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Well, I guess it's about time I mentioned that I'm going to Japan on Wednesday. I won't be back until the 27th, which means I won't be able to do any writing. However, I promise I'll post chapter 7 of A New Day on my live journal this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and I'll post chapter 6 on and but maybe not Mediaminer since nobody loves me over there.

In other news my father returned from his trip bearing presents. I got a big bag of white chocolate Maltesers! I love them so and they're just not available in this country. I'm going to...well never mind. Let's not start that up again!

He also brought me a pair of enormous animal slippers. They're not bunnies, they're crows with small floppy wings that hit the floor with weak little smacks when I walk. When Fluffy saw me standing with my feet seemingly buried in the entrails of two fluffy black creatures, he recoiled in horror and ran away. Now whenever he starts his big nagging campaign to get dinner two hours earlier than he's supposed to, my husband goes and gets one of those slippers and waves it at him. This causes Fluff to fear for his own entrails, and disappear. Don't worry Fluff -- there's only one of you! Now if you had a brother....well, then I'd worry.

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