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Chapter five of A New Day

I'm in the middle of my latest bout of repacking.  I just know I'm going to forget something important.  After all, I always do.  But there's something enormously liberating about actually being in the air.  Once I'm in the air, I can almost relax.  Because if I forgot it, there's nothing I can do about it, right?  Until we land anyway, and if it's something that can be bought, I'll buy it, but if it's something that had to come from home, I'll just have to live without it.  No, for me, the stress time is when I can still do something about it, before I've actually left.  Anyway, what will be will be.

And now, here's chapter 5 of A New Day

FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May)


Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Rating:    Chapter five is Mature.  Coarse language, no sex yet

Spoilers:   To Volume 7

Timing: Set in May directly after Book 7 ended

Summary:  Ryo is coming to terms with the changes in his relationship with Dee, as well as his new sexual identity. Meanwhile, Dee and Ryo are searching for a young runaway. This story explores homophobic attitudes but is primarily a love story between two men.

Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.


Author's notes:  I believe in a strong and equal Ryo and Dee.  Chapter six is on its way, but not until I've had time to get back from Yaoicon and tweak out all the stupid parts.

Blue Simplicity, my wonderful beta, thanks for your continued hard work on my behalf.

 FAKE First Year Together:A New Day ( May)


Chapter five


Dee glanced at his watch as he pulled into the 27th precinct parking lot.  Seven minutes late and counting.  Oh well, this always seemed to happen when he had spent the night at his own place. Ryo sure was good about getting people out of bed and moving in the morning.  Ryo. Just the thought of him made Dee's entire being flood with happiness.  He loves me! And not just a little -- more than anything! his heart crowed triumphantly.  After parking, he quickly checked his appearance in the rear-view mirror before he got out of the car.  There was a foolish grin on his face.  He tried to adopt a more serious expression better suited to a man who was late for work and likely to get yelled at by the chief if spotted.  "You lucky S.O.B.!" he said to his sober new reflection, and the grin came creeping back.

Last night hadn't ended quite the way he had hoped.  After the showdown with Bikky, the time-out, and the subsequent calmer lecture that had resulted in Bikky being grounded for three weeks, Dee had been hoping he could get Ryo into bed and take his lover's mind off the stress of being the foster parent of a teen from the 'hood.  But Ryo had thought otherwise.

"I feel weird about having sex on the other side of his bedroom wall, anyway, and especially after that scene tonight," he had informed Dee.  "Also, the chief is going to call us into his office first thing tomorrow to ask us if we've looked over the file for the case he gave us earlier.  I'd like to at least have something to tell him when that happens. I'm going to have to get up early to do it, since I'm too wiped to think right now."

Ryo had indeed looked exhausted.  A big fight with Bikky always left him drained and repentant.  Ryo hated to lose his temper; he considered it a personal failing if he did.  This was a mystery to Dee, who lost his temper sometimes several times a day, and usually felt better afterward.

Dee hadn't wanted to go home, but he had the feeling that Ryo wanted him to so that he could repair things a little with Bikky without another person being there.  Therefore, he had put on his coat and kissed Ryo goodbye.  Man that was hard to do, when with every fiber of his being he wanted to stay, sleep there, and wake up with his lover in his arms.  However, it was almost worth it for the gratitude he saw in Ryo's eyes. 

Now, he slung his jacket over his shoulder and headed for the stairs, whistling as he went.  He was looking forward, as he had for so many mornings, to that first sight of his partner's gorgeous face looking up from his desk when he opened the door to their shared office.


"What?  You made him scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes on a school morning?   I'm totally jealous.  I was clearly an idiot to go home."

            "No, you were very sweet to go home," Ryo corrected him with a soft smile.  "Besides, I felt bad about all the yelling last night, and I wanted him to know I still love him."

"How come I never get special breakfasts or anything after you get mad at ME?" Dee grumbled.  "That brat gets all the breaks."

"You get special treatment all the time! Now quit your complaining and have a look at the details of our latest case."  Ryo slapped a file onto his partner's desk.  "We've got a meeting with the chief in five."

