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Trying to post over at Archive of Our Own (A03)
Ryo's anger
I tried to post Legal Briefs there but screwed it up, as you will see if you look at this. http://archiveofourown.org/users/Brit_Columbia/works
Is anyone familiar with how that site works? I think I need a tutorial.

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It depends on how you uploaded the file. Did you use Upload From an Existing URL or manually upload the file? It looks to me like you copied from LJ into AO3. You can't do that because you bring in too much html garbage, mostly because the coding in LJ is terrible. You need a clean copy of the text.

I would also move all the descriptions stuff to the notes instead of the body of the text. It could also be the problem. Good luck

Thanks! I think I should go delete it until I have time to deal with this. I'm out of time for today and tomorrow will be so busy at work.

Okay, I just put a clean copy in. It wouldn't give m my italics, though and at this point I'm scared to try to get them back in case I lose all my formatting. But it looks a lot better.

I would guess you would need to add in the codes.
It's not a big deal to leave off the italics.


Yay! I'm so glad your posting on AO3. Love that site; it has a cleaner web design and is more user friendly:)

It may take me a while to get all my stories over there. I still have to try to figure out how to import multiple chapters. Not looking forward to that. I never enjoy being at the bottom of a learning curve!

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