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Dee squinting in sunlight
You guys, never, never, never eat a 'durian' flavored candy. It's been twenty minutes and I still can't gt the awful taste out of my mouth.

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durian or durion (ˈdjʊərɪən)

— n
1. a SE Asian bombacaceous tree, Durio zibethinus, having very large oval fruits with a hard spiny rind containing seeds surrounded by edible evil-smelling aril.
2. the fruit of this tree, which has an offensive smell but a pleasant taste: supposedly an aphrodisiac.

So what kind of candy shop have you been visiting?

Well if there was an aphrodisiac effect, I'm afraid I didn't notice it because I was too busy being grossed out by the taste in my mouth!

I didn't buy the candy. It was in a bowl of mixed candies, so I helped myself. I knew it was durian flavored because the wrapper said so, but I thought the candy-makers would have made the candy taste like the sweet part of the durian, not the disgusting part!

Durian is my favorite fruit. Love it and it tastes sweet. Not much a fan of durian-flavored food (candy, snacks etc)tho :) How about the smell? Can u stand the smell of durian?

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No! I don't know how anyone can stand the smell of durian. I should also say that I am not a fruit lover. I hate all fruit, even if it has been dipped in chocolate. But I think that durian is now at the top of my shortlist of most-hated fruits!

I have no idea what a durian is or what it tastes like, but now you made me curious...

When you find a durian to taste, come back here and let me know whether you liked it or not. Lots of people love them, which is mystifying to me.

Okay I will! Once I figure out where to buy a thing like that :D

One of my students gave me this ridiculously disgusting tasting candy a little while back. After googling 'durian candy', I am pretty certain he gave me one of those. It was nasty as hell, and I totally got the feeling he was trolling me as I put it in my mouth.

But as a teacher, I have a mean poker face, so he was disappointed for me to say "It's not something I would buy myself, but it's pretty good." :P

Sounds like the same candy.

I bet he was hoping your eyes would bug out in horror and you would gag and choke and then spit the candy onto the floor. He probably had his cell phone all ready to capture the moment for YouTube posterity!


To me durians itself taste delicious~
But durian flavoured stuff taste really weird.

It was my first experience with anything durian-flavored. Also my last! I will be very careful from now on. No more durian flavored food!

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