on his side. There was also the fact that he also outweighed Ryo by about fifteen pounds. It frustrated Ryo that Dee was physically stronger, being slightly bigger through the shoulders than he was. Realizing the futility of what he was doing, Ryo abruptly stopped fighting, thinking to conserve his energy until he got an opportunity to escape. At the moment, Dee had him firmly pinned in place on the bench.

For several long moments they maintained an uneasy truce while catching their breath and gathering their forces. But when Dee’s long, mobile tongue licked wetly up Ryo’s neck to the outer edge of his ear, Ryo couldn’t help shivering. All his muscles were tense, and his arousal was warring with his annoyance at Dee’s overbearing and assumptive behaviour. “Dee,” he finally managed to say, “get off me right now. I’m warning you.”

“Oh, he’s warning me!” The note of smug amusement in Dee’s voice set Ryo’s teeth on edge. “What’cha gonna do, Sensei? Karate-chop me with these hands you can’t use right now? Throw me into a wall with your awesome martial arts mojo-mind-power?”

“You watch too many movies,” said Ryo dismissively. “I’m more likely to do…this!” So saying, he twisted and jerked both wrists simultaneously in Dee’s grip and broke free on his left side. In a flash, he had Dee by the pinky finger, and had bent it just far enough to show his partner he meant business.

“Ow-ow--OW!” Dee immediately let go of Ryo’s other wrist and stared down at him, his expression both surprised and impressed.

Ryo smiled sweetly up at Dee and then, in a show of confidence, magnanimously let go of his partner’s finger. Pushing at Dee’s chest with his forearm, he sat up quickly. “That does it-- We’re leaving,” he announced, his tone stern.

“Wait!” Dee flung up a hand. “How about you show me what you just did there?”

“I’ll show you at home once the laundry’s on.” Ryo looked at the clock on the wall because Dee had removed his watch earlier when he was undressing him. “You know the manager doesn’t like tenants to use the laundry room after midnight.” He gathered up the two halves of his gi and quickly rolled them up together.

Dee tried again. There was now a distinctly cajoling note in his voice. “Don’t you want a blowjob, baby? After I went to all the trouble of getting you out of your clothes?” Even though he was no longer on top of Ryo, he was still sitting astride the bench within touching distance. He reached out and ran a suggestive hand over Ryo’s package.

To Ryo’s embarrassment, his penis stirred back to life under just that brief touch. Perhaps it had been the word ‘blowjob.’ A faint heat crept over his cheeks, and he and Dee locked eyes. Dee looked at him in mute appeal, his eyebrows raised. Dee really had the most expressive eyebrows.

“Well,” muttered Ryo, “I wasn’t, um, completely against the idea… but then you had to go all Neanderthal-rapist on me.” He was trying his best to remain in control of the situation.

Dee feigned indignation. “Neanderthal-rapist? I was going for ‘masterful seducer’.” His hand kept stroking Ryo’s length through his shorts. When Ryo failed to produce a sarcastic rejoinder, Dee boldly slid his hand under the waistband of Ryo’s boxers.

The sensation of Dee’s fingertips on the bare skin of his penis made Ryo’s breath catch. He closed his eyes to savor the feeling. Dee knew just how to touch him. Each stroke of his partner’s confident hand caused the domestic urgency of the laundry situation to fade a little further in his mind.

When Dee started tugging Ryo’s boxers down, Ryo shifted on the bench to help him. This was his way of saying yes to the offered blowjob. His cock got even harder when Dee whispered, “Wanna taste you now,” and pushed him gently back down on the bench. When Dee began licking his balls, Ryo groaned aloud and then quickly pressed both hands to his mouth. This made Dee chuckle. “Nobody here but us, babe,” he said between licks. “Make all the noise you want.”

For the next few minutes, Ryo could think of nothing but the slow escalation of pleasure that was going on down there between his legs. Dee was a skilled lover and he truly enjoyed servicing Ryo in this way. When they had first become lovers, it had taken Ryo a few weeks to realize that performing fellatio wasn’t just something Dee did as a favor to him¬—instead it was something that Dee actively desired and fantasized about.

