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Okay, I must keep my promise to apprentice_yume and post Chapter 6 of FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) which has got to be the longest and most unwieldy title anyone ever gave a fanfic. Usagipon, I apologize for kind of hinting I would get the next chapter out last weekend.  It ended up being quite a rough no-fun weekend, followed by a stressful and busy week, but I'm back and I'm happy again!  So...

FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May)


Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Rating:    Chapter six is Mature.  Coarse language, still no sex.  However, there will definitely be some in
              the next chapter!

Spoilers:   To Volume 7

Timing: Set in May directly after Book 7 ended

Summary:  Ryo is coming to terms with the changes in his relationship with Dee, as well as his new sexual identity. Meanwhile, Dee and Ryo are searching for a young runaway. This story explores homophobic attitudes but is primarily a love story between two men.

Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.

Author's notes:  I believe in a strong and equal Ryo and Dee.  Chapter seven needs more work.  You wouldn't want to read a half-assed lemon, now would you?

I would like to extend my gratitude to Blue Simplicity for her services as my beta.  Get away from her, people!  She's busy enough beta-ing for ME.  Don't make me pelt you with candy!


A New Day     


Chapter six


"Aw come on, JJ, give it a rest," Drake groaned.  "Trying to eat a sandwich here, you know, de-stress a little over lunch break..."

"But Drake!" JJ fumed.  "You can't imagine the morning I've had.  First, I sit in some gum on the subway and ruin my favourite pants, which, incidentally, I'm stuck wearing now until the end of the day, and THEN I find out that someone -- most likely Janet -- saw fit to make 'Irish Cream' flavoured coffee, like that was a good idea or something!  It was so disgusting. "  JJ shuddered dramatically. "I just hate those cheap flavoured coffees, but there was nothing else to be had, so I had to choke it down.  And on top of all that, Dee-Sempai asked me to deal with those perfectly horrible men I've just been telling you about!  You just can't imagine --"

           "Oh, yes I can, because you've only been going on about it for the last ten minutes straight," Drake interrupted him. "Can we please talk about something happy now?"

"Well, I haven't even got to the worst part yet!  I need to talk to Dee, but I haven't been able to find him anywhere, and that Ryo is totally useless."

"Speak of the devil," sighed Drake as Dee strolled in.

            "Dee-Sempai!  Who on earth were those two idiots you wanted me to talk to?" 

Dee shrugged.  "Just a couple of losers I had a run in with a couple of nights ago.  Did you get rid of them?"  He opened the fridge and surveyed its contents.

           "You're damn right I did, but not before giving them a piece of my mind!  But Dee -- I have to ask you something." 

"Fire away," said Dee.

"Is it true that you were kissing a man in a parking lot?"

"Sounds like something I would do," smirked Dee taking a long drink from a carton of chocolate milk. 

"Was it Ryo?" JJ demanded.

"Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't," said Dee.  "Well, I gotta get back to work."  He paused at the door and gave JJ a sexy grin.  "Thanks a lot, dude.  I knew I could count on you to shut those bastards down."  

The rare sight of a smile from Dee actually being directed at him had the effect of temporarily burning all suspicion and jealousy out of JJ's mind. His heart swelled with pure rapture.

"ANY TIME, DEE-SEMPAI!" he cried out, happily.  "You know I'm always there for you, anytime, anywhere, anyhow!"

"Later, dude."  Dee was out the door before the younger man could gather himself for a pounce.  Undeterred, JJ ran after him, thereby managing to collide with Ted, who was just walking in at that moment.  Getting smacked into the door frame was the only thing that saved Ted from going down with JJ in a tangle of arms and legs.

"Aw, Ted, why'd you have to come in right at that particular second?" JJ complained, giving Ted an annoyed look.

"Whatever happened to, 'Sorry Ted, I didn't mean to almost break your back'?" Ted yelled after the rapidly disappearing JJ.

He stomped into the break room and went over to Drake's table.  "Did you see that?" Ted demanded indignantly. "Why do I always seem to be the one who pays the price for JJ's doomed love for Dee?  It's not fair, man.  Can't you talk to him or something?"

          "I talk to him all the time, but he's deaf on the subject of Dee." Drake sighed.  "Besides, you should be glad he's not still here going on about those two homophobic dorks he just had an encounter with."    

"Oh?  What happened?"

"From what I could gather, a couple of no-goods came in to complain that they'd been punched out by Dee."

"Who HASN'T been punched out by Dee?"

 "Well, yeah, good point.  Anyway, they were downstairs threatening to make a complaint against him, and JJ rode to the rescue."

             Ted grinned.  "Ooh, I can just imagine how that went down." 

             "He apparently freaked out all over them and lectured them on gay rights.  Then he threatened to arrest them for hate crimes, sexual harassment, creating a disturbance, and wasting taxpayer's money with ill-founded complaints. He made that last one up, of course, but I think they bought it.  I'm sure they were only too glad to get out of here in one piece, and without any citations."

