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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I finally watched Ai No Kusabi for the first time a couple of days ago, having been inspired by all the little fan-created music videos on Youtube.

The story was so sad and the animation was so beautiful that I can't get it out of my head. I hate tragic endings! But I think I hate multiple amputations more, especially when they involve handsome anime men whom I've become attached to.

Now I need Ai No Kusabi fan fiction, but I'm only willing to spend my extremely limited time on the good stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is the original story available in English in text form? The only fan fiction I've ever read is Fake. Well, I went looking for Inu Yasha fan fiction, but it was all such unbelievable crap that I withdrew, traumatized, and didn't finish any of the stories.

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The Best Of Both Worlds...

Hey there my Darling,

In terms of your question - Sw0rdy has an AMAZING fic (but of course) that combines the best of both worlds. It's called Chained to You and it's a FAKE fic set in the Ai No Kusabi world. GREAT, INTENSE writing, as can only be expected from Swordy. If you haven't read it already, it's definitely worth checking out.

Hope that helps.


Re: The Best Of Both Worlds...

Yeah, I know about that one because I've seen the link to it on her LJ page. Believe me, it's definitely the first one I plan to read. Dee and Ryo in the AI No Kusabi world? Can't wait! But before I start fanning the flames of this newest little addiction of mine, I've got to ensure an adequate supply, like any sensible junkie!

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