He was understandably disappointed when Dee slowed his attentions and then stopped.


Dee looked up at him, licking along the side of his shaft. “Got a favor to ask you, Ryo. No, no, don’t get mad! It’s a humble request!” He was obviously trying his best to look humble.

“Yeah, right.” Ryo surveyed his partner through narrowed eyes.

“Please, please, please put the gi on for me, sweetheart? Just this once?”

Ryo’s breath left him in an annoyed huff. “I knew it.” Glaring down at Dee, he was just opening his mouth again to say no, when Dee did something down there with his fingertips and the hard tip of his tongue that made Ryo shiver all over and groan softly. All coherent thought promptly flew out of his head.

Dee did it a little longer and then looked hopefully up at him again. “Please? It’s a big turn-on for me.”

Ryo looked down at him, shaking his head in a mix of affection and exasperation, and then shuddered as Dee swirled his tongue briefly around the head of his cock.

“Tellya what…” Dee’s fingers kept moving in a slow rhythm that prevented Ryo’s arousal from fading. “You put on the gi for me, and I’ll do all your laundry, including ironing, for the next month. How ‘bout it?”

Ryo eyed Dee skeptically. He toyed with the idea of saying no, but Dee had manipulated him into a corner as usual. He didn’t relish the idea of putting his very erect and sensitive penis back into his street clothes and taking the train home with Dee. He really wanted Dee to keep going.

“Will you do it at least once a week?”

“Babe, I’ll do it twice a week.”

“Will you remember to add fabric softener?”

“Of course! I’ll even buy the fabric softener.”

‘Well… all right then. But I’m putting my underwear back on.” Ryo never put on pants without underwear.

“Whatever you say.” Dee promptly tossed him his boxers. “I didn’t let your shorts fall on the floor.”

A little disconcerted by the fact that Dee had been keeping track of his underwear, Ryo glanced at him uncertainly before putting them on. Basically, he was just relieved that Dee hadn’t sniffed them like he had the gi.

When he pulled his boxers up over his hips, he stood up, and Dee lost no time offering him the pants section of his gi. Ryo reluctantly took it and frowned at it before slowly starting to pull the pants over his bare legs. He didn’t know what was going to happen next. He was suddenly unsure about what Dee really wanted. Was the blowjob going to continue? If it was, why did Dee want him to be fully dressed? Maybe Dee wanted him to top… But on the other hand, that was something Dee had not, so far anyway, come right out and asked for. Dee preferred being the guy on top, he knew. But so far in their extremely satisfying and exciting sex life, Dee had always enthusiastically gone for anything that Ryo indicated he wanted to do. Not that Ryo was good about asking for what he wanted. He admitted that to himself. It was still difficult for him, and he didn’t know if it was ever going to get any easier. Fortunately Dee was something of a mind-reader in the sex department.

Still thinking, Ryo rose to his feet, pulling the pants up and knotting the cord at his waist with quick, efficient movements, and then held out his hand. “Give me the jacket.”

Dee hastened to hand it over to Ryo and watched as he donned it and tied the strings on the inside. Then he passed Ryo the black belt.

Ryo knotted it around his waist with the quick efficiency of a man who had done so thousands of times. When he finished, he turned his eyes toward Dee. “What now?”

Dee looked him up and down appreciatively, his eyes avid. Ryo felt self-conscious, but also secretly pleased to be the object of such open admiration. Especially from a man as beautiful as Dee Laytner.

“Here’s the plan,” said Dee. “I’m your Karate student, and you’re my Sensei, who I’ve been adoring and lusting after for months.”

“Okay-y-y-y…” Ryo waited warily for the rest.

“You’ve been the one in control so far because you’re the black-belt teacher of the class, and I’m just your lowly white-belt student.”

A corner of Ryo’s mouth lifted in a sardonic smile. “I suppose I’ve been bossing you around a lot?”