             "That JJ," sighed Ted, opening the fridge.  "He may be hyper, but at least he's not dull."

"And he's loyal," Drake added.

"Hey!" exclaimed Ted.  "Who's been drinking my chocolate milk?"  




"Yeah, I seen him.  He was here a couple days back.  Seemed new." 

"Do you know where he went, or who he might be hanging with now?" Dee asked, passing the photo back to Ryo.

"Nah," the boy answered.  "I don't even know where I'm gonna be later today, or who I'm gonna be with."

"Well, if you see him, give me a call, okay?"  Dee handed him a card.

"Sure, man.  Thanks for the sandwich."

"No problem.  Stay safe, Denny."

 Ryo and Dee headed back to their car.

           "Maybe we could ask some of the beat cops in juvie to help with this," Ryo said.

"Maybe YOU could ask them.  They don't like me, remember?"

            "Well, no wonder, the way you went off on them over their bust of the Baker brothers."

              "Oh come on.  Someone had to say something.  It was totally mishandled from the beginning. That kid will be brain-damaged for life!" 

"Agreed.  But 'someone' didn't just 'say' something, he 'yelled' a whole lot of things and made a bad situation worse. I still think you should apologize."

            "Maybe you're right, but I don't think I can.  It just gets me so mad every time I think about it!" 

            "I'm sure they felt bad enough, without you rubbing their noses in it." 

            "Well, I'll think about it, okay?  Maybe later you should go talk to them, and I'll wait out in the street." 

They were almost at the car, when Dee suddenly said, "Whoa, hang on a sec.  I wanna go in there."  He indicated a rather chic kitchen shop.

            "Dee!  We're on the clock here." 

           "Don't get your shorts in a twist, dude.  This won't even take five minutes."  Dee disappeared into the shop. 

Ryo stood outside, fighting the urge to go after him.  He quite liked looking at kitchen gadgets, but he felt guilty about wanting to go in.  In addition, he was curious as to what Dee could possibly want to buy in such a place. Although he could cook when pressed to, Dee had never evinced much enthusiasm for it.

After a minute, Dee stuck his head out the door and asked, "Don't you even want to choose the color?"


"Your new mug, dork.  I wouldn't leave this to me, if I were you."

"I'm sure I'll like whatever you choose," said Ryo, but his feet carried him into the store anyway.

"I'm thinking this one," Dee suggested, holding up a mug with an image of a beautiful bikini-clad woman on it.

Ryo eyed him narrowly.  "Yeah, so you can look at that on my desk all day?"

Dee feigned a hurt look.  "That was not my first consideration," he protested.  "I just thought it would help throw people off our trail, that's all.

"Hmph.  Let's look at some others," Ryo said.

A moment later, they heard a familiar voice speaking furtively on the other side of the aisle.

"Got it?  Count to fifteen, and then break this platter.  Can you do that?"

"Um, I think so," a younger and much less confident voice said.  "I never deliberately broke anything before, except that time I threw the sugar bowl at my father, and I wasn't so much trying to break it as I was trying to hit him and--"

"Look, tell me later, okay?  We got work to do right now."

Dee and Ryo looked at each other, and the memory of where they had heard that voice before hit both of them at the same time.

"You ready to do this?" the voice spoke again.

            "Yeah, Karl.  I guess."

"Okay, start"

Ryo signaled to Dee that he was going to head down the aisle toward the back of the store.  Dee nodded and went toward the front.  Shortly after that, they heard a loud crash and a cry of dismay.  As several staff members moved off in that direction, Dee observed a young man, the same one from yesterday, grabbing a large box of what looked like pots and pans, and then walking quickly to the door.

"Hold it right there, Eddie!"  Dee yelled, and started after him.

            Eddie gave him one horrified look, and then to Dee's utter amazement, tried to make a run for it -- without letting go of the box.

Dee had him by the collar before he'd even gotten ten paces out of the store.  "You idiot!" he yelled at the kid.  "What kind of amateur shit is this?"  He cuffed Eddie's hands together behind his back.  "Now I gotta take you in, and all for a lousy set of pots and pans?"  He made a sound of disgust, and pulled out his radio.  

"They're All-Clad Stainless, man!" Eddie whined.  "$400 bucks.  I got a customer willing to pay a hundred."

Suddenly, there was a loud commotion from inside the store.  Seconds later, the door burst open and a teenage boy hurtled out of it and took off down the street at a speed that was almost inhuman.  About a minute after that, Ryo rushed out of the door and shouted, "Dee!  Which way did he go?"

 "That way. You're never gonna catch him now."

"Gotta try."  Ryo sprinted away in the direction Dee had indicated.

Dee looked down.  "Damn you, Eddie, or 'Karl', or whatever the hell your name is.  You just stay right here till I get back.  You hear me?"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you, sir. I won't move an inch."

