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Dee Blue waves
I really should be getting my butt over to Karate, but I can't leave without clicking on that lj cut button.  Here goes: This is a small Bikky ficlet for anyone who likes Bikky.
  I'm going to type a very small spur of the moment Fake ficlet here in case this works.  It hasn't been checked over by Blue or anything, so don't expect miracles.


     Liz was careful not to flirt with Bikky in front of Carol.  The first time she had done it, Carol had gotten annoyed and had stalked off, Bikky chasing after her.  But whenever Carol wasn't around, she allowed herself to indulge a little.  He really was hearthrob material, and she got the feeling that he enjoyed the energy between them too.  It was just a shame he was so young.
     She shifted in her seat, allowing her skirt to ride up a little on her thighs.
     "No Bikky.  Sorry, but I haven't seen her.  Anything I can help you with?"
     His eyes swept smoothly over her thighs and back to her face.  There was an intriguing hint of amusement in them.
     "Not unless you remember everything you learned about Grade eight math," he said.
     "'Course I do," she lied.  "Why don't you show it to me and I'll see what I can do?"
     "What if I show it to you and then you decide you can't really handle it after all?"  Bikky took the chair opposite her and turned it around so that he was straddling it backwards.  "Yo, Doug! Later man."  He saluted a passing friend and turned back to Liz, eyebrows raised.  The cafeteria hummed busily around them.
     "I'm sure you've got nothing there that I haven't seen or done before."  She looked at him from under her lashes and gave him a small wicked grin.
      Bikky grinned back, but made no move to open his book bag.  "You really think you can teach me something?"
      "I've been told I'm an excellent teacher."
     "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."  He was on his feet, his eyes scanning the back of the cafeteria.  "Gotta go, Liz.  I just spotted my regular teacher."
      Liz turned and looked, and sure enough, there was Carol entering the cafeteria, flanked by a couple of laughing football players who were obviously vying for her attention.  Liz sighed and turned back just in time to catch a look of almost dangerous determination on Bikky's face just before he replaced it with an innocent, cheerful expression.
     "So long, Liz.  Hey Carol!"
     And he was gone, weaving amongst the tables as he made a beeline for his target.  The two athletes looked less than thrilled at his approach.
     Liz watched him go, a small knowing smile on her face.  Oh, Bikky, she thought.  Can you really wait until she's eighteen?  We'll see, won't we?  She turned back to her History textbook with unseeing eyes.

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So I just found this - very interesting. Well written of course, but interesting. I'll let it sit a while in my brain and then I'll post another comment

btw - having to let me think means it's good as well as intriguing

Okay - I've thought about it

So, I'm writing here because I'm about to go against conventional norms. The fact that I have come to really like this story is not against the norm. As always with your stories it's well written. I like the concept of Bikky flirting with other girls. Because I've always felt that if Carol wasn't around Bikky would so be a player. Now, I'm about to go out on a limb.
First, I don't necessarily believe that Carol and Bikky end up together. LLL, just has Carol telling Bikky not to cheat on her. I have lots of plot bunnies of when Carol is 19 - 21, she has problems with Biks not being able to go to the same places that she does. In these plot bunnies, they don't survive.
Secondly, I can so see Bikky (the way I can see Rose and Dee having sex) going to someone older and wiser for the first time, to make sure it was good for Carol. Or, him flirting with someone older and experienced and it just happens. It my most convulted fantasies, this person is a ex of Ryo's who is quite the free spirit. Well, like I said my convulted fantasies. Hee hee. So, I've spilt my guts on the issue, and I do like the story. I'm sure Bikky flirted with many girls, and maybe when older like 17 and up a few guys as well. Just for play, his dad's have helped him become secure in his sexuality. But that's my opinion, not necessarily popular but. . .


Re: Okay - I've thought about it

You know, it's good to go against conventional norms! Otherwise, we'd all be like the ancient Egyptians, trapped in downward-spiraling dynasties abetted by religious and cultural mandates to marry within the same bloodlines.

I can totally see all that stuff you mentioned because I've thought about those things too. Bikky must be VERY concerned about it being good for Carol the first time they do it. If they're both virgins, it sounds like a recipe for disappointment, especially given the unconventional age difference.

I always thought the biggest challenge to their relationship would come when they both went off to different colleges.

I don't think Bikky has a gay or bi bone in his body, though. But, hey, that's just me.

Re: Okay - I've thought about it

Thanks for the support of rebellion . . . hee hee. Just to clarify, I don't think that Bikky has a gay or bi bone either, but I do think he would be secure enough in that to eventually be able to flirt with another male who was gay. Although never in front of Dee, and risk the never ending teasing. Again this is eventually. I think can see him going for the shock value.
It really is nice to hear others who entertain deviant thoughts.


great I would love a lemon fic made out of this.

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