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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
Well, (sigh) I'm back from Yaoicon. And it's difficult for me to type because there is one very relieved cat on my lap who is showing me how very glad he is to see me by sticking his butt in my face. Cat people, you know what I'm talking about. My husband was also glad to see me, but needless to say, his greeting did not involve a butt.

     For me the best thing about Yaoicon by far was being able to meet two people who have had a huge effect on my budding writing career.  Blue Simplicity and Grumpy Demon, I am beyond thrilled that I finally got to meet you both.  I miss you guys so much!  But I'm really happy for you that you can still be in San Fran for a few more days.  I hope you're checking your Livejournal while you're there.

I have a feeling this post is going to be long-ish, so I should probably do an LJ cut now.
YAOICON, ALPHABETIZED -- Feel free to suggest additions!

A is for Airports, Anime and Anatomy for Artists
B is for Blue Simplicity, Badges, and also for Bart ( we all rode him and his performance was satisfactory, hard working bastard that he is),
C is for Costumes, Cat ears, Cartwheels, Crashing the breakfast buffet,  the Cushy Comfort of that lovely Chaise longue thing in my room, and those all important Corn nuts that kept making regular appearances.
D is for Diner food (Yay Peter's Diner!) and Drinking in hotel rooms
E is for English subtitles and translations
F is for the FAKE OVA, shown in the wildly successful time slot of 9 a.m. on Sunday morning
G is for Grumpy Demon who really should be renamed Sweet Lovable Totally Non Grumpy Demon, except she probably wouldn't like that
H is for the Hershey Symphony bars I forgot to buy ( Blue, I'll mail you my leftover U.S. cash --please help!)
I is for Iwaki deep inside Katou's...heart
J is for Jello shots
K is for Katou kissing Iwaki
L is for that Lucky shirt
M is for Mitler!  ( Go Mitler) and Ms. Matoh, my hero
N is for "nod-nod-nod-fwap!"
O is for Onomatopoeias and Old guys who apparently know all the good places to eat.
P is for Parasites with special temporary-uterus creation powers.  Also Palm trees.
Q is for Quality face time with dear friends
R is for Regular smoke breaks
S is for SwOrdy --We wanted you to be with us!  Next time, okay? S is also for  the Sound Effects provided by the immensely talented Miss Blue Simplicity in her hilarious but moving dramatic reading of my copy of White Guardian.
T is for temptation in the form of French fries.  (Somebody is so dead, and she knows exactly who she is)  Also Tyrant ukes who fight back with sharp implements.  And let's not forget "THRUST!"
U is for Ukes who have mysteriously evolved with the ability to self-lubricate whenever  passing semes indicate a desire to passionately penetrate their pink posterior portals. (Now THAT, ladies, was some seriously out of line alliteration)
V is for Vacations and Vegetables
W is for Wristbands, which had to be checked every five minutes by Mitler and her crack team of Mitlerettes, and also for Walking, Walking, Walking. GD, try not to kill Blue before Thursday. I'm safely in another country now
X is for  X-rated
Y is for Yaoi license plates
Z is for the Zoo, which Stephanie went to on Friday.  Also for "Zoomanity".

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Yay! I made the alphabet!! *does a happy dance*

Glad you've had such a great time. It's incredibly selfish of me but I'm glad you're all starting to return. Life online has been really empty (although I have done plenty of writing). :(

I can understand how you're feeling being back. I cried the entire way back from the airport after I'd dropped Blue off to catch her plane. I realised due to the covert nature of my 'interests' I'd never had anyone to have obsessive conversations with until we got together so understandably I was reluctant to let that go.

I'd love to do yaoicon next year, but it could be something of a problem what with Japan, New York and Australia all queueing up to be visited! ^_~

Yeah, and then there's that other little problem of us all not being independently wealthy. Oh to be able to lie around the house all day reading manga and watching anime --when we're not jetting off to visit manga conventions and dear friends around the world...

Seriously, we missed you! We agreed that the only thing that would have made Yaoicon perfect would have been if you were there too.

Oh, what a fabulous thing to come home to! This is great, I heart you so. And I miss you. And you can e-mail me anytime at leois@hotmail.com. There's a yahoo adress on the card I gave you, but I don't check it as much. Miss you!

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