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So sorry!
Dee Blue waves
Dear Readers,

I must apologize for saying I would post chapter 32 on Sunday night and then not doing it. In fact I was at work until 11:30 pm on Sunday and was too drained to do anything after that except try to get enough sleep before facing Monday which was a whirlwind of deadlines and appointments. I don't have time today either. Sadly a girlfriend wants to buy me dinner (complete with wine!), and tonight is the only night she's free, but I have had to decline because I have too much happening on the work front at the moment. Let this be a warning to anyone who is contemplating self-employment.

I'll try my best to post the chapter in the next few days. It's not the posting, it's the tweaking. I got it back from the betas before the weekend, but I haven't finished applying their suggestions. I need an uninterrupted ninety minutes.