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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
Well, I had a kick-ass workout at Karate tonight. Not that I, technically, kicked anyone's ass, more that I sweated buckets and pushed myself to the furthest reaches of my limits. Nope, the only other people in my class nowadays are big strong men with buns of steel and I'd probably damage my foot if I tried to kick their butts. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that I think I successfully worked off the peppermint mocha with obscene (truly) amounts of whipped cream and chocolate sauce that I had earlier. It was, like, 50% per cent whipped cream, 40 percent sugar, and 10 per cent coffee. Then I sprinkled a bit more coarse-grained brown sugar on top of the whipped cream because you know what? It WASN"T SWEET ENOUGH.

I had quite a lovely day, all round. Every department of life went well today. This has been one of those days when I really appreciate being ME and being able to live the life I have.

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So I'm sitting here at work, just having finished breakfast, and those damned cookies I told you about are calling me.

Lord, lead me not into temptation because I can find very well on my own.

Dollars to doughnuts (mmm - doughnuts) they'll be gone by 10:00 am.


If it had been me, they would've been gone about seven minutes after their first call. And I'm sure doughnuts are more dangerous than those cookies!

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