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It has been brought to my attention by a certain fellow cat-lover that I should not be exploiting my darling cat's foolish fear of rustling plastic.

Yeah, Blue, you're right, it's really quite mean of me to scare Fluff with plastic bags. I honestly don't know what gets into me. Normally I can be trusted not to exploit people's fears or tickle their ticklish spots. It's just that there is so much high drama in Fluffy's response to a person who is doing nothing more sinister than approaching the house with plastic shopping bags full of groceries in both of her hands. Wild eyed, he runs this way and that, feet a-skittering, until he escapes CERTAIN DEATH by shooting down the stairs to the basement or wedging himself behind a plant. He even flinches if I take the cellophane off a package of cookies. Sometimes...I could almost swear that he WANTS someone to shake a plastic bag at him, just for the adrenaline rush. After all, cats can't take themselves to amusement parks and get on roller coasters. Even if Fluff stood up on his hind legs and stretched himself to his utmost, he wouldn't come up to the line that says "You must be THIS tall to go on the ride." So how else can he get his kicks? You'd understand if you met him. I'm pretty sure I'm not simply anthropomorphizing just so I don't have to feel guilty. But you're right. God is watching and if I'm going to scare the heck out of him because that may be his wish, I shouldn't sully the spiritual purity of the moment by enjoying it.

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