brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting update

Hello FAKE readers,

Sorry I haven't been around much recently. I am so sickeningly busy I can barely catch my breath. Well, okay I caught it long enough to eat several chocolate-covered macadamia nuts this morning, but I REALLY needed them. Sadly, because of my wild schedule, the gym has almost totally fallen by the wayside.

In addition to getting lots of new business at work as well as new info coming in on old business that demands action, my husband and I have been inundated with visitors recently. What is it about October in these parts? This happened last year, too, only that time they were all Japanese. This year my Japanese friends are staying home and the visitors are coming from other countries and other parts of Canada. Visitors, delightful though they are, nonetheless require lots of extra cleaning, cooking and laundering of bedding. My house has not been so clean in a long, long time! I seem to be doing lots of extra eating, too. And then sleeping badly.

As you all know, I've been stuck on a plot point in Justice chapter 32. The chapter was almost finished, and it was really only a matter of about 1000 words that was holding me back. I can write my hundred words a day when I know my timing and my chapter structure, but everything goes on hold when I have to make important decisions about revealing plot info now or later. I wouldn't say Justice is in the home stretch, but three more quite important things have to happen before it ends, and I have to get my timing right.

Anyway, I found a way around my current conundrum, which is to add an extra scene that I hadn't originally been planning on, (but it won't do any harm) which will give me extra time to consider the part I remain stuck on. Then at least the chapter will be finished and can go up and you all will have something to read while I figure things out. The betas have agreed to look at my chapter this weekend, which means I'll be able to publish it the weekend of October 18th, so yay!

I haven't forgotten about Fighting Stance, either, but Justice has to be the next thing that goes up.

I'm so hoping that things will settle down on the work and visitor front. Well, I am and I'm not. I need the money and I'm enjoying the visitors, but I sure would like to be able to relax for a change. I think I've worked the past three weekends in a row. And the washing machine, the dryer and I have deepened our relationship thanks to all the extra attention I have been paying to them. The washing machine occasionally gets emotional and refuses to drain properly unless I come back downstairs and murmur words of encouragement as I tweak its knobs and dials into an extra spin cycle. The dryer got overwhelmed and overheated a couple of times, but I backed off on my voracious demands and let it cool down before loading the next guest comforter and sheet set into it.

Wish me luck and please come back to read the chapter on the 18th!

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