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FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May), Ch 4

 I'm having a quiet weekend, apart from all the family drama, that is.  I don't know if anyone else out there has siblings like me, but boy can they do drama.  But don't feel too sorry for me.  I got to have expensive chocolate for breakfast and pizza for dinner last night!  I burned 900 calories at the gym BEFORE I ate it.  It's usually better if I just go for the two-slice-plus-a-can-of-pop special that they have at the place down the street from me.  Last night I deviated from that habit and got two small pizzas under the two for one deal.  It was too much pizza for me to be safely left alone with!  Much pigging out ensued.  Back to the gym today...By the way, for confused Americans, 'pop' is what we Canadians call soda.

Anyway, here's chapter four of FAKE First Year Together: A New Day(May).  I know, I know, I suck at titles.


A New Day 

Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Rating:    Chapter four is Mature.  Coarse language, no sex.

Spoilers:   To Volume 7

Timing: Set in May directly after Book 7 ended

Summary:  Ryo is coming to terms with the changes in his relationship with Dee, as well as his new sexual identity. Meanwhile, Dee and Ryo are searching for a young runaway. This story explores homophobic attitudes but is primarily a love story between two men.

Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.


Author's notes:  I believe in a strong and equal Ryo and Dee.  Chapter five is almost ready. 

Thank you to my beta, Blue Simplicity, for catching all those errors.  You’re a pro!



Chapter four 

      As they approached Bikky's friends, one of them looked over and saw them. Ryo was chagrined to see that it was Dave, one of Bikky's closest companions.  The boy quickly muttered a warning to the other kids, who responded by scattering in all directions, most without even turning around to look. 

      "Hey there, detectives!" Dave said in a loud and cheerful voice.  "Are you looking for Bikky? HEY, BIKKY!  Get your ass back here!" He added, "I saw him around a few minutes ago.  I don't think he went far." 

      "Something going on, Dave?"  

      Ryo's eyes and voice were flintier and much less friendly than usual, and the boy felt uncomfortable. The last time he had seen Ryo had been a couple of weekends ago during brunch at Bikky's place. Then, this man had been encouraging him to eat more BLTs and scrambled eggs, and had been fussing over the boys like a mother hen.  Now there was an almost dangerous, hard quality to him that forced Dave to remember that Bikky's dad was a cop. 

      "No, sir. Bikky'll be back in a few. The guys were just leaving anyway." 

      "Yeah, after that heads-up from you," said Ryo, walking past him into the alley.  "Get out of here, Dave.  I'll talk to you later. I know where you live." 

      "Uh, yes sir," said Dave unhappily, and set off at a trot, looking anxiously over his shoulder for a glimpse of Bikky. 

      The two detectives didn't get more than a few paces into the alley, before Bikky reappeared, emerging from a recessed doorway.  He was walking nonchalantly, and fiddling with his headphones.  He stopped and looked from Ryo to Dee with surprise. 

      "Hey, Ryo, whazzup?" 

      "That's what I want to know, Bikky."  Ryo's voice was quiet. "What's going on here?" 

      "The plate fell off my headphone!" Bikky said indignantly. "I figured I lost it around here, and there it was."  He held up a bit of black plastic.  "What are you and the pervert doing here, anyway?  It seems like every time I'm with my friends, you guys show up.  This is getting fuckin' embarrassing." 

      Ryo ignored the profanity. "Tell me something.  If I went through that door you just came out of, would I be likely to run into someone you wouldn't want me to meet?" 

      Bikky managed to look confused and irritated at the same time.  "What are you talking about, man?  The place is full of rats, that's all." 

      A sarcastic remark leapt from Dee's brain into the natural habitat of his mouth, but he wouldn't let it past his lips.  This was between Ryo and the brat. 

      "Let's find out, shall we?" said Ryo with a hard look at Bikky, and strode past him, but not so quickly that he didn't register the almost imperceptible widening of the boy's eyes. 

      Turning the door handle, Ryo was not at all surprised to find it was locked, even though Bikky had just come though it a few minutes ago. 

      "I guess it must have locked behind me," Bikky offered.

       Ryo rapped sharply on the door.  "Open up!" he commanded.  "Now!" 

      His request was met by silence.  He banged harder, and yelled louder.  "NYPD!  Open this door, now, or I'll kick it in!" 

      Again, there was silence.  Ryo actually did kick the door hard, a couple of times, but it was a very sturdy door, and it became clear it wasn't going to budge. 

