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I've been very lazy this weekend. I haven't done anything productive except post chapters to my latest fic. I haven't even done laundry. I've been O.D.-ing on Ai No Kusabi fanfiction, and eating potato chips. When I was grocery shopping earlier, my hand reached out of its own accord and put a big package of small bags of asorted cheese puffs, doritos, and Lays potato chips into my basket. The whole thing was only $5.45 and it contains 16 small bags of chips! Well, 14 now because I ate two. I think it's a back to school special for moms to buy for their kids' lunches. I have no kids and my husband doesn't like snacks like potato chips and Doritos ( yes, REALLY), so I guess that means I'm going to eat them all. The big question is: will I have eaten them all by Tuesday night or can I make them last longer than a week?

My husband, who so far doesn't know about the Doritos, is asking me if I want to go to the gym and work out. Of COURSE I don't want to go the gym and work out! I want to continue reading fanfiction and eating potato chips. However, I will make myself go because it'll be good for me and then I'll be pleased with myself and probably eat two more bags of potato chips. Sigh. I knew it wasn't the best idea in the world to buy them. At the supermarket, a little devil on my shoulder said, "Ooh, salty, crunchy junk food! That's just what you've been craving lately!" A little angel on my other shoulder stood up and said, "What are you doing? Put those chips back this minute! " I told the angel I'd think about it. You can guess how long I thought about it.
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