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I met bronze_ribbons!!!
D & R kissing
Hello Fake Readers,

I apologize for the lack of updates this past week. I have been quite horribly busy at work recently and it looks likely to continue until at least the middle of this week, notwithstanding all the work I have put in on this weekend that has just ended.

On the plus side, I traveled to Vancouver for business on the Wednesday we just had, and was fortunate enough to be able to meet up with Bronze_ribbons, author of Not as Dumb (major FAKE fic, check it out http://bronze-ribbons.dreamwidth.org/356778.html) and online pal of mine for years. She and her charming hubby treated me to dinner at Forage Restaurant in their extremely cool hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada. That was totally the most exciting thing that happened to this workaholic (yeah, me :{ ) this whole month.

B_R gifted me with TSU-I "East End Club" by Sanami Matoh in Japanese. Never having read it before, I started perusing one of the books in the restaurant, but the waiter appeared and B-R hastily slapped the book closed. And for good reason, as I later found out in my hotel room! The characters so resemble Dee and Ryo (and Alicia and Jim from the lab, if he were evil), and lots of naughty things happen, especially to the Ryo-character. I'm feeling totally inspired, Fake-wise, right now!

In other news, I'm still struggling with Chapter 32 of Justice. It's going this way and that, and I need to decide, once and for all, what to reveal and what to keep hidden for upcoming chapters, get it clocked in at about 6000K and get it off to the betas! I hoped that might happen this weekend, but there was too much work-work eating up my time. Wish me luck-- I'm hoping all the work stress will settle down midweek.

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Wow wow woooow! You met Bronze_Ribbons? AND she and her husband treated you?! How awesome!!

I had no idea Sanami Matoh had a book called TSU-I! I'll definitely have to check it out.

And don't worry about not having updated- we completely understand that you're a busy person! No harm in waiting just a week or two more. Unless saying that takes off the pressure you need to get to writing even when you're busy, in which case, I want both Chapter 32 and the next installment of Fighting Stance by this weekend!! Just kidding :) Well... (if you do, nobody'll complain!)

Yes! It was so awesome. When she posted that she was going to be up in my neck of the continent, I seized my opportunity, suggested a meeting, and then grabbed a big chunk of her vacation time, which she generously gave over to me.

TSU-I is great. It's all Ryo and Dee in costume in an odd historical time that seems to wander willy-nilly from century to century. It looks like it was drawn circa Like, Like, Love. I have no idea what the characters are saying, since it's all in Japanese, but someday soon I'm going to post a spoiler-filled 'blow by blow' of what I THINK is going on!

Well, maybe the waiter liked yaoi too, you never know! :D I've never read Tsu-i, but I think I should! (There are so many works by Matoh that I wanted to read for some time now, but I always re-read FAKE instead!)

So you met Bronze_Ribbons? How cool! I just read Not As Dumb for the first time, so thanks for the rec. Do you know if she plans on finishing it...?

Oh evil chapter 32, what do you do to our poor Brit? Why can't you just sort yourself out?! Anyway, good luck with solving that problem soon! Oh and of course I'm looking forward to the next Fighting Stance chapter as well, whenever it will be ready to get posted ;)

Nope, I'm not nagging. Not nagging at all. (It's just that I'm sick at the moment - as in, REALLY sick - and all I'm capable of is reading fanfiction and watching The Big Bang Theory :D Yeah. But as I said, don't let me stress you out ^^ )

I'm so sorry to hear you're sick. Watching Big Bang is exactly what I would like to do if I were sick. Big Bang is always my go-to de-stressor.

Yeah, it's just possible the waiter was a yaoi fan, but it's also possible that he might have dumped hot cheese sauce all over me if he had happened to catch a glimpse of a very young Ryo-character being bent over a table-top and pounded in a part of his anatomy that would render him unable to sit down for a few hours afterward. Ryo, I mean, not the waiter! Go on, admit it-- I made you laugh, didn't I?

I have it on excellent authority that Bronze_Ribbons does intend to return to Not as Dumb, possible sometime in 2014. In the meantime, you should check out her fic The Ties That Do Not Bind. (I have a feeling my attempt at a comment-link didn't work, but you can see the link in her comment which is down there below yours and mine). It's really quite achingly beautiful, and will leave you feel warm, fuzzy and contemplative for days to come.

Evil Chapter 32 is making me miserable. Every time I think I've got it under control, I read it again and think, "Oh no, half of that has got to go..." and then I'm back to picking away at it.

With regards to Fighting Stance, I'll post an estimation of the next possible update in a few days.

In the meantime, you heed to eat lots of soup and OD on vitamin C! I hope you're feeling better soon.

Haha, okay you were right, that bit about the waiter and the Ryo-character did make me laugh! xD And now I really want to read Tsu-i...

Oh I know The Ties That Do Not Bind. But I just read it again nevertheless. It's a lovely story and so in character!

Bad, bad chapter 32! Behave already!

Well I'm trying my best to get back on my feet, but this cold is damn stubborn. But thanks - and make sure you won't get sick, too!

I'm surrounded by sick people right now, so thanks for the well-wishes! My immune system as taken up arms and has called up extra troops to patrol the perimeter.

If all goes well, I'll be able to take another look at chapter 32 this afternoon. I'm currently in a small lull between deadlines, so I should take advantage of it.

I'm so glad we got to meet up -- it was so much fun! (And I've been grinning like a Dee every time I think of you sneaking looks at the doujinshi while on the ferry. And I am unlikely to think of smoked cheddar cheese sauce in the future without thinking of you as well. :-) )

Thanks, too, for the rec! I hope to get back to it in 2015. As I think I mentioned, I wrote The Ties That Do Not Bind in part to give the recipient a complete and handcuff-positive story, seeing how the NAD plotzilla was cooperating in neither respect.

I am dead on my feet (when not flat on my butt) from the flu, but about to dive back into work nonetheless. But the BYM and I really enjoyed what we got to see (and taste) of your province and hope to be back someday. Wishing you the best, both work- and writing-wise!

Thank you so much for making time for me! I would have kicked myself for years afterward if I hadn't been able to meet you when you were so close.

Exactly as I said I would, I got my favorite business station on the ferry. When everyone else boarded the boat and started drifting around looking for the washrooms or dithering over which onboard eatery to patronize, I was schlepping my suitcase up the stairs two at a time and making a beeline for my favorite spot. Thus it was that I got my back into a corner with high walls and was able to finish reading about the Ryo-character's rather thorough ravishment at the hands of 'Alicia's' lackeys. Yum!

You got the flu?! Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. Did it strike upon your return or before you left? Hope you haven't given it to the BYM. Because then he'd have to wear a full-face helmet to protect his sinuses from the cold wind driving into them. And I gather he might not enjoy that.

Can you stave off work for a couple more days? I think you need at least twelve hours in bed with tea on one hand, your phone in the other and the remote somewhere in between.

Please come back to BC again someday, and this time come to my city.

Wishing you the best too, in every way.

Struggling with chapters is tough and annoying as hell. I haven't even started my next chapter of my story because I'm stuck as hell. I hope you get out of the hole. *fist pump*

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