"Hmm...Not much to go on, is there?" said Dee, opening the file folder and surveying its scant contents.
            "No, and that's why we have to come up with some sort of information-gathering strategy, preferably in the next five minutes."

"Got any ideas?"

"One or two," Ryo replied.

            Dee gave him his full attention.  Ryo's ideas were always worth listening to, and besides, he just looked so damned sexy first thing in the morning, in his crisply ironed shirt and perfectly creased dress pants.  Dee fought down the urge to rumple him up a little and tried not to let his eyes roam too obviously over his partner's beautifully structured body. He tried to focus on Ryo from the neck up instead, but that turned out to be equally distracting because memories of that face, flushed and heavy-lidded with passion kept rising unbidden in his mind, sweeping all thoughts of work out of it.

Finally, he said to Ryo, "Keep talking, dude.  I'm listening.  I just need to close my eyes for concentration purposes."

After another minute, Ryo's voice trailed away.

 Dee opened his eyes and was surprised and delighted to see that Ryo's face was indeed as flushed as it had been during their most recent encounter, and his expression was an interesting mix of embarrassment and annoyance, with excitement lurking just underneath.
             Dee laughed out loud and stood up.  "Ha, you dog!" He exclaimed.  "You were thinking about it, too, weren't you?" Ryo took a step back from him and fell into his chair, wide-eyed.  Sometimes he could almost swear that Dee was psychic.

Leaning on the arms of Ryo's chair, Dee brought his face forward until his eyes were very close to Ryo's.  "Weren't you?" he demanded softly.

Ryo hesitated, sliding his eyes away from that direct green gaze.  He endured a brief inner struggle, then blurted out, "Well how could I not when you were practically making love to that pencil?"

"Huh?  What pencil?"

"The one you just stuck behind your left ear that might be about to put my eye out.  The one that was in your mouth the whole time I was talking."  Ryo dragged his eyes away from Dee's mouth, but against his will, they kept wandering back there.

"This?" Dee held up the pencil, grinning, then tossed it onto his desk.  "Nothing but a poor substitute for what I'd really like to have in my mouth.  Look at me," he added softly.

Ryo did, and his mute face was so full of love and desire that Dee's breath caught, and he was momentarily at a loss for words.

Just then, Ryo's phone rang shrilly and they both jumped.  He reached for it, saying, "That's probably the Chief.  Detective McLean, here...Yes, sir, he's here, too...Half an hour?  No problem, see you then."

"Please say that was the badger postponing our meeting," Dee said.

"That's right, thirty minutes from now.  That'll give us some time to--"

"Get some coffee! Oh, thank God.  Those early morning pre-coffee sessions with the badger can really take it out of a guy.  I'll be right back.  You want some? Where's your cup?"

"Uh, the 'janitor' has yet to replace it."

"Oh right.  Sorry about that, I'll get on it ASAP."

"No rush.  It's only been -- what? --three and a half weeks?"

"Today!  I promise I'll get you one today, okay?  Back in five," Dee grinned and headed out the door.

On his way to the first floor staff room, currently the only source of coffee in the whole damn building, Dee ran into Ted on the second floor landing.

"Yo, what's with the shit-eating grin, dude?  You get lucky last night or something?"

"Hey, she's the one that got lucky!" Dee tossed out as he swept by.  Hell! He had to get his face back under control.  Ryo had specifically insisted on their relationship remaining secret at work. Well, the lie in that one little word 'she' would go a long way toward that.

Just as he was about to turn into the staff room, he glanced over at the front desk and almost did a double take as he recognized two familiar figures.  If the happy smile had somehow managed to creep back onto his face after seeing Ted, it was definitely gone now.  He scowled as he caught a fragment of what one of the men was saying.

"I'm telling you," that grating voice insisted.  "My buddy and I were beaten up by one of the two fags that were in this car."  He stabbed his finger at a piece of paper on the desk.  "You can find out who he is, right?  We wanna press charges against that bastard."

"I KNOW you want to press charges," said Janet impatiently.  "You only said that, like, five times.  But you're not listening to me.  You -- must --fill -- out -- these -- forms.  Do you understand yet? Would it help if I said that in another language, perhaps?"

