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Report on progress of Justice
mocha, starbucks
Hello FAKE fans,

Despite the general gloominess of my last post, I have actually managed to make some progress on Justice chapter 33, which is currently at just over 2500 words. Almost halfway there. I'd like the chapter to be about 6000 words when I'm done. In order to make it happen, I have had to change my normal way of writing which is to sink into a state of deep concentration and go right inside the story and the heads of the characters. That method takes time and solitude. Right now I don't have time and I don't really have enough mental bandwidth left over from juggling numerous deadlines and responsibilities to allow myself that kind of undivided attention to my story. So I'm writing in almost a stream of consciousness kind of way, typing really fast and to hell with the typos, just to get it out. I'm not giving careful consideration to each line because I can't. My plan is to fix it later by expanding what needs to be expanded and cutting out anything I feel is extraneous. I'll restructure the sentences and paragraphs at that future time too. I'm fairly confident I'll keep most of what I've written. This is not at all how I like to write, but it sure works for producing volume in a short bursts of time.

Meanwhile it's 8:10 pm and I'm still at work. My husband will have gone to bed by the time I get home tonight, but I'll see him briefly tomorrow morning. We have a long weekend coming up, but I will need to work right through it. My husband wants us to have people over for dinner on Sunday night. I'm not totally opposed to the idea, but I can't spend the whole day cooking, which is what he will want me to do. I will have to put in a few hours of work. I'm planning to have clients come in on Sunday morning.

I treated myself to a peppermint mocha with extra whipped cream today, so that I could remind myself that life is not all work and no fun. Yum!