August 19th, 2007

Dee Blue waves

Camping sucks!

When I expressed my list of fears that bugs, squirrels, wasps, cougars etc. would invade my campsite and my peace of mind, I appear to have left something out. None of the aforementioned critters came anywhere near me. Nope. That's because they were all wisely holed up in their nests/burrows/lairs because of the friggin' TORRENTIAL RAIN that turned our campsite into a quagmire and leaked through my crappy Wal-Mart tent and proceeded to soak my bedding and other stuff! Oh yeah, go ahead and laugh! Someday this may happen to YOU! Aaaaaand, I think I'm done with camping for this particular lifetime. From now on, it's hotels with chocolates on the pillows and click-on fireplaces.