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Escaping Christmas
I was recently whining in the comments to one of my posts that a possible reason why the past weeks have turned me into a more productive writer than usual is that I feel I want to run away from my overly busy life, but can't, so I escape into another world through my imagination.

However, the urge to physically run away has not abated, and yesterday I found myself thinking about Christmas with the usual dread. In the good old days, my husband used to work every Christmas, so I would make a date with a pizza and a Star Trek or Star Wars marathon. But a few years ago he stopped working Christmas day and instead hung around, hogging the TV, and expecting to be waited on hand and foot in that charming way of his. Oh, and let's not forget the way he would demand that we get his favorite pizza instead of mine, and if I won that particular battle, then I would have to listen to a lot of derogatory comments about my choice in pizza toppings, and about the unhealthiness of pizza in general! Pizza at Christmas is my tradition, dammit. I should get to pick the toppings.

Also, everything is closed on Christmas. I can't go to the gym, can't go shopping, can't go to a movie, can't go to a restaurant. There is one Starbucks in my city that remains open on Christmas, but the whole world goes there to escape from their families, so it's usually jammed to the doors.

Anyway, every year of my adult life I have fantasized about going away from Christmas, but never actually have, even in the days when I was more of a traveller than I am now.

Okay, okay, I'll get to the point. I'm seriously thinking about going to Vegas for three nights over Christmas. My husband and father are both not only onboard, but downright enthusiastic. I'm in the process of selecting a hotel. We've never been there before, so we don't know much about the place.

Have any of you guys been to Las Vegas, and if so do you have any suggestions or warnings for me? I'm sort of leaning toward that Paris hotel with the Eiffel Tower...
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Lucky you! I've never been to Vegas - well I've never even left Europe! xD And my only knowledge about that city comes from movies like Hangover, so I guess I'm not really a big help there.

But what do you have against christmas?! I love christmas! :o I even made my wishlist already and bought some christmassy tea...

I want to love Christmas-- really I do! But it always seems like I have so much end-of-year work to do in my job that I worry too much about deadlines and such, so the whole month of December is busy-busy-rush-rush and then suddenly Christmas comes and everything's closed and there are family expectations. And if there's a Christmas dinner, it's 100 percent MY job to cook it unless I opt out of Xmas dinner altogether. Which I usually do.

But I admit that recently I've been loving the decorations and voluntarily listening to carols, and I bought special Christmas tea, too! Mine is Sugar Plum Spice by Celestial Seasonings; http://www.celestialseasonings.com/products/holiday-teas/sugar-plum-spice What's yours?

So I'm trying not to be against Christmas. But I always feel kind of sad and anxious on the actual day. :( Hence the Vegas tickets this year, I guess! I've been working so much recently, I feel I need a break. And maybe I can almost afford it, too. We're in the Paris Hotel. I'm interested in comparing the replica Eiffel Tower to the real one, which I have been up.

Yummy! Mine are roasted almonds vanilla, rum-grape orange, and orange cinnamon marzipan (tastes like mulled wine!) from Teekanne and cherry marzipan from Meßmer.
(Obviously, my mother couldn't decide which one she liked best when she went grocery shopping, so she just bought them all xD )

Well when you come back from Vegas, you definitely have to tell us how it was! :) I love travelling and discovering new places, but it's so expensive. ;_; My family and I are already saving money for our trip to Iceland next summer. I always wanted to go there, I'm so excited! :D

I'm excited for you-- Iceland is a really cool place!

All your teas sound wonderful. I'm especially drawn to the almond vanilla one.

Exactly - my father was there two times already (within a time span of 20 years o.O ) and always showed us tons of photos - so of course, my sister and I always wanted to go there, too! :D I'm especially looking forward to a ride on an Iceland pony. That reminds me, we haven't heard from Bikky and his horse-adventures for some time! How is he doing?

They are all delicious! I'm drinking them all the time at the moment. There's nothing better than a cup of tea when it's cold, rainy and stormy outside :3

We've got snow right now! But I'm not drinking tea, I'm drinking coffee. The now is coming down in teeny little flakes but not sticking. I rode my bike in it, so I hope it doesn't turn to black ice by the end of the day.

Originally, I wanted to say how I envy you for your snow, but when I woke up today, I saw the first snow here, too! Yay!
Of course it's not much and it has already stopped snowing, too. We don't really have a white city now, more like grey with some white spots, but a little is better than nothing, right? Let's see how long it will take until it melts.
(I fear it does freeze over and turn to ice - it always does! Maybe my winter boots with high heels weren't such a great idea after all...)

My advice is to wear the high heeled boots only in the company of a man, whose job it will be to offer you his strong arm and keep you upright! But when you're by yourself, wear something with lower heels.

Good idea! Men can be so practical from time to time... ;D

To be honest, Brit, the first time you described your Christmas tradition it sounded really weird. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it made perfect sense. When your significant other is working and the whole world is shut down, why NOT bundle up with some comfort-food videos and actual comfort food? The SO really mucked all that up when he changed his working schedule, huh?

I've never been to Vegas, nor do I have any inclination to, since I don't understand gambling. But it sounds like a perfect shake-up. Maybe you guys can make a tradition of taking a short trip every Christmas, somewhere new and funky, so you don't feel obligated to do Christmasy things and fight over pizza toppings. There's the budget, of course. Bleh. We're neck deep in renovations and moving, so we have no time OR money to spare. Have a blast in Vegas, on my behalf!

I know my beloved Pizza/Sci-Fi tradition strikes a lot of people as weird! The first time I did it, I was feeling the weirdness of it, but after about 30 minutes of solitary munching and watching Star Wars while enjoying the rare sensation of having complete control of the TV remote, I realized I was having the Best Christmas Ever. I got about five Christmases like that until everything changed.

I don't understand gambling, either. I have zero interest, and same with my two menfolk. All I really want to do is check out Vegas and see the sights.

Renovations are expensive and always take much longer than the time the reno guys quote you. I hope it's different for you and is all done with quickly.

I'll do my best to have a blast on your behalf!

Loving your tradition. My hubby does EXACTLY the same thing with pizza orders - he orders the one he likes and another for me and the three girls. So he gets lots of the kind he likes and the other is always consumed within 5 minutes. *facepalm*

As for Vegas, might I recommend the Four Seasons? It's tucked away behind a secret door within Mandalay Bay, which is smoke-free and smells of coconuts. It's a nice, quiet retreat for when you get tired of the strip. Pricey, but worth it IMHO. :)

He gets lots of the kind he likes, huh? Sounds like a pretty good deal! Well, not for you and the girls, of course. Is it possible to get your husband's pizza as a half and half? As in one side has his favorite toppings, and the other side is something else? That would be more fair since you and the girls add up to four people. But, I know, I know. He's a man.

I'm afraid I've already booked us into the Paris Hotel, but I'll check out the Four Seasons for future reference when I'm there. I'm all for ANYTHING that smells of coconuts!

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