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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
Well, my dinner guests and I gave my new dining room a workout earlier. After a serious pig out, we all taught each other different types of dance. I totally tanked at Flamenco. "Pick the apple, eat the apple, discard the apple -- stamp and clap!" That was the only part I could do. Then it got fast. Sigh. Hip hop was fun. Hard, but fun. "Go baby, go baby, go baby, go baby!" I may have tanked there too, except I was having too much fun to notice. Thankfully nobody had a video camera.

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See, that sounds great and all, but in my mind it would be "Pick up the cookie, eat the cookie, pick up ANOTHER cookie." *wink*

Anyway, it's over 95 degrees here today. Ima gonna kill somebody.

But only 11 more days to go...Only 11 more days to go....

Love ya,

Now, Blue, don't you go changing the Flamenco. And no killing. You think they'd let you out of jail to go to Yaoicon?

And it's not pick UP the apple, as in out of a fruit bowl. It's PICK the apple, as in, from the tree. Sheesh, you city girls!

Yes, 11 days IS an eternity, but it'll go by faster if you go to bed earlier and sleep longer. Okay, I admit it, that's really sucky advice. We night people just can't DO that! Just be thankful that you're not in a space station together, slowly orbiting the earth...

Psshaw! I still like my dance better. At least you get cookies in my dance!

10 more days to go...10 more days to go....

God, I could REALLY use a cookie right now.


The title pretty much says it all. I'm FREE!!!

Hope all is well with you! We need to catch up soon!


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