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Sweet Frustration

Oh thank God, I finally figured out how to log on to Adultfanfiction. It was my fault, not theirs, so I apologize for all the resentful negative energy I sent their way while I was trying to figure out why I didn't exist. Actually, I still don't know why I temporarily didn't exist, but it all worked out and now I have a new fic posted.

If anyone wants to check it out, here it is:

It's called Sweet Frustration, which has actually been the theme of my evening, only without the sweetness.

It's also right here under the cut. NOT worksafe! Dee, Ryo, and a pair of handcuffs.

                         Sweet Frustration

By Brit Columbia
Pairing:  Dee/Ryo
Rating:  NC-17
Notes:   Sexual acts between two men in a loving relationship.
Spoilers:  All 7 volumes
Timing: Set in the month of June of their first year together, about 6 weeks after Book 7 ended
Summary:  Dee and Ryo and a pair of handcuffs
Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.
Thank you to bluesimplicity for your fabulous beta-skills and encouragement.   
                         Sweet Frustration
Dee's pants felt uncomfortably tight against his crotch.

"Down boy," he muttered to that part of his anatomy that was causing the inconvenience. All day he had had sex on his mind. The morning had been bad enough. Ryo had spilled coffee on his white shirt, and had jumped up and gone off to the bathroom to clean it off. He returned with a big wet patch over one half of his chest, his shirt sticking lightly to it. His nipple was clearly visible through the thin wet cotton. It was also slightly erect. Dee hadn't been able to take his eyes off it.
But Ryo had been too grumpy about the spill and the embarrassing wet mark on his shirt to recognize the inherent sexiness of the situation, and had demanded that Dee stop staring at him. Dee tried, but it was difficult. It put him in mind of the time Ryo had fallen into a fountain along with a much bigger and heavier purse-snatcher he had been struggling with. He had been so sexy in his soaking wet clothes that had molded themselves to his body... Now all he could think about was how much he wanted to get his hands on his partner's body. He seemed to be having one of those days where every mundane thing that happened made him think of sex. If it had been at all possible, he would have gone home and jerked off.
The afternoon was even worse because it was spent without Ryo, who had had to go to court. Dee was sent out on a call with Ted. Dee rolled his eyes in disbelief that the gods would do this to him when he heard what the call was about. A sex shop had been broken into and a supply of sex toys had been stolen. The racks of magazines and toys did not help Dee's mood, and to make it worse, Ted would not shut up about it all the way back to the station.
"Didja see those little outfits, man? Some of them were hot!  Didja ever make it with a chick dressed as a French maid?"
"Actually no," Dee replied. "But I once made it with a French chick."
"And how about those dildoes, huh? Can you believe the size of some of those suckers? I can't believe women actually go for something that big. I mean, wouldn't that, like, hurt?"
"Some people like that sort of thing I guess."
"Hey Dee, would you ever--"
"Don't go there, man."
"I was only gonna ask you if--"
"Ted, don't make me embarrass you later when I have an audience, okay?"
"Fuck, dude, you're no fun today."

The end of the day couldn't come quickly enough for Dee. He had been hoping Ryo would return from court, but he never did. Dee assumed he had gone straight home after. He debated whether he should invite himself over to Ryo's place, or just go home and jerk off a couple of times. He wasn't sure he would be able to control himself if he had to sit on the sofa all evening next to his sexy lover, with the monkey brat in the same room as them. The monkey brat, damn him, tended to get all pissy about overt acts of cuddling in his exalted presence.
Before leaving the office, Dee called Ryo, but no one answered. He decided to go home, shower and change, and try again later. When he got home, there was a message on his voice mail from Ryo. In it he let Dee know that he was going to the gym and that he would be home by five if Dee wanted to get together later. Dee brightened when he heard this message; he was always happy when Ryo wanted to spend time with him. And if his baby had been pumping iron, he might be in the mood for a little massage, heh.
Dee dialed Ryo's number on his cell phone. "Yo, dude, it's me. What are you up to?"
"Oh nothing much. I just made a salad and I'm writing in my journal."
Dee's pulse actually quickened at the sound of Ryo's voice. "What are you wearing right now?" he asked, apropos of nothing.
"A three piece suit, naturally! What else does a man wear when he's making salad and writing in his journal?"
"Come on, I just wanna get a mental picture of you here. If you don't tell me what you're wearing, I'm gonna have to picture you naked."
"I thought you usually did that anyway. What are YOU up to? Why does your voice sound strange?"
Dee took the bull by the horns and the words came out in a rush. "I'm horny as hell. I need to fuck you. Or suck you. Or get sucked by you. Or all of that. But mostly I need to turn you on, to see you get excited, to hear you asking me, begging me... to do you."

