July 21st, 2013


report on progress of Justice plus some whining about the weather

Justice Chapter 30 is at the halfway point. I'll be posting Chapter 29 on Friday or Saturday at the latest. It might be sooner if I don't need to do any massive re-writes.

I hope you guys are all enjoying summer, because I'm not! I hate hot weather. I even hate warm weather. My favorite season is fall (but not fall in Tokyo because it's too damn warm there in October), followed by winter, followed by spring, and then there's summer, which I just kind of endure. Yes, yes, I am aware that most people find my attitude weird. Most people seem to like summer best.

I don't like the heat or the brightness. The endless sameness of sunny days gets me down. I prefer changing weather and cooler temperatures. The only good thing about summer is that my chances of being drenched by rain as I bike to work are significantly reduced.