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My birthday
Dee Blue waves

First of all, thank you to all the nice people who sent me birthday wishes. I've been mostly offline for a couple of days, and I'm travelling, so my birthday keeps slipping my mind.

I am writing this from Nice, France. I'm on vacation with family, and just woke up from sleeping the sleep of the dead. We arrived late last evening after being awake for more than 24 hours, and baasically getting the grand tour of the airports of Europe, which is what happens when you use air miles to book a flight. I went to bed at a normal time (normal for me) but woke up feeling jet-lagged. So far I've done nothing but stroll around the neighborhood, eat (OMG, the olives! The cheese!), drink coffee and nap. But now it's time to be taken out for my birthday dinner! All I have to do is organize transport, which will have to be city bus instead of Velo Bleu, since you need a phone to rent a Velo Bleu bike, and my French cell phone apparently has a dead sim card.

Anyway, yes, I planned this so that I would be on vacation for my birthday. This is the first birthday I've spent out of Canada since I emigrated from the UK many years ago! If I manage to do this again, I should arrange it so that I'm not jet-lagged on my brithday. But I'm not complaining-- I;m in France and the weather is beautiful.

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Happy Birthday! Sorry to be late, busy day. Hope you're having a great time in France.

Hey, I'm late too. Can't seem to shake the jet lag. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Hopefully it will dissipate soon and you can enjoy yourself.

Posted a little fic for you. Hope you like it.

Really? I'm rushing off to read it right now!

Eeep! I hope you won't be disappointed!

Happy Birthday! Have fun!

I'm having a lot of fun. Oh my God, the food here. My fridge is full of chocolate mousse. Seriously! It's a good thing I have to walk everywhere at the moment. At least it's getting walked off!

Happy birthday! Omg I'm sorry I'm late. Life is so busy at the moment.

Anyways, I hope you have a great time in France! :)

Hi Awieatti, thanks for the birthday wishes. I know you're a busy girl nowadays.

I'm having a great time so far, but I have yet to be able to rent one of Nice's blue bikes.Locals apply for a card, but tourists have to register with a phone and a credit card. The phone I bought here last year says 'SIM card invalide', so I can't use my phone until I take it back to the shop I bought it from and get them to re-validate my SIM card (or whatever they have to do to get it working. Unfortunately on the day of my birthday, I was too tiered from a short night of sleep and staying awake for 24 hours through numerous flights, and even though I knew the store was closing at 7 om, I somehow couldn't make my body get up off the couch. I figured I could do it today. But I figured wrong! Today was a holiday and all the Orange stores were closed. I went to three of them. I'll try again tomorrow. No phone, no Velo Bleu. But man, did I ever get a lot of exercise.

Sorry I am late! But so glad you are having such a good time on your birthday!! Enjoy the food and the weather and the beaches! Hope you had a blast despite the jet-lag!!


Oh Nooooo! I've missed your birthday! By a few weeks, too!

Happy Birthday!! How great that you were able to be abroad for your birthday this year! I hope your stay in ~Le France~ was filled with lots of relaxing and delicious-food-eating! :D

Hi Britt, I have finally caught up with this story, lol I just got a lap top so I am back to reading. This is a great story so please keep up the good, no excellent work!

Happy birthday to you! I hope you're having a wonderful time in France with lots of delicious tasting food! Enjoy your vacation!

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