"Dee!" There was a shocked pause, during which Dee knew Ryo was processing how he felt. He had been taken by surprise by this sudden change of direction and he didn't know how he should respond.
"You're so beautiful, baby." Dee continued. "Every part of you, inside and out, excites me. I want you all the time, that's no secret, but sometimes...sometimes I feel like I'm gonna explode if I don't have you.  This is one of those times."
"Dee, Bikky's due home any minute. I...I don't know what to say."
"Yes you do.  Say, 'Come over, Dee. Come over and touch me, tease my sexy dark pink nipples, put your hand down my pants, and make me hard, make me shoot.' That's what you should say."
"Well, I don't know about that other stuff, but...come over, Dee. I'd love to see you."
"I'll be right there! Where's Bikky at by the way?"
"Basketball practice."
"Okay, see you real soon!" Dee hung up. Basketball practice. That meant he was either at school or Dundarave. Dee gambled on Dundarave. He checked his wallet.  It held fifty dollars. Hopefully he could buy the brat off with twenty or thirty. Since he was already sitting in his car just around the corner from Ryo's apartment, he figured he could get to Dundarave Courts in less than five minutes.
Dee showed up at Ryo's door 25 minutes later. He always enjoyed that first sight of Ryo after an absence, no matter how short. He loved looking at Ryo's sleeping face if he happened to wake up in the middle of the night. He loved it when Ryo opened his apartment door to him, or appeared at his own door, he loved walking into the office they shared and seeing Ryo sitting at his desk.
Now, as he waited for Ryo to answer his knock, he wondered how he would look, what he would be wearing. Sweats? Jeans? Something sexy? Would his hair be tousled? Neatly combed? Damp from the shower?
Then the door swung open, and Ryo stood there smiling up at him.  The three-inch difference in their heights was exaggerated this time by the fact that Dee was wearing boots with heavy soles that gave him an extra two inches, whereas Ryo was barefoot.

