brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

I'm busy trying to teach myself how to use an LJ cut.  I regret to report an unsurprising lack of success so far.  However, I think I have just stumbled upon a way to use italics  and colour.  Now this is exciting!  Now I'm going to underline something.  Cool.  I hope this works when I post it.  Maybe this is happening because I'm on a PC right now, as opposed to my Mac?  This is definitely progress, because I could never do this before.  Bold. Oh, good, that worked too. Okay, now I'm looking at the button that is supposed to be the LJ cut button, but I'm kind of afraid to click on it in case everything disappears or something.

I apologize to my friends for cluttering up your LJ in-box with this lame entry.  Wish me luck with my LJ cut quest!

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