Dee ran after Ryo.  He knew just as well as Ryo did why they had to catch that kid.  He had gotten a split-second glimpse of the teen's terrified white face when he had come out the door.  That was the Abernathy boy they were looking for, the kid in the picture.  What dumb luck!  Except now you couldn't see him for smoke.

           Behind him, Eddie struggled to his feet and started to hurry away in the opposite direction, hands still cuffed behind his back, kicking the box of All-Clad Stainless pans along in front of him.

Dee caught up to Ryo a block and a half later.  His partner had conceded defeat, slowing, and finally staggering to a stop.  Ryo was gasping for breath, hands braced on his thighs, when Dee jogged up to him.

"Y'okay, buddy?"

"Y--yeah," wheezed Ryo.  "I...never saw him.  You... were... right."

"Oh, and the Dee-machine does love those three little words," said Dee, grinning at his partner.  "Not that he gets to hear them very often.  Come on, you."  Dee yanked Ryo over to the nearest wall and propped him up against it.  "Now breathe," he instructed his partner, who had stopped talking and seemed to be reserving all his energy for glowering resentfully at him.

"In through your nose, hold, release through your mouth," Dee instructed.

"Dammit, Dee, I'm fine. Just knock it off."

"Knock what off?" Dee looked innocent.  "Caring about you?"

"You're just loving this, aren't you?"

"Maybe you need to take up smoking or something, dude."  Dee winked at him and turned away. "C'mon, let's go talk to Eddie."  He jogged off back in the direction they had come. 

Ryo trailed behind his partner, truth to tell, quite shocked at how easily he had been winded.  Clearly Dee, although a smoker, appeared to have been born with a superior set of lungs.  It was so unfair that Ryo, who had never smoked a cigarette in his life, should be out of breath after only a block and a half, whereas Dee had hardly even broken a sweat.  He tried to remind himself that he had been sprinting and Dee hadn't.   There had always been this imbalance between them, but Ryo was sure he was getting worse.  He realized he hadn't been getting enough exercise in the last few weeks, unless one counted all the sex that was a new addition to his life. He resolved to do at least half an hour of hard running on the treadmill next time he was in the gym.

Dee arrived back at the kitchen shop well before Ryo.  There, he found Eddie exactly where he'd left him, only with a rather plump woman sitting on top of him with her arms folded.  Two more female employees from the store hovered nearby.

"He tried to escape!" Eddie's captor informed Dee.  "But I wasn't having that!"  She looked quite pleased with herself and seemed to be in no hurry to get off Eddie.

"Did you catch the other one?" asked a narrow-faced, bespectacled woman hopefully.

"Unfortunately, no," Dee replied.  "He got away."

"That's too bad," she said, her mouth hard and disapproving.  "That was a Limoges platter that he broke. Such wanton destructiveness."

"Hey, officer," Eddie groaned, looking up hopefully at Dee.  "I'm ready to go to the station, now..."

"Ooh, Bridget, here comes the one that caught you when you fainted."

The third woman, an attractive brunette who was considerably younger than the other two, looked where her co-worker was pointing.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed to Ryo, who was walking toward them.  "You probably would have been able to grab him if I hadn't slowed you down like that."

Ryo summoned up a gallant smile, even though he was feeling hot and irritable and knew that his shirt was sticking to his back with sweat. "Perhaps, perhaps not," he said.

"Perhaps I could get you a glass of water," Bridget offered, laying a perfectly manicured hand on Ryo's arm.

"No thank you," Ryo said courteously.  "I'm fine, actually." He turned away and said, "Let's take him in, Dee."

"Oh thank God," muttered Eddie.

"Ma'am," said Ryo, offering the plump woman his hand.  She simpered up at him and allowed him to pull her heavily to her feet.  Beneath her, Eddie yelped as she lost her balance momentarily and trod on something sensitive.

"Oh just hush up, you thieving young hoodlum!" she admonished him, and turned a beaming face back to Ryo and Dee.

"Thanks for your help, ma'am," said Dee with a grin.

Eddie was grumbling something about how a man didn't exactly need TWO testicles for fatherhood purposes, as Dee led him to the car.

Bridget ran a few steps after them. "Detective!" she called. "Wait!"

Ryo stopped and turned with a questioning look on his face.

"Would it be all right if we took your cards?  You two gentleman have been so helpful today, and we don't even know your names."

"Oh. Certainly."  Ryo handed her a card.  "I'm Detective McLean, and that's my partner, Detective Laytner."

"Thank you so much, Detective McLean," said Bridget, smiling up at him with her head tilted slightly to one side.  "It was a pleasure meeting you."

Ryo said goodbye and gave her another of his polite, professional smiles
            Dee was already smirking when Ryo got into the car.

"Don't even start, Dee," said Ryo with a warning look.  At least Dee was sitting in the passenger seat, like they had agreed. 

"Was I saying anything?" asked Dee.  "No sir, not me."  But then he looked out of his own window, away from Ryo.

                                     End of chapter six


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