He was wearing jeans and that sleeveless zippered top that never failed to turn Dee on. But what was most exciting to him was that Ryo's hair was damp. That meant that he'd taken a quick shower between Dee's phone call and his arrival. That meant...
Dee stepped through the door without speaking, and gathered Ryo into his arms, holding him close and inhaling the scents of soap, shampoo, and underneath that, his lover's own personal scent. His penis, which had been bothering him for the last hour, was now responding rapidly to the nearness of its target. He could feel it hardening and lengthening inside his own jeans for what seemed like the tenth time that day. He wanted to rub it against Ryo, but didn't dare.  It didn't do to rush Ryo. With Ryo, it was usually a slow build, followed by something exciting and often noisy when Ryo would abruptly surrender to his own desire, and to Dee's.
Dee stepped back a pace and his eyes bored into the other man's. He ran his fingertips lightly up the outsides of Ryo's bare arms, and then, turning his wrists slightly, hooked his thumbs into the sensitive flesh of his inner arms and made little circles with them. He made a mental note to lick him there as soon as he could.
"Aren't you gonna close the door?" he asked in a husky voice.
"No, I was going to leave it open all night," said Ryo sardonically, moving around Dee to close and lock it. "Can I offer you something? Coffee? A snack?"
"Offer me your body," Dee said with a grin. His eyes held a bit of a challenge, but he didn't think for one minute that Ryo would do it.
"Offer me yours."
Dee blinked. Had Ryo just said what he thought he'd said?
"What, no snappy comeback for once, Dee?"
"Ryo, did you just...?"
"Yes.  You heard right."
"Baby, let it be known that I hereby offer you my body. Do whatever you want to it, but please let it be something sexual!"
"Okay, no more talking. Go into the bedroom and take off your clothes. I'll join you shortly."  Ryo was suddenly wearing his game-face, his hard-cop face.
Dee gave Ryo one disbelieving look and immediately walked into the bedroom. What had gotten into his Ryo? Whatever it was, he liked it! He divested himself of his clothes in record time, and sat cross-legged on the bed, watching the door and trying not to touch his throbbing erection.
Presently Ryo walked in and closed the door. He was carrying -- holy shit, were those his handcuffs? Dee felt his heart begin to beat a little faster. Who was going to end up getting restrained? Dee was too excited to care. He couldn't believe that his shy Ryo was initiating something like this! He uncrossed his legs and started to get up, but Ryo shook his head and stopped him.
"Don't move unless I tell you to. AH!" he held up a finger as Dee opened his mouth to say something. "Don't speak, either."
Excitement and frustration waged a battle within Dee. Excitement, which was supported by curiosity and the sheer novelty of this kind of behavior coming from Ryo, won out. He remained where he was, kneeling on the bed, watching Ryo, waiting for further instructions.
He didn't have long to wait. Ryo stood in front of him, handcuffs loosely dangling from his right hand. He didn't say anything; he just looked at Dee for a long time. His eyes flickered everywhere over Dee, as if he were examining him. He walked around the bed and checked him out from the side and from the back. Dee endured the inspection confidently because he knew he was a good-looking and well-built man, and he knew that his lover thought so too. Ryo would not find anything displeasing.
It suddenly occurred to Dee that he hadn't yet had a chance to tell Ryo that he had given Bikky $30 to go buy pizza for his friends.
"Ryo," he began.
"What did I tell you?" Ryo was back around front again, giving Dee a stern look. Suddenly, all Dee really wanted to do was to seize him and kiss that bossy look off his face.
"Bikky," he said.
Ryo shook his head. "Taken care of. No more talking."
Dee nodded in agreement, wondering what he meant. Oh well, as long as Bikky wasn't going to come home in the middle of all this and spoil everything, he didn't care. He could ask about it later.  Right now, his full attention was on Ryo.
"Touch yourself," Ryo commanded.
Dee reached hesitantly toward his erection, looking at Ryo with raised eyebrows. Was this the kind of touching he meant? Ryo nodded and watched him as he took his cock in his hand and began slowly jerking it.
Dee's breathing became heavier. The sight of Ryo's eyes so intently following his movements, and the way the street lamp from outside glinted on the dull metal of the handcuffs aggravated the sexual tension that had been building inside of him all day. He was so hard, so ready, and so close actually, that he knew he couldn't last long. He let out a soft, involuntary moan as each stroke of his hand took him nearer and nearer...