"Well, why don't we just tell you the information, sweetheart, and then you fill them out for us like a good little girl?"

"What exactly is so hard about filling out a couple of forms?" demanded Janet.  "Say, if you're illiterate or something, and too embarrassed to admit it, we have volunteers who can--"

"Look, we didn't come here to get insulted!   We've been assaulted, dammit."

"And we want to press charges!"

"We're taxpayers, and we have rights."

Dee had heard enough.  He strode over, saying, "What seems to be the problem here?"

The two men turned to face him, and the expressions on their faces were almost comical as recognition hit them.

"Ho -- holy shit! Larry, it's him!" one of them spluttered through thick lips.  He had a large bruise on one side of his jaw.

"No shit, I got eyes," said Larry.  His eyes, already narrow and shifty, narrowed still further as he stared at Dee, taking in the police badge on his belt.  "Hey Frank," he said.  "We didn't just get beat up by a pansy, we got ASSAULTED by a fuckin' pansy POLICE officer!"

"You call that getting 'assaulted'?" Dee sneered.  "Stick around, losers, and I'll give you something to really complain about!"

The one called Frank gasped and took an involuntary step backwards.

"Uh, I'll just leave you two gentlemen with Detective Laytner, here," said Janet brightly, beating a strategic retreat.  Dee noticed that she didn't retreat too far.  She stopped just within listening distance, and began to busy herself with some papers.

This fact was not lost on Larry, who was eyeing Dee with a speculative smirk.

"I bet you're not happy to see us, are you, 'Detective Laytner'?" he said in the oiliest and most self-satisfied of voices.

"Hell, no," Dee answered honestly. "I think I've wasted enough time on you two shitheads already."

"Well, get ready to waste some more," Larry said.  "'Cause we're here to press charges against your sorry ass for an unprovoked assault night before last."

"And we got witnesses!" chimed in Frank.

"Yeah.  And now, not only are you gonna lose your job, but all your co-workers are gonna find out you're a goddamn faggot!" Larry gloated.

Dee snorted in contempt.  "Way ahead of you there, asshole.  Been out of the closet for years and I don't give a damn who knows it.  As for losing my job -- " he laughed.  "I should have busted you guys back on Tuesday night. Now here you are, making trouble again. This is what I get for being nice."

Frank gaped at him, open-mouthed. Why wasn't this annoyingly confident gay cop getting all nervous, like he should be?  It was dawning on him that maybe coming here like this had not been the best idea they had ever had. He glanced over at Larry, who was glaring at him.

"Okay, man, time out. Just gotta talk to my buddy for a sec here."  Larry grabbed Frank and pulled him a few paces away.

"Don't you start wimping out me, you bastard," he whispered.  "This prick of a cop is bluffing!  Who hit who first, huh?"

"Mmmm, I don't know, man," whined Frank, glancing around him uncomfortably.  "You know what they say: you can't fight City Hall.  Or the cops.  It's his word against ours, you know?"

Larry decided to bring out the big guns. "Frank, my friend...I hate to be the guy to say this to you, but -- but I do believe this faggot was checkin' you out," he hissed.

"Oh shit, man, are you sure?"

"Yeah man, he was looking at your ass when you turned around just now! And you know he's a cop, dude.  If he wants it, he can just take it, and there ain't jack you can do about it.  Only thing you can do is take him down first..."

"You should be so lucky, you goddamned Neanderthal!" Dee snapped.  "Between the two of you, you're about fourteen different kinds of ugly. Now are you gonna get the fuck out of here and quit wasting our time, or am I gonna have to throw you in a holding cell or something?"

"H-holding cell?" Frank squeaked. "Shit, what for?"

"No way, man!" Larry asserted.  "You were the one who assaulted US!  We never even laid a finger on you.  That's police brutality!"

"Fine," said Dee.  "You wanna make a statement?"  He turned to Janet.  "Get Detective JJ Adams down here.  Tell him I need a favour."


                          ~~End of chapter five~~

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