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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I've got to stop pigging out. The cold weather has officially arrived, and every year about this time, I get a strange and unfamiliar feeling in my stomach: hunger. It only lasts for a day or so before my ability to feel hunger goes away again, but suddenly I want soup and hot cheesy potato-y things with gravy and bread.

My sister has told me that I talk about food all the time and she assures me that it is indicative of some kind of problem. Well excuse me for being a Taurus! We do like to eat. I personally like to reminisce fondly about past meals and verbally share my anticipation of future ones with anyone who'll listen. But okay, I'll try not to talk about food so much

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Blue and I were reminiscing about your eating habits when we were in San Fran. How you started out at that first meal with a salad--I thought 'oh great, she's one of those healthy eaters. Fabu.' And then we found out what a glorious appetite you have! You can finish my fries anytime, friend! I'll save 'em up for you. Okay, that's kind of icky and this whole comment is kind of strange. Sue me, it's late and I'm tired.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT save up your fries for me! I must warn you that I am an imaginative person and I will design a unique revenge just for you if I get any such package in the mail. However, the next time I have the pleasure of actually being in your company, I've got dibs on any fries you can't finish. And I want to eat them with mayonnaise rather than ketchup! They are so awesome with mayo. Damn, now I'm hungry again.


I wouldn't worry too much about it unless your clothes are getting too small. Waifishly thin is just not healthy.

Actually, my clothes ARE getting too small, which is a sure sign that I ought to cut back on the pizza and the Halloween chocolate for a couple of weeks. It won't be long now before all the special Christmas chocolates are in the stores, and then the parties will start...I need there to be a little looseness in my clothes so that I can expand a bit during that season. Proper pig-outs require forethought!

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