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God, I have got to stop eating so much chocolate. I ate an entire box of them today accompanied by decaf black tea and a really good book. This is the second time this week that I've done that. I don't have much regret though because I ENJOYED them SO MUCH! Unfortunately, I want to do it again.

In other news, my family is driving me crazy, but what else is new? At least I have afternoons off this week.

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Hey BC.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I see all of your stories on all of the sites you listed last night. So you don't need to repost anything - like I said, sometimes teh sites take a while to update.



Well, I'm not going to feel too sorry for you because eating chocolate, sipping tea and reading a book all sound like good ideas. Unfortunately for me, chocolate doesn't taste good right now, can't have tea and if I crack a book I'll fall asleep. Enjoy your afternoons off though!

PS - I have yet to read your stuff! I am so bad....

Oooh, please read one when you get a chance. I guarantee that if you pick one with a lemon in it, you won't fall asleep. They're all here:


How was Toronto by the way? I hope you still like Canada. Toronto and Vancouver are VERY different cities.

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