brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Progress on Justice chapter 33

Hello my dear readers,

Two posts ago I was all "OMG-so-busyyyyyyyyy-CAN'T-WRITE, wail!" and now I'm checking in to let you know that Justice chapter 33 is all but written. At first I couldn't understand where the burst of frenetic writing energy came from, especially since I dragged myself away from paid work to do it, but I have come to the conclusion that it must have been an unintentional act of reverse psychology which I accidentally practised on myself. You know, like when you get off the bathroom scale with your mind reeling in horror and announce to yourself that from here on in, things like chocolate and bread and Peppermint Mochas slathered in whipped cream are hereby off the menu? And then after having made that noble decision, you can think of nothing but the forbidden so you sneak off and consume more of the chocolate and bread etc. than you otherwise would have? Well, it was sort of like that.

I'll be cleaning the chapter up over the next couple of days and then humbly begging my betas to take a look at it. Stay tuned for the date of publication.

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