brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Update on Justice

I'm not sure how many people are still reading Justice, but since I had said that the new chapter would be published long before now and it obviously hasn't been, I thought I ought to give you some idea of when to expect it. It came back from the betas, but needed some fixing and while I was doing that I got caught in the jaws of a hellish week, followed by an equally hellish weekend, and had to put the whole thing by. I grabbed the opportunity to publish Dragon Lady on Friday because it was already written (as are chapters 3 and 4) and didn't need to be beta-read or edited much, and I knew I wouldn't have time on the weekend.
I plan to publish Justice chapter 33 sometime this weekend, along with another chapter of Dragon Lady.

I really have nothing else to report. Life is all about work nowadays. Oh wait, I just thought of something. My husband and I ordered a pizza with a gluten-free crust on Sunday and I will never do that again because it disagreed with me in a big way! Yes, it was my husband's idea. He is anti-salt and anti-gluten. His days of being allowed to choose pizza toppings and crusts are hereby over.
Tags: pizza

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