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Progress on Justice chapter 33
Ryo huh?
Hello my dear readers,

Two posts ago I was all "OMG-so-busyyyyyyyyy-CAN'T-WRITE, wail!" and now I'm checking in to let you know that Justice chapter 33 is all but written. At first I couldn't understand where the burst of frenetic writing energy came from, especially since I dragged myself away from paid work to do it, but I have come to the conclusion that it must have been an unintentional act of reverse psychology which I accidentally practised on myself. You know, like when you get off the bathroom scale with your mind reeling in horror and announce to yourself that from here on in, things like chocolate and bread and Peppermint Mochas slathered in whipped cream are hereby off the menu? And then after having made that noble decision, you can think of nothing but the forbidden so you sneak off and consume more of the chocolate and bread etc. than you otherwise would have? Well, it was sort of like that.

I'll be cleaning the chapter up over the next couple of days and then humbly begging my betas to take a look at it. Stay tuned for the date of publication.

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Oh my! How exciting!!

Yeah, after that post a week ago, I felt very sympathetic to your suddenly extremely hectic work schedule and was all geared up to wait several weeks for the next installment. Then when I saw your last post I thought, "Wow! How great is that! I'm glad she's found a way to work with her busy schedule~" And now? I'm so surprised!! You really do amaze me!

And I totally get your analogy. I've experienced the same thing with school work. For a long time, I studied Japanese by myself. Whenever I had too much homework or other things to do, I would procrastinate by studying Japanese. But then when I actually started taking classes and it became homework, studying Japanese for class suddenly became the thing I procrastinated!! Well, maybe this example is a little different... Either way, congrats on tricking yourself into getting so much writing done! (even though it was unintentional)

Yes, it must be a form of procrastination. I'm overwhelmed by my RL work life schedule so I'm running away from it by throwing myself into my writing instead (which is way more fun. But then I feel guilty and stressed about getting behind in my work, so I throw myself back into that. I'm boomeranging! And I've almost completely quit socializing. But as long as I remain productive, I can live without a social life for a while.

Yay! That's awesome! *dances happily*
I was really surprised when I saw this post. How do you manage to write so much? I haven't written anything for months ;_; (Shame on me)

But I think I get this psychological thing, too - I always write the most when I have many other things to do. And whenever I actually have time to write, I procrastinate and tell myself that I have writer's block and watch stupid videos instead xD

Well, I'm happy you get do write so much despite your busy schedule. I just hope you don't neglect your "real" work too much ;)

How do I manage to write so much? Well, first it helps to have a gigantic to-do list full of stressful things that make you want to book a one-way plane ticket to somewhere really far away. I'm thinking New Zealand. It's pretty far, and hopefully they've perhaps had their quota of earthquakes for the time being. Then you realize that you can't actually run away like that without telling anyone, so you run away in your head instead.

Step 2 involves setting a timer and banging away on the keys, typos be damned, until you figure you've got enough to get a kitten or three from Written Kitten. I'm not allowing myself to think too much these days. I just write without analyzing and trust myself to stay on track. I focus on quantity not quality, because I can do the quality part later. Try it!

...*is too lazy to make an account. I shall simply continue to post anonymously*

I'm glad you got it written! ^~^ I totally understand what you mean about work T.T I have my own small business, so...yeah. Clients are pouring in from everywhere, leaving me almost no time for yaoi *sigh*

After reading your post, I am hungry for peppermint mochas and chocolate and bread...my head is saying I'm going to regret going to Starbucks after I finish this post, but my stomach is telling me to go anyways.

I don't know if Starbucks has the two for one on their holiday drinks in your area that they've got going on here, but starting today until Nov. 17th, between two and five o'clock, it's 2 for 1 time! So, after waking up this morning and telling myself not to have a Peppermint Mocha today, here I am drinking two! One is decaf, though. But I certainly didn't say no to the all-important whipped cream part on both.

Another small business owner! There's something about the looming end of the calendar year that brings clients out of the woodwork. Maybe things will slow down in January when everyone is cocooning and no one wants to leave the house. That's usually the time of year when I'M cocooning and I don't want to leave the house either.

Thanks for commenting. I'm going to go and tweak my chapter now.

You never cease to amaze me Brit, don't know how you manage with so much going on AND to make time to write for us :) what would I do without you're writing huh? Probably lose all interest in FAKE...

As for flying far away, you could always come to England! I have a spare room until February at which point no-one will want to come near us because of the wails of our newborn :P


Just noticed the 'you're' instead of 'your' my inner grammer Nazi is screaming profanities at me >_

Why thank you for the kind invitation! I probably won't take you up on it, however, because I'm just not a traveller. And even if I were, I have too many end-of-year deadlines at work. I wish someone would invent a virtual holiday place where a person could go and spend as little as an hour or as much as a couple of days in a virtual vacation environment, complete with hotel room/guest room, sightseeing and catering! (That last part could be real, or at least semi-real)And maybe the environment could be peopled by manga/anime characters. Now that would be my kind of video game. No passports, no flights, and back at work/home in a couple of hours.

Muses do thrive on being unruly, I fear. Which is why mine hijacked me Wednesday night when I should have been concentrating on citations.

(On a sort of upside, being this busy means getting to the store has been an enormous effort, which means I haven't restocked on the Ghiradelli peppermint bark I cannot stop myself from noshing on when it's in the house.)

Ghiradelli is a totally evil company! Especially when I think of those milk chocolate squares that ooze caramel when you bite them.

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