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Posting Schedule
Dee with gun
Hello FAKE readers!

Justice chapter 33 is with the betas, but I don't know exactly when I'm going to post it as I won't be getting it back until sometime on the weekend and then if major tweaking is required, I'll have to find time for that. So probably not this coming weekend; more like the one after. Or maybe even midweek next week. However.... I have been working on another FAKE fic-- a new one-- that just struck me out of the blue and demanded to be written! It's a short story, maybe six chapters total, about JJ trying to break up Drake's budding relationship with his latest girlfriend. It takes place before the events of Slave to A Gladiator, so it will not end up with Drake and JJ in bed. In fact, there's no sex in the story whatsoever. Just lots of JJ-snark as he does his best to manipulate the people around him while remaining completely blind to his own self-interested motivations. It doesn't even have a title yet! So far I can't come up with anything. Anyway, no matter what, I'll be publishing the first chapter of that one this coming Friday or Saturday. I've already written four chapters of it, so I'll be able to post FAKE-fic reading material regularly, as in weekly, from now until the new year. Yay, right?

And no, I have not forgotten about Fighting Stance, either! I'll update that one near the end of the month.

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Yay, sounds fun! Most of FAKE was banter and snark, not sex, so I love it when authors embrace its fun side.

Oh, goody! I was hoping you would want to read it.

Yay indeed! Wow you are so productive lately! I don't know what I'd do without your regular updates - probably get frustrated because there are only very few FAKE authors nowadays who update their stories regularly!
Oh I haven't read anything about Drake and JJ for some time, so I'm looking forward to that story. Jj being snarky is always a good read! xD

JJ being snarky is unbelievably fun to write! I need some JJ icons...

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