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(no subject)
I just wanted to say how much I like my main default icon. I just love the "Don't fu*k with me" look on Ryo's face, the gun in his hand and the bullet in his mouth. Sigh. Thanks again to Sanami Matoh for drawing that picture in the first place and to Backward Kneecap Girl at http://the-pill-box.livejournal.com/16713.html for creating this wonderful userpic.

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Hey BC.

Thank you so much for your kind words this morning. It helped ease a difficult train ride. (All of this has got me so out of sorts, I actually had a very agressive moment this morning on the train and literally shoved some woman out of the way who was trying to take the seat I was aiming for. I am usually such an easy going person, but this morning I was just not in the mood.)

Anyway, I am at work and am feeling a bit better/calmer. Only time will tell right? I'm just tired of getting poked, proded, drilled, capped and all that good stuff right now. But I've got chai tea, dougnuts, and October to get me through.

Again, thanks for everything.


This is your horoscope for today (Wednesday Aug. 30th) according to Georgia Nichols

"Serious conflicts with friends and groups are likely today. You might be tempted to be pushy or sneaky. (Moi?) You often underestimate how strong and even intimidating you are. (I'm a pussycat!) But what happens when someone tries to steal your bowl of cream?"

Momma Cat got pushy on the train when someone tried to steal her seat! That Georgia really knows her stuff.

I hope you're feeling better now. What kind of doughnut(s) did you have? And when are you going back to the dentist?

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