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Dee Blue waves
I'm at work and I have nothing new and exciting to report except of course that tomorrow is Friday. And I'm going for a lovely drive in the country with a friend of mine on Saturday!  We're going to buy organic veggies and free range eggs and have lunch on the patio of one of the many cute little cafes out there.  Then we're going for a walk, so I'd better not wear my sexy boots.

In other news, Fluffy misses my father, who will be gone for awhile on vacation.  He slept on my dad's bed last night because it smells like him.  However, I'm not going to let Fluff sleep there anymore because my dad's bed is his favourite place for hacking up hairballs.  He's also partial to the front steps of the house, and the floor directly inside the back door.  I guess Fluff thinks it's best to cough them up in high traffic areas so that we can step in their sliminess and almost slip and wipe out.  Or lie down in them last thing at night when we're tired and not in the mood for laundry.  Ew.  But hairballs or no, I love that darling animal.


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