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And here's part two of chapter 7 of FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May).  This is a lemon, which means it's full of sex  AND the sex is taking place between two men.  So if you're one of those people who doesn't like explicit sex scenes, consider yourself warned.  When I post this particular chapter on, which won't be until I return from Japan, the lemon part of it will be edited all to hell.  That said, I personally consider this a kind of mild lemon.  Expect lemons with a much stronger citrus tang in the future.  If you are a child, please don't read this.

CHAPTER 7 of A NEW DAY    part two


Dee got off the sofa and said, "Come on, let's move this into the bedroom." 

"But, what about Bikky...I don't want him to..."

"So, we'll be real quiet.  And we'll put the radio on.  Come on, the brat could be out here any minute and catch you with that look on your face." 

Ryo put a hand to his heated face.  "What look?"

"Three guesses, dude.  Want me to spell it out for you?"  Dee pulled his partner to his feet and started guiding him gently out of the living room.  Outside the bedroom door, Ryo hesitated, his eyes flickering anxiously toward Bikky's closed door. "Maybe we should wait until tomorrow," he suggested in an anxious whisper, "when he's at school." 

"We'll be quiet," repeated Dee firmly, aware that he was lying through his teeth. After all, Ryo had been anything but quiet during their previous encounters. Ryo nodded and allowed Dee to draw him into the bedroom.  Once there, one look at the bed and then at Dee brought back a rush of memories.  He recalled how excited he had been the last couple of times he had been in here with Dee, and what pleasure his vibrant, passionate lover had given him.  At that moment, Ryo knew he was a goner.  Bikky wasn't entirely out of his mind, but he had been pushed to the furthest reaches of it by his need for Dee.  He locked the door, and turned back to his partner, who was one-handedly unbuttoning his own shirt.  There was a prominent bulge in the front of the younger man's jeans, which immediately sent Ryo's focus down to his own stiffening erection.  He started to undo the buttons of his denim shirt, but Dee reached out and stopped him.  Ryo looked down at Dee's powerful hands as they undressed and caressed him.  It was still a little strange for him to see a man's hands, instead of a woman's, on his body.  But it was exciting. And it felt so amazing. Ryo observed that not only was Dee trembling slightly, but he was also struggling to control his breathing, which had become heavier since they had entered this room.  Ryo's apprehension about Bikky faded still further as he processed the information that his handsome lover was in a wild state of desire for him, and was trying not to let him see the full extent of it. 

A brief urge to take control of the situation, to tease and torment Dee until he was begging for release rose up in Ryo, but was quickly driven down by uncertainty.  He wasn't sure exactly how to achieve that condition in his lover, and he didn't want to embarrass himself.  Best to let Dee take the lead for now, which he was doing very ably anyway.

Dee was now sliding his shirt off his shoulders.  Ryo helpfully shrugged his arms out of it.  Both men were naked from the waist up, and when Ryo let Dee pull him into his arms, they both reacted to that first thrilling shock of skin on skin.

For Dee, the sensation of Ryo's willing body pressing up against his, and the feel of his partner's hands roaming hesitantly over his back and shoulders, gripping and squeezing his biceps, was heaven. It was what he had wanted for so long.  He was so in love with this beautiful, sexy, soft-hearted man in his arms.  He had been in love before, but not like this.  He had never even imagined it could be like this. 

Dee was kissing Ryo's hair, ear, and neck with such demanding tenderness that Ryo almost forgot about the music. He reluctantly moved his head back so he could look at Dee.

"What about the radio?"
            Dee stepped backwards towards the bed, pulling Ryo with him. "I know just the thing," he said softly, flipping open a jewel case and inserting a CD into the small bedside stereo, all while keeping one hand on Ryo. 

Ryo climbed onto the bed as new age strings filled the air around them. "Is this okay?" Dee asked.

"It'll do.  But turn it up a bit, will you?"  Ryo lay down next to where Dee was sitting.

Dee did, and turned back to Ryo. "I love you, baby," he whispered, and kissed him before Ryo had a chance to reply.  Dee poured so much love, passion, and skill into that kiss that the room spun round for Ryo and he was glad he was lying down. 

When their lips parted, Dee quickly stood up and removed his jeans.  Ryo followed suit after a moment of self-consciousness.  He folded his jeans, not quite ready to look at Dee, and tossed them onto a chair near the bed. 

