August 28th, 2011

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Driven, ch 1 (a Happy-belated Birthday fic for my pal lunasariel)

Hello Fake fans!

I'm posting this at Dreamwidth initally and crossposting to LJ because I doubt LJ has finished righting their rich text debacle and I don't feel like wasting time reformatting everything. I don't even know if this is going to work properly anyway! It could be that when I crosspost, the formatting will get screwed up by LJ anyway. I'm hoping for the best.

Anyway, regular readers of my Live Journal will recall that  lunasariel's birthday arrived at a busy time in my life and I couldn't write anything for her, even though I really, really wanted to. So I promised I would post something for her by the end of August. Hence this post. I had originally written a completely different first chapter, but when I got around to doing the outline for that one, I realized it was going to turn into a long story-- maybe fifteen or sixteen chapters. I hesitated because I don't think I can commit to another brand new long story at this point in my life. So I banged off a new first chapter to a story that will be shorter. I think I can wrap this one up in about three chapters, unless I get carried away. (It's got Diana in it, so I just might!)


by Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Berkeley/Diana
Rating: I don't know yet, but this chapter is fairly worksafe. Sort of.
Timing: Set in August in the first year of the FFYT series. That means it happened before Slave to A Gladiator.
Spoilers: Volume 7 of Sanami Matoh's Fake series
Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to Sanami Matoh. I make no money for writing fanfiction about them.
Author's notes: This is a Happy Birthday fic for lunasariel , who has been my LJ friend for years! Thanks for all the times you read and enjoyed my stories, and also for keeping me entertained with your own thought-provoking posts. I hope the coming year is both awesome and happy for you. Your exact request was "Can it pretty please involve the Commissioner being a lecherous jerk? With a possible side order of Ryo being awesome? ^.^" Well, that is exactly what will happen in this story, although Ryo has not shown up yet.

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