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Long time, no post!
I am trying to have a sugar-free Friday. I almost bought a cupcake-- but didn't. Then I almost ate some lemon fudge-- but didn't. Then I tried to satisfy the craving by having mashed banana on top of a cracker spread with cream cheese, which I have to say was surprisingly good. But I still want something sweet, most particularly cake with buttercream frosting. Fortunately there is nothing like that anywhere near my immediate environment.

I joined this thing called coachme.com where you can join different groups to achieve goals or stop bad habits. If you want personal attention from a lifestyle or personal coach, it's apparently quite reasonable. I'm not at that stage yet. Anyway, I joined one called 'No sugar' and set my target for 4 days a week with no sugar. I am not achieving. It's so hard to stay on track with sugar cravings smacking me upside the head every few minutes. I'm such an addict! I think it's time to take all the chocolate in the house downstairs to my husband's car again. I have to do that every January.

So how are you guys doing? Let me know! I'm back on LJ.

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Brit *glomps* I've missed you. I'm just recently coming back this year as well. I've been gone for a whole year due to a lot of complications in my life. They're not done right now but I decided to try to blow past them for now and just move on with my life. I'm in the process of trying to get through all of my messages but I have over 100 of them and that's taken down from 200+. So I'm still one of your Justice readers and I shall be catching up on Dragon Lady and Fighting Stance soon, so I really hope you're still working on them. This is only a quick run down of what's going on with me, I will be posting a full update soon on my page if you want to see more about it. Plus I'm in the brainstorming mode of the story I was telling you about where Berkkie is going to be a bit of a star :D. So yeah, happy belated birthday and don't forget to get the bears I sent you and don't forget about me ever again ;)

Hi, Stallianna! Yes, I think Dragon Lady should be the next thing I post, since it's only one chapter away from being finished. And I forgot about fighting Stance, but I ought to get going on that one too.

Didn't forget about ya, loved the bears!

Edited at 2015-01-18 07:33 am (UTC)

Yay! Glad you liked the bears and didn't forget about me. That actually gives me motivation to move my story along as well. It's just the conflict I need that's giving me a hard time, but I think I almost have my ideas out.

Gee, I guess I shouldn't tell you that I'm sitting here sucking on a candy cane then, eh? Good to see you back.
My step-grandson-in-law got married last week to a very lovely Canadian girl from, of all places, British Columbia. They live in New York City now and we've gotten to know each other fairly well. We definitely don't fit the stereotypical American family. She came along when we celebrated our 50th anniversary and thought that it was so cool that we went to a pizza place, not a fancy restaurant. She's very down to earth; I like her a lot.
Me, I don't bother with LJ, I just read a lot when I have the time. Most of the mangaka comms are quiet right now, about the busiest one of the ones I frequent is Yamane Ayano and that one is members only.
I just bought a 4 book series called 'Tales of the Waning Moon' by Hyouta Fujiyama. It's BL but a very tame one. The story line is absolutely gorgeous fantasy.
I finally got all my stuff on A03. My last little story garnered 600 hits in 24 hours. 1600 words, one chapter! I still think A03 had a glitch and gave me too many hits. Right now it sits as the #2 top hit story I ever wrote, regardless of fandom.
The story was a timed story with the theme of 'cold'(75 minutes), the first one I ever did. Well, I did two of them for the challenge but it was the first time I ever gave myself a writing time limit.
Your program has a nice idea - just make it through one day at a time. I'll have to try this to help get rid of a few of my 'temptations'. And I've given up on New Year's resolutions - I've already started two new projects while resting my feet on a large box of started items.
Catch you later.

Gimme that candy cane! Actually, I got though Friday without succumbing, but I got into the chocolate stash today. But I also did a major workout at the gym, so maybe I broke even.

600 hits in 24 hours is awesome! Go, you. I just can't get the hang of A03. It was only about two months ago that I realized that all the Dragon Lady chapters I tried to post there last year didn't go up. I somehow repeated the same chapter four times. Not sure how that happened, since I'm no stranger to uploading stuff, particularly in my job.

Anyway, good for you for accepting that challenge and writing something in 75 minutes! I don't think I could do that without getting a cramp in every typing finger. And maybe my brain.

How you can resist the siren call of sugary goodness at all is beyond me, so good on you! Maybe you could experiment a little with different sweet but sugar-free foods? (Do they even exist?)

I've been pretty good! It's crunch time for me until the end of January, but if I can get through it, I'm golden for the next two months. I can't even comprehend it right now... But in general, life has been pretty great these past several months!

Miki, I'm the same. January has a set of deadlines that are stressing me out, but if I can get through this month, February and March should be nice and productive for the writing plans.

I'm glad to hear life has been good for you. I hope it continues that way. I already feel like 2015 is going to be an awesome year for all of us.

I can barely resist that siren call. It's best if I don't have the temptation in the house. I wish I could get my husband to agree to detox with me. I think sugar is my addiction. It used to be shoes. I wish it was still shoes.

Always good to see you back on LJ again after an absence, even though I'm way behind and can't seem to find time to get up to date with Justice. I might try to read Dragon Lady first, if I ever get time for reading...

No, don't read Justice! I'm so behind on that one and I don't know when I;m next going to be able to post a chapter. And even then, I'll still be behind. Go ahead and read Dragon Lady. I write those chapters without a beta-reader, so I should be able to write the final chapter and post it sometime within the next two weeks.

LOL! It'll probably be finished before I find time for reading. The last year, I've been writing so much I don't seem to be leaving myself time for reading. i swore this year I'd slow down and get some reading done, but apparently my brain has other ideas.

I'll wait on Justice then, I haven't started reading June yet anyway, and you have some other shorter completed ones I can read.

Yeah, don't start Justice. Honestly, no one knows better than I do how frustrating it is to be really into a WIP and then it just stops. I think most of the people who have been reading my Fake stories over the years know that when I say I'm going to finish a story it means I will finish the story, but it can't have escaped anyone's notice that I'm making progress at a glacially slow rate.

My own dislike of having to wait is why I am avoiding certain TV series that are of great interest to me (like Downton Abbey, for example) because if I watched the back seasons and then got caught up, I would be frustrated at having to wait each week for a new episode. And at least TV fans get a new episode each week. Future Justice chapters will be happening on a much more random and slow schedule. But I do have a lot of finished Fake stories, and they're all here on my LJ, including some that are not published anywhere else.

Thanks for being willing to read my FAKE stories!

I wish there were more people reading (and writing) FAKE stories these days. My own efforts are pretty minor, but I enjoy writing them and I've managed to get a friend of mine hooked too, as a reader. Maybe when she's caught up with her own reading I can point her in your direction, with a warning not to start reading Justice yet!

I'm not the most patient person in the world myself, but I've got so much on my plate these days that I'm easily distracted. In some respects, that's a good thing I guess, even if most of the time it just leaves me tired.

Justice will be done when it's done. It's such a huge undertaking with all the research you do on it, no one expects it to be written fast, it's not the sort of story you can knock out a quick chapter of when you have a spare hour or something. I loved the detail you put into A New Day, but I appreciate how much work it must have taken to write. I know Justice will be worth the wait.

Thanks for your support! I sent all 33 chapters of Justice to my kindle and I'm refamiliarizing myself with the feel of the story. Chapter 34 is underway. I'll post an excerpt later today.

Cool and awesome!

Also, amazing icon!

Hey, I've missed you! Welcome back!

Thanks for missing me, Peacewish. It's good to be back.

New Year's Resolutions, I see! ;)
Maybe this page might help you: http://www.gluten-free-vegan-girl.com/
It's a large collection of recipes for healthy sweets and other gluten-free, vegan food. In most recipes, you substitute sugar for dates or other dried fruit.
I discovered the page during my vegan phase and got addicted to it, especially to the vegan, healthy Nutella :)

Awesome site! I have got to make those vanilla-bean chocolate bars. Thanks for reminding me that I can make healthy sweets.

I was given a giant Costco-sized jar of Nutella, and I wish I could give it to you because-- please make sure you're sitting down for this next part-- I do not like Nutella. I know, right? Everyone likes Nutella! Why don't I? It's the hazelnut factor. I just don't like hazelnuts. If Nutella could make an almond version, I would probably eat it every day.

I haven't visited that site for some time, and now I remember why: I always get hungry when I look at those delicious recipes!

What?! How can you not love Nutella?! Lol, just kidding! Maybe you could try the Nutella recipe with almonds instead of hazelnuts, I'm sure it would taste awesome. All you need is a very strong blender (our blender doesn't really like nuts).

Welcome back!

4 sugar free days seems a bit much to start with. Maybe start with 1 and then work up?

What a sensible suggestion! January 16th was the last time I managed a sugar-free day. I think going for one day a week would actually work better for me at the moment.

So glad you are back. It has been a while. I kept checking back to see if you updated Justice. I'm glad everything is good with you and welcome back!

Thank you! I feel so bad for back-burnering that story for so long, but I always intended to finish it.

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