"Don't you dare come." Ryo's voice was soft, but it held steel.
Dee gave him a pleading look, but Ryo just smiled at him. It was a sensual smile, and it promised more torment. Dee's pulse was racing and his penis was throbbing. He couldn't wait much longer, he simply couldn't.
Suddenly, Ryo was in his face, one knee on the bed. His fingertips were tracing the outline of Dee's lips. Dee couldn't control the way his chest rose and fell in brief pants at this sudden nearness of his gorgeous, sexy, still fully clothed lover. He closed his eyes to minimize his suffering.
"Shh," Ryo was saying. "One more word, and I'll have to gag you. I'd prefer not to gag you, because then your beautiful mouth would be...inaccessible."
A small cry escaped Dee as Ryo pushed two of his fingers gently inside the aforementioned mouth.
"Suck," whispered Ryo. "Use your tongue."
Dee did, eagerly. To his surprise, he realized he was trembling all over, shaking like a leaf. Oh Ryo, Ryo, what you do to me, he thought wildly.
Presently, Ryo replaced his fingers with his mouth. He held Dee's head firmly and kissed him hard, almost painfully, forcing his tongue past his lover's lips and deep into his mouth. Dee, still obedient, sucked on it, released it, caressed it with his own, and sucked on it again.  He tentatively raised a hand to Ryo's chest, and suddenly almost before he knew what was happening, the handcuffs were closing around his wrist. Guess it's me, he thought.
Unfathomably dark eyes gazed steadily into his. Without speaking Ryo jerked his head toward the bed's headboard. Dee looked there too, and began to slowly move himself backward toward it. He suddenly realized that he didn't want to be restrained. It meant he wouldn't be able to touch Ryo and it also represented a loss of control that he was unfamiliar with. This was not the first time he had ever engaged in sex play that involved restraints, but it was the first time he'd ever allowed himself to be on the receiving end.
His hesitation must have shown on his face, because Ryo stopped and looked at him, piercingly. Not only was his face still hard and closed, so unlike his usual caring and affectionate expression, but there was also a measuring kind of look there now. With an undercurrent of panic, Dee realized that, despite all his knowledge and understanding of Ryo, he couldn't at this moment be sure what his partner was thinking.  He had always known that there was depth upon depth to Ryo, but he prided himself on usually being able to stay one step ahead of his lover. It was how he had kept up, kept Ryo interested, kept him coming back for more. Now...he realized he was powerless.
But this was Ryo. Sexy Ryo, kind Ryo, the man who loved him. Despite the coldness, the distance in his manner, it had to be an act, because he knew deep inside himself that Ryo did love him.
Dee settled himself back against the headboard and raised both his hands behind his head. His eyes looked steadily into Ryo's.  In that moment, he surrendered. Neither of them had spoken. Ryo nodded and slid the remaining handcuff around behind one of the vertical bars on the headboard and then snapped the remaining handcuff around Dee's other wrist.
Now that he had Dee firmly restrained, Ryo seemed inclined to take his time. He began by pushing Dee's hair out of his eyes.
"No hiding," he said. "I want to see your eyes this time."
Dee looked back at him warily, his gaze hooded. He had never felt so helpless, or so excited in his life. His breath was coming hard out of him. He felt Ryo's hand caress the side of his face and run slowly down the length of his body. It was faintly electric and left a tingling trail of fire along the edges of his nerves. As Ryo's hand approached his groin, he groaned aloud and tilted his hips toward his lover, but the hand moved away and circled back up towards his ribs. Ryo grinned at Dee's little whimper of disappointment.
He moved between Dee's legs, pushing them apart as he did so. Then he initiated a leisurely exploration of Dee's body, using his hands and mouth, teeth and tongue to further arouse and titillate the writhing, groaning man beneath him. Periodically he ran his tongue or his fingers over Dee's erect and throbbing penis, which responded by jumping needily against his touch.  Finally he began to focus more and more of his energies there, handling Dee's swollen, heavy balls with just the right amount of pressure, then jacking his shaft lightly. He did this for a while, aware of and enjoying the escalating tension in his dark-haired lover's body. The raw, helpless craving that he saw on Dee's face fascinated him; it was an expression he had never seen before. He decided to take advantage of the situation to do something he had been thinking about for some time. He got off Dee, ignoring the cry of dismay that emitted from him, and moved to the edge of the bed.  Opening the nightstand drawer, he removed the bottle of lubricant that he knew would be there. He returned to Dee, who was looking from him to what he held in his hand through wide and startled eyes. To Ryo's well-hidden relief, however, Dee did not seem to be suffering any diminution of his desire.