      Bikky rolled his eyes and said, "Can we go now?" 

      Ryo ground his teeth in frustration, and glared at his foster son, determined not to let his self-control slip any further.  Suddenly Dee was there, his gun in his hand, pounding on the door with his other fist. 

      "You assholes got exactly five fucking seconds to open this door before I shoot the goddamned lock off!  ONE!" 

      There was a sudden, slight scuffling from behind the door.

     "TWO!  THREE--" 

      "Hold up, man!" came a muffled voice from inside.  "How do we know you're NYPD?  You got a warrant or something?" 

      "Goddamn right I do!  Now get this door open before I start blowing holes in it!" 

      There was one second of answering silence, which was broken by, "FOUR!" 

      "Whoa, man, all right, all right, just give me a sec here, OK?  I'm opening the door, OK?" 

      The door rattled and shook from the inside, and there were other sounds too, of some kind of frenetic activity going on further back in the room. 

      "Get back, Bikky!" Ryo yelled over his shoulder. 

      "Hey, uh, officers...if I open this door, you're not gonna shoot me, are ya?" 

      "I'm gonna shoot you if you DON'T open that door!" Dee yelled. "You got one fucking second, you got that, asshole?" 

      "Don't shoot!  Don't shoot!  Fuck, man, I'm opening it right now, OK?  Don't shoot!" 

      The door suddenly swung open inwards, and a frightened young man was backing away from them with his hands in the air, as the two detectives advanced into the room with guns drawn. 

      The place looked like it had once been a storage area.  It was not only filthy,  but strewn with litter and beer cans.  It was dank and dark, and smelled of mold and worse things.  There was a grimy bedroll in one corner, and a shiny new stereo and a couple of laptops in another one. No sign of electricity, though.  A couple of candles flickered on cracked saucers. 

      Dee put his gun away.  "What's your name, kid?" 

      The young guy hesitated.  "Eddie," he said. 

      "Where's the other guy, 'Eddie'?"

      "J -- just me, sir," Eddie said, with his hands still in the air, and his eyes flickering nervously between the light-haired officer, who was still holding his gun, and this other sharp-eyed one. 

      "You actually live here, Eddie?" asked Ryo, who was keeping an eye on an inner door. 

      "Well, sort of.  Just staying here, temporary-like, till I -- I get a job, you know?"   The flickering light from the candle nearest to him illuminated the dirt on his skin and what looked like track marks on his skinny arms. 

      Dee nudged Ryo.  "Let's go, bro.  There's nothing here, now.  It's gone out the back." 

      "Just a minute," Ryo said, uncocking his gun and putting it back in his holster.  "I've got a couple of questions I want to ask you first, Eddie." 


      "I just feel sorry for him, that's all.  He used to be a different person. I check in on him sometimes." 

      "I'm not buying it, Bikky. You had another reason for being there, didn't you?  Or else why lie about your headphones?" 

      "That wasn't a lie!" 

      "And saying the place was only full of rats?" 

      "And wasn't it?  That's what they are, that's how they live!" Bikky said defensively.  Shit, this was not going well. 

      "Well, Eddie didn't exactly 'rat' you out, now did he?" snapped Ryo. 

      "No, he didn't, because there was nothing to rat me out about!" Bikky hollered.  He decided to go on the offensive, because clearly Ryo had nothing on him, and it was worth a try.  "I'm getting sick of you following me around and accusing me of lying and acting like I'm some kind of criminal, and not trusting me to even scratch my ass by myself! Don't you guys have any REAL police work to do?" 

      "Bikky--" Ryo took a deep breath and tried to remain calm, but it had been a trying day, and all he wanted to do right now was smack some sense into his unrepentant foster son. "Why did you lie to me about the bus yesterday evening? You told me it would be in at nine, but when I called Mr. Granger, he told me its E.T.A. was seven.  That kind of makes you look like a liar, now, doesn't it?"  

      "I did NOT totally lie!  There WAS another bus coming in at 9pm." 

      "Yeah, for the older kids and the school's equipment, but I think you knew that, Bikky." 

      "Well, I just got confused about which bus I was supposed to be on, that's all.  Hasn't that ever happened to you?" 

