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Dee Blue waves
I'm discovering how easy it is to spend money online. Blue, you were right about the trouble I was going to get into once I got a paypal account! It's even easier to kiss one's money goodbye online than it is in a shoe store. I've got to stop joining yaoi fiction pay-sites.

I think it comes down to the kind of shopper that I am. I don't like sifting through lots of chaff to find the wheat. I want to be able to go directly to the wheat without wasting time. If a writer is CONSISTENTLY good, I'm willing to pay. As long as I have money, that is. At the rate I'm going, I soon won't have money, so I'd better cool my jets. I usually stay out of bookstores for exactly this reason! Now there's a bookstore in my bedroom, dammit, thanks to the internet.


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