brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

I SO hate Winry. Please, someone, tell me she's going to die or otherwise get written out of the cast of FMA. If I had automail or needed it, she's the LAST person I would choose as a mechanic. She's sloppy, histrionic, aggressively defensive about her own mediocre abilities, and profoundly irritating in every possible way. Her redeeming qualities, while they exist, are too pathetically small to counteract her profound incompetence in her chosen field. If she's supposed to be Ed's love interest, then I totally understand why people routinely pair him with Roy M. Go back to the farm, Winry. You're not woman enough to prevent the boys from ending up with the boys.
And whoever her voice actor is, you suck too! But I blame the director and the casting agent for hiring you. Why are North American cartoon voice actors SO much better than the crappy ones they hire for Asian production dubbing? This is a big world! There are lots of talented people out there. RRRRRAORRR, this drives me nuts. I almost want to watch Asian productions with English dubbed sound tracks without sound. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Does anyone know of a forum where I could bitch about this? I feel like taking on some Winry fans, if any exist.
Death to Winry and assorted chibi.

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