Dee’s grin flashed quickly before he went back to his narrative. “Yeah, a lot. And I’ve been taking it because, well, you’re my teacher and you can kick my ass.”

Ryo folded his arms and looked fondly at Dee. “That’s right. I can kick your ass.” Putting on his gi in the dojo had had a subtle psychological effect on him. He didn't know if it would last, but he was now in Karate mode.

Dee held up a finger. “For the record, I just wanna say that my fantasy does not include any ass-kicking. But it might include something else that sounds similar and is a hell of a lot more fun.”

Ryo shook his head. “I don’t know about that, Dee. That’s a little more…um, ‘involved’ than what you were doing before.” He didn’t want to blush, but he could feel his face getting warm. “Messier too. And we would need supplies.”

Dee’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Sweetheart, you think too much. What supplies?”

Ryo pressed his lips together primly. “Never mind. This is your fantasy, not mine.”

“Bullshit, baby. I’d bet a month’s salary that this was your fantasy long before it was mine.”

“If you’re going to be my karate student, you are not allowed to address me as ‘sweetheart’ or ‘baby,’ Ryo informed him.

Dee waved a hand. “Sure, whatever. We’re getting off track here. Back to the plan. So here we are, after class, and you’re bossing me around, as usual. The other students have gone home. This is the day I’m gonna put the moves on my Sensei after class. What do you usually tell your students to do after class?”

Ryo shrugged. “Well, we usually tell them to put away the equipment and clean up the dojo after practice. Then they come in here and get changed and have showers if they want to. The students must also keep the changing room clean and organized.” He paused and smirked at Dee. “You realize, don’t you, that you’re going to have to do some cleaning if you want your fantasy to be, how did you put it, ‘authentic?’”

“That’s okay. I don’t expect to be cleaning for long, anyway,” said Dee giving Ryo another suggestive once-over with his eyes. “Now what’s that thing you guys do with your arms?” Dee crossed his arms in front of himself and looked at Ryo questioningly.

Ryo showed him, clenching his hands into fists and crossing them right over left before bringing them apart in a quick, hard movement. “When you do this, you bow your head and say, ‘Osu!’”

Dee performed the action and glanced up at Ryo. “Like that?”

“Yes, only with more humility and more spirit. Do it again. And stop smiling. You have to be serious in the dojo, especially if your sensei is teaching you something.”

“Osu, Sensei!” Dee bowed again and managed to look somewhat sober.

“Better.” Ryo nodded in approval. “Are you ready to start cleaning?”

“Osu, Sensei!” Dee said again. “I sure am.”

Ryo still had some reservations about Dee’s game. The idea of any sort of role-playing made him feel shy, but on the other hand, if all he had to do to make Dee happy-- and maybe finally get that blowjob which had been dangled before him like a carrot-- was act like a karate sensei, then that was well within his capabilities. And he had to admit he was looking forward to watching Dee swab down mats and polish the lockers. He looked down at his bare feet. Maybe he should have Dee start with mopping the floor, even though the janitor would be sure to do it later. He didn’t mind being barefoot on the tatami mats, but he hated being barefoot in the changing room. God only knew what kind of germs there might be on the floor.

Dee was standing there, clearly waiting to be given cleaning instructions, so Ryo pointed peremptorily to a closet door at the far end of the dojo. “Go and get the broom and sweep this floor.”

“Osu!” Dee swaggered toward the locker.

“More speed and more respect!” Ryo called sharply after him.

“Osu!” Dee hurried back with a large broom.

"Well, I'll just leave you to it, "Ryo said. "I'm going out to practice my kata."

Dee had evidently not expected this. "Wait, what did you say? Sensei, aren't you going to stay here while I clean?"

"Certainly not," said Ryo. "I've got better things to do. When you've thoroughly cleaned the changing room, come and see me for your next duty."

He turned his back on Dee and walked out of the room, but not before he heard Dee mutter, "That's gonna be sooner than you think, Sensei."
--end of chapter 2--
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