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Dee Blue waves
I SO hate Winry. Please, someone, tell me she's going to die or otherwise get written out of the cast of FMA. If I had automail or needed it, she's the LAST person I would choose as a mechanic. She's sloppy, histrionic, aggressively defensive about her own mediocre abilities, and profoundly irritating in every possible way. Her redeeming qualities, while they exist, are too pathetically small to counteract her profound incompetence in her chosen field. If she's supposed to be Ed's love interest, then I totally understand why people routinely pair him with Roy M. Go back to the farm, Winry. You're not woman enough to prevent the boys from ending up with the boys.
And whoever her voice actor is, you suck too! But I blame the director and the casting agent for hiring you. Why are North American cartoon voice actors SO much better than the crappy ones they hire for Asian production dubbing? This is a big world! There are lots of talented people out there. RRRRRAORRR, this drives me nuts. I almost want to watch Asian productions with English dubbed sound tracks without sound. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Does anyone know of a forum where I could bitch about this? I feel like taking on some Winry fans, if any exist.
Death to Winry and assorted chibi.

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Um, I LOVE Winry. I thought she was one of the best things about FMA actually.

Maybe it's because I watched the entire series subtitled with the original Japanese voice actors, so she comes off differently. But I liked the fact that there was this girl who was strong, independent, and mechanical minded. She does as much saving as she is saved, and I think her interest in tools and machines is utterly fascinating. And her ability - mediocre? Completely gonna have to disagree with you on that one.

It's one of the things I liked most about FMA actually - most of the females are pretty self actualized, and don't depend on the men to get them through.

Now ROSE on the other hand....*shivers* We can just boil that one in her own useless oil.

Oh well, I suppose we'll either agree to disagree or have many a long, interesting debate about it.

I still loves ya!


Aw Blue, why'd you have to turn out to be a Winry fan? I don't wanna fight with YOU. Okay, maybe a few friendly shots over each other's bows, but that's it. And before I go on, let me just say first that if Winry were a real person, I would exert myself to be patient with her, but since she's an anime character --Yeeeehaaa! Open season!

Didja see that big screw she forgot to put back in Ed's arm? That was a pretty big screw. It was only an arm for God's sake, not the engine block from an eighteen wheeler. How could she have missed that?

Lemme just acquaint you with where I'm at in the series. The hunky but grim Scar has just sailed off on a boat downriver with his refugee friends, Hughes has recently died (He was also quite annoying, but I love his little girl so for her sake I'm sorry he's gone. And his wife is rather nice and sensible too). And that damn Winry has just clocked both Ed and Al upside the head with a wrench, no less, and sent her automailed protege running across the rooftops with Ed's prized watch. How could she do that? So glad she's not MY friend.

I could go on, but those were my two friendly shots. Don't want you to stop loving me!

See, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I LOVE Winry, I LOVE Hughes and I can't stand Scar - To me he was the epitome of boring villain I really couldn't give two sh*ts about.


Maybe we need to have yet another phone chat to discuss. *wink*

Ah well, we'll always have FAKE afterall.


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