brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

My birthday again, but I'm at work

Hello to any remaining readers who haven't given up on me yet!

I'm going through a really heavy time at work at the moment, so this will have to be short. I can't leave the office until I have accomplished two large tasks that have been hanging over me, which means I'll be lucky if I can get home by midnight. I will be working 12 to 14 hours tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, but then I will take Sunday off to pack for my vacation.

Yes, I actually said the word 'vacation!' Me! The anti-traveller! I'm going to the south of France for about ten days. Well actually 12 days, but since I got my flights for free by using air miles, that means I have really long travel times with multiple stops at different European airports, so I basically lose a vacation day to the necessity of sitting around in airports at the beginning and end of the trip. But I'll get ten days of relaxing and drinking wine and eating bread and cheese in a beautiful place in between my airport-bookends. I sure hope they don't lose my luggage at one of those airports.

As you may remember, I'm self-employed. My business is extremely busy now, and I'm still in the growth and building stage. I said yes to a lot of new business and now I have to see it through and not let down my clients. Hence the long hours. For several months, I haven't really had time for anything that is not work related. I barely have a social life anymore. I'm hoping this will change. I will try to finish and post the next chapter of Dragon Lady while I'm away. I'm basically going to France to relax, not sight-see. I've been there three times in my life so far before and this will not be the last time I ever find myself in France.

So happy birthday to me, working away in my office! Thanks to the readers who sent me PMs. Yes, I'm alive, and absolutely determined to stay that way.

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