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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
Well, I guess it's about time I mentioned that I'm going to Japan on Wednesday. I won't be back until the 27th, which means I won't be able to do any writing. However, I promise I'll post chapter 7 of A New Day on my live journal this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and I'll post chapter 6 on FF.net and AdultFF.net but maybe not Mediaminer since nobody loves me over there.

In other news my father returned from his trip bearing presents. I got a big bag of white chocolate Maltesers! I love them so and they're just not available in this country. I'm going to...well never mind. Let's not start that up again!

He also brought me a pair of enormous animal slippers. They're not bunnies, they're crows with small floppy wings that hit the floor with weak little smacks when I walk. When Fluffy saw me standing with my feet seemingly buried in the entrails of two fluffy black creatures, he recoiled in horror and ran away. Now whenever he starts his big nagging campaign to get dinner two hours earlier than he's supposed to, my husband goes and gets one of those slippers and waves it at him. This causes Fluff to fear for his own entrails, and disappear. Don't worry Fluff -- there's only one of you! Now if you had a brother....well, then I'd worry.

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I hope you have fun in Japan - you travel everywhere don't you. I hope you are able to post another chapter (yes I am being extremely selfish here). Of course, you could move your tutorials on to more substantial desserts such as Godiva chocolate cheesecake. That would suffice. ;)
Have fun!!!

Oh, don't get me started on desserts...

I want to know how you eat mochi. And if you come across milk Pocky and can get them my way, I'll be indebted to you for a very long time.

Japan has so many interesting sweets to explore... hehe

Lucky! I wish I could go back to Japan one day soon. That was the best 3 years of my life living there, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Enjoy your trip!

Thank you for your kind wishes. I lived there for a year about ten years ago and I totally avoided mochi on the grounds that it was not only tasteless, but so chewy that it occupied one's mouth forEVER while the rest of the meal went cold. Japanese people all tend to get misty and excited whenever I mention it, though.

Is milk pocky white? I never was a pocky person (Don't like biscuit messing up the purity of my chocolate). I'll look out for it for you. I was partial to white Crunky, Ghana, and "Vessel in The Fog". That name just totally cracks me up! But my ultimate fave was the chou creams at Family Mart that contained both white AND chocolate whipped cream, as well as a big chunk of banana. Uh-oh, I think I'm getting started on desserts. Pardon me while I rein myself in here. I have yet to start the interminable process of packing, changing my mind, unpacking and repacking etc., so I can't allow myself the pleasure of any more tutorials until I'm done being an idiot with my suitcase.

Chou cremes! I used to get them in a 7-11. I have to say I'm lucky when it comes to getting most of my favorite Japanese delicacies at a Japanese marketplace here where they direct import from Japan and even the interior is like walking into a market in Japan, rather than one in the U.S. Only a few things they don't carry -- milk Pocky's being one of them.

Somehow I developed a taste for mochi and even make it myself (those nice little packages I get when I do my month Japanese grocery shopping helps). Then I'm the one who would be most likely to be snacking on the little dried fish at work when others are munching on Cheez-its or chips. *shrugs* I picked up a lot of habits in those 3 years that still stick ten years later. Especially food.

I have to admit I'm one of those chocoholics that enjoy all type of chocolate, leaning toward dark and white more than basic milk chocolate -- and I love mixing my chocolate with a variety of things.

Oh god, why did I go there? I'm supposed to be working out an issue of Dee getting dessert from Ryo...

Dee getting dessert from Ryo? Oooh, the possibilities!

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