brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Bangs for Bucks

I got my hair done yesterday-- cut, color, straightening. It looks really good! I hurried back to work from the salon hoping to extract some compliments from my office mates, but they had all gone home for the day. So I stayed at the office to do some more work, but called my husband to tell him about my hair and how happy I was with the result. A couple of hours later, I went home. I could hear the TV on in the living room, so before I went in to show my husband my hair, I ducked into the bathroom to brush it first. I had just gotten off a bicycle after all. So finally I go into the living room and greet him with a big smile and a reminder about the hair, because there is always a chance that he wasn't paying attention when I told him earlier that I had gotten my hair done. Also, experience has taught me that I can't expect him to notice subtle changes in the length, color and texture of my hair all by himself without prompting,

He looks up smiling, then the smile turns to a frown and he says..."Your bangs aren't straight."

Stung, I retort, "My bangs are never completely straight. I have cowlicks." Which is the sad truth.

As if I had not spoken, he goes on to say, "Your hair is shorter in the middle. You should go back and make them fix your bangs."

It dawns on me that my husband is perhaps not familiar with the term 'cowlick'. But still, he lives with me, and by now, ought to be familiar with how my bangs look most of the time, which is definitely not straight, especially if I have just woken up or have been out in the rain.

As he's poking away at my bangs, still with that annoying little frown on his face, I suddenly realize what is about to happen. If I don't stop him he's going to fetch a pair of scissors and 'fix' my bangs for me. I am not exaggerating here! My husband is a bit of an amateur barber/hairdresser. He cuts my father's hair sometimes, and when we went on vacation with his family, he cut his brother's and his father's hair, although he very wisely refused to cut his mother's hair when she begged him to. Despite all this practice, he does not, shall we say, excel at this little hobby of his.

I had to forestall him, so I smacked his hand away and said,  "Look, when your wife asks you what you think of her new hairstyle, the only correct answer is, 'You look beautiful!', NOT 'Your bangs are crooked!'"

He had the grace to look sheepish and assure me that my hair did-- mostly-- look great. Grrrrr.

This is why we need our girlfriends. My hair got lots of compliments at work today.

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