brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

My birthday


First of all, thank you to all the nice people who sent me birthday wishes. I've been mostly offline for a couple of days, and I'm travelling, so my birthday keeps slipping my mind.

I am writing this from Nice, France. I'm on vacation with family, and just woke up from sleeping the sleep of the dead. We arrived late last evening after being awake for more than 24 hours, and baasically getting the grand tour of the airports of Europe, which is what happens when you use air miles to book a flight. I went to bed at a normal time (normal for me) but woke up feeling jet-lagged. So far I've done nothing but stroll around the neighborhood, eat (OMG, the olives! The cheese!), drink coffee and nap. But now it's time to be taken out for my birthday dinner! All I have to do is organize transport, which will have to be city bus instead of Velo Bleu, since you need a phone to rent a Velo Bleu bike, and my French cell phone apparently has a dead sim card.

Anyway, yes, I planned this so that I would be on vacation for my birthday. This is the first birthday I've spent out of Canada since I emigrated from the UK many years ago! If I manage to do this again, I should arrange it so that I'm not jet-lagged on my brithday. But I'm not complaining-- I;m in France and the weather is beautiful.

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