"Open your legs."
Dee did, and opened his mouth also, presumably to speak. Ryo quickly pressed two fingers to Dee's lips in warning.
"Uh-uh," he said, shaking his head at Dee. "No speaking until I tell you that you can. Not yet."
He squeezed a little of the lube onto Dee's penis and gave him a couple of strokes just to spread it around. Then he poured some more onto the fingers of his left hand and reached down to the cleft between Dee's athletic buttocks. Dee flinched a little when he felt the cold wetness touch him there. Holy shit, was Ryo really doing this? Is he actually going to...? Dee thought. Then he felt a gentle pressure on his tightly puckered opening, and Ryo's fingers were pressing and exploring all around the rim. Dee's breath left him in ragged gasps, and he wished that Ryo would put his other hand back on his cock, because he knew that if his light haired lover did that, he would blow his load right then and there. He had never in his life needed the release of orgasm more than in that moment.
But Ryo was intent on what he was doing, and before long, he was applying more lotion and pressing a finger inside Dee's tight channel. Dee's breath hissed in sharply as he felt the penetration of a part of him that had not had any attention for many years. Ryo looked questioningly at Dee for a moment, to check that he was okay. Dee responded by squirming against the finger and tightening his inner muscles on it a couple of times. Encouraged, Ryo began slowly moving his finger inside Dee's passageway. It felt incredibly hot and narrow in there. He was looking for a certain something, a sweet spot that he roughly knew the location of. He wanted to find it and give Dee the same pleasure that he himself had experienced so many times from his lover. A second later, he felt the bump he had been looking for and when he pressed his fingertip against it, Dee arched his back and let out a cry. Yes, that had to be it, all right.  He did it again and got a similar response. His lips curved upward in a secret smile of triumph. He kept his finger moving inside Dee's body, and reached forward with his right hand to torment his partner's cock some more.
Dee was straining against the handcuffs, panting, and wincing from a combination of pleasure and torture. Ryo was keeping him teetering on the brink of orgasm, taking him right to the edge with rapid strokes and then backing off at the last possible second, squeezing the base of Dee's cock to keep his climax at bay. Every time he thought Dee was getting too close, he also withdrew his finger completely from Dee's ass, reinserting it only when the danger had passed.
"No speaking, remember. Not until I tell you. You can answer my questions by nodding or shaking your head. Understand?"
Dee groaned and nodded.
"Would you like me to let you speak, baby?"
Dee nodded again rapidly, noting even amidst his extreme frustration that this was the first time Ryo had ever called him 'baby'.
"Would you like me to let you come?"
Dee nodded even more frantically, eyes wide with hope and need.
"Well then, first, I give you permission to speak, but only to beg."
Dee's voice immediately joined forces with his eyes, which had been begging all along. He burst out, "Ryo, please! Let me come. Let me shoot. I can't stand it any longer. Please, I'm begging you.  Ryo!" He twisted in his bonds, arching his hips toward Ryo, trying in vain to rub his erection against some part of his lover. That would be all it would take. A little rub, a swipe against that perfect body..."Please," he whispered hoarsely.
Ryo gave in and lowered his head to Dee's now purplish member. He fondled Dee's balls with one hand and used his lips and tongue in the ways he had learned from Dee.   Dee's cock, wetly sheathed in Ryo's mouth and throat, began to throb and twitch. Then Dee was yelling incoherently and vast amounts of hot, liquid seed were filling Ryo's mouth.  He tried, but wasn't able to swallow it all. He moved his lips off the now sensitive head, and slowly jacked Dee's shaft until he was sure that all of the excess liquid had been squeezed out of it. Then he lowered his mouth again and lapped up what he had missed, looking into Dee's eyes while he did so. Dee stared back at him, mouth open, head shaking slowly from side to side in disbelief at what Ryo had just done to him: the handcuffs, the domination, the finger, hell, the sensuality of it all. Mostly though, it was all the bold eye contact that had really knocked him sideways.
Ryo moved up the bed and kissed Dee deeply and tenderly, knowing he was forcing Dee to taste his own semen, but knowing that Dee would find that incredibly erotic.
"Ryo," Dee whispered, when his partner had ended the kiss, "I need the game to be over now. Please release me. I need to touch you."
His face was so open, awed, and vulnerable.  Ryo understood what he was really asking and silently reached into the bedside dresser to retrieve the key to the handcuffs.  He straddled Dee to unlock them, and the minute Dee felt them yield, he was wriggling his wrists free and reaching for Ryo, pulling him down into a tight embrace, kissing and nuzzling his hair and murmuring impassioned endearments that were barely audible. After a few minutes, Dee relaxed his hold somewhat, which left Ryo able to raise his head and tell his lover what he knew he needed to hear.
"I love you so much, Dee. So much."
"I love you too, baby. Don't ever leave me, please."
"I can't imagine my life without you in it," Ryo told him. "You're my whole world, you know that?" He pressed a kiss onto Dee's chest. "Are you okay?  I know I kinda sprang that whole handcuffs thing on you..." He was examining Dee's wrists for damage, a small concerned frown on his face.
"Yeah, I'm more than okay," Dee said. "I'm fucking amazed! No one's ever made me feel like that before. You made me crazy, absolutely crazy. There were several points there where I would've sold my soul for a chance to come. Where on earth did you get the idea to do that?"
"Oh, it's a standard issue cop fantasy, isn't it? I mean, from the time they issue us these handcuffs, we start thinking about it. Um, didn't you?"
For the second time that evening, Dee's wit deserted him. All he could do was stare at his partner with his mouth open for a few moments.
"Have you done this before?" His voice was incredulous.
"No! All I did was think about it. This is the first time I've ever used my handcuffs when I wasn't actually arresting someone."
"Do you have any more of these 'standard-issue cop fantasies'?"
"Uhrm...Nope! That was the only one."
"Liar," grinned Dee affectionately. "You know I'll get them out of you sooner or later." He started caressing Ryo's sides and back, and reached a hand down to squeeze his lover's buttocks. Suddenly an unpleasant thought struck him and he froze.
"When exactly is the brat due back?"
"Eleven. He's having dinner and doing his homework at Carol's place."
"What? Shit, and I gave him $30 bucks not to come home for a couple of hours!"
"Well, he called on Carol's cell just after you did, so I took the opportunity to arrange a little time for us...mmm Dee, do that again..."
Dee, who had just given one of Ryo's nipples a gentle tug, immediately hastened to obey.
"Call me 'baby' again..."
Ryo felt a little shy suddenly, but he couldn't resist the look of appeal on Dee's face.  "I love you, baby," he said.
Dee looked so happy that he was glad he hadn't chickened out.
"Okay," Ryo said to him. "Now you have to call me something." He was grinning.
"What's that?"
"Master, of course!" Ryo laughed softly.
But Dee was looking at him seriously. "Love is my master," he finally said.  "And you are my love. You've been my master since I first laid eyes on you, don't you know that?"
This almost undid Ryo, whose eyes softened with love and admiration. "Ah, Dee," he sighed. "You really are a true romantic, aren't you?"
"Yeah, but don't tell anyone. I got a tough guy image to maintain, y'know?"
Ryo shifted his body sensually against Dee's. "If I'm really your master..." he began.
Dee's cock, which had not really gone completely soft since the last encounter, twitched purposefully against his hip. "Tell me what you want me to do to you," he said in his most seductive voice.
Ryo hesitated. He was still embarrassed about sex talk and it was difficult for him to tell Dee what he liked. However, it really hadn't been necessary thus far because Dee understood him so well and had always been very alert to physical cues.
"Um, if I'm truly your master, then it's your job to figure out what I want," he said shyly.
"Yes Master," said Dee, amused, right before he pulled Ryo's head towards his with both hands and kissed him with both pleasure and expertise.
 Ryo's eyes closed and he surrendered to the ministrations of his love slave.




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