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(no subject)
mocha, starbucks
Pros and cons of using the big communal table at my local Starbucks:

Con: The two guys who are having a heated discussion about sports which apparently requires them to thump the table for additional emphasis as they relive their still-raw resentment of questionable calls made by blind referees and umpires. They started with hockey and now they're on tennis.

Pro: Not one but TWO separate compliments about my outfit today, which is especially gratifying considering my skirt is new. No, it wasn't those sports guys.

Con: The music speaker is directly above my right ear and they're playing annoying music today. But at least it's not the Twelve Days of Christmas by the Muppets which got played almost hourly at Starbucks during December, and caused me to grind at least one layer of enamel off my teeth and fantasize about drowning Miss Piggy in a barrel of pickles.

Pro: I got the seat right next to the outlet, which is great because I used most of my battery life yesterday.

Con: I feel shy about writing smut at the communal table. Wouldn't you?

Pro: I really enjoyed both of my coffees and now feel incredibly alert and mentally sharp! Caffeine is my happydrug and I love it more than chocolate. Blasphemy I know, but it's true.

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Lol! Poor Miss Piggy! But I understand how you feel. And it seems to me that the pros outweigh the cons!

I love starbucks. I've only been there twice - last autumn and a few weeks ago - but I already love it. The first time I had pumpkin spice and the second time something with cinnamon. And always with soy milk, of course.

By the way... did I hear the word "smut"? *licks lips*)

Reading smut at Starbucks, writing smut at Starbucks, it's all good.

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