      "What was the plan for those extra two hours, huh?  What kind of condition would you have been in when I came to get you at the agreed-upon time of 'nine'?"  There was a dangerous edge to Ryo's voice that Bikky recognized; his guardian was starting to lose patience and one of those infamous Ryo-meltdowns was imminent, unless he could somehow deflect it. Dammit, he couldn't think of anything!  Ryo seemed to have inside info that he couldn't possibly have known.  But Bikky was reluctant to just confess the truth...just in case.  He needed to know what Ryo knew. 

      "Whaddaya mean 'condition'?" he protested, and then took a step back, because Ryo had gone quite white around the mouth and resembled nothing more than a volcano that was about to blow. 

      "Okay, okay, it's not as bad as you think.  Me and the guys were just gonna score a little dope, that's all..." 

      "NOT AS BAD AS I THINK?" roared Ryo.  "Bikky, you're only 13 years old! Marijuana was still illegal in this country the last time I checked!  How the hell do you think it would look if the son of a police officer got busted for buying drugs? How the hell do you expect to have any kind of a future if you start in on drugs when you're still in middle school, goddammit!" 

      "I wasn't gonna smoke any of it, honest!  It was just for the guys.  Carol would kill me if--" 

      "I don't give a goddamn what you were going to do with it! It's the buying and the possession parts that get you sent to juvenile hall!  Do you even LIKE living here with me?" 

      Dee sat on the sofa, enjoying the show immensely, but trying not to let it show on his face.  Ryo, raging, was quite a sexy sight indeed. Muscles tense, skin all flushed, pulse leaping wildly in his throat -- yes, he was going to need a little soothing and satisfying later.  It was too bad about the decibel level of the angry yelling, though.  Dee was just glad it wasn't directed at him.  He wanted to enjoy the rugrat's discomfiture, but somehow he just couldn't.  The kid's bravado had disappeared, and now he was looking so crestfallen and apologetic, promising over and over that he would never do it again.  Hell, it was shades of himself at that age, getting busted by Mother.  Except, Dee had to hand it to him: Bikky was a way better actor than he, Dee, had ever been. 

      Eventually, Ryo's rage ran its course and Bikky's mumbled apologies began to penetrate the red mist.  Dee judged it safe to interject with a suggestion that perhaps they both have a cooling off period so that Bikky could think things over properly.  Ryo seemed to agree, and to Bikky's relief, he was sent to his room. 

      "Dammit, Dee, sorry about that.  I'm sure that was pretty stressful for you to have to listen to..." Ryo spread his hands apologetically. They were shaking a little. 

      "Shh, Ryo, no," said Dee, getting up and coming toward him.  "It's not like it's the first time, or anything."  He began to lightly rub his palms up and down Ryo's arms.  "Besides, you couldn't just let it go, now, could you?" 

      "No, I certainly could not! God damn it, I always knew this day would come." Ryo looked anxiously at Dee.  "Kids today -- there's so much danger waiting out there for them.  And Bikky just seems to attract trouble!" 

      "Hey, come on now," Dee soothed, beginning a light massage of Ryo's tense shoulders. "He's basically a good kid.  He wants to do good, you know that." 

      "I -- I know," said Ryo, dropping his head.  "It's just, you know, his father...his early life.  He's still got connections to people who could destroy his whole future for him." 

      "Me, too, Ryo," Dee reminded him.  "Some of my childhood friends, who I'm still on friendly terms with, got into the drug trade.  A couple of them are even in jail." 

      "Dee, I --" Ryo looked up at him with compassion in his face.  "Well, I guess your point is that YOU turned out okay, right?" 

      "Gosh, and people call you an airhead?" Dee chuckled, and pulled Ryo into his arms. "Come on, sit down on the sofa with me for a few minutes okay?  Let Dr. Dee take down that blood pressure a notch or two. The brat can stew in his room for awhile." 

      "Okay, but don't start anything.  I'm not in the mood right now." 

      "Dr. Dee does not abuse the trust of his patients," said Dee sternly. "I just want to give you a harmless little starter massage, that's all.  I won't do anything even remotely sexy.  For now," he added, as he guided Ryo over to the sofa. 

      Dark eyes looked at him suspiciously, but Ryo, it appeared, was not averse to some cuddling.  Over the years Dee had noticed that Ryo always felt a bit off balance whenever he had had a confrontation with Bikky, and would be more open to physical contact at those times. 

      "What the hell is a 'starter' massage?" Ryo murmured. 

                  ~~end of chapter four~~ 


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