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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
Happy Birthday to Blue Simplicity! Okay, I'm thirty-five minutes late, but I have a good excuse. I was working on her birthday lemon. And I'm pathetically slow. But never mind that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE! Here's a little totally original, mind you, song that I composed just for you.

Happy Birthday to Blue
Your fan base just grew
We live for your emails
And your telephone calls too

Happy birthday to Blue
From the proud and the few
Who can say that we've met her
And got drunk with her too!

And many more! Birthdays AND drinking sessions. But next time I"M making the jello shots. If I can't do that better than a gas station, I swear I'lll kill myself.

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Yay, Blue! And your new awesome song--a little tweaking and it could be a theme song. Oh-ho!

And I'm looking forward to those jello shots.

And I'm hoping you'll help me make them. We're going to create several varieties ranging from standard to sublime. And I'll be keeping an eye on you when you're handling that vodka bottle...

I get my own birthday song??? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I'll have to work that one into my dance with the cheese doodles and coconuts. Wait until you see me whip it up (or is that out) at Yaoi-Con 2007!

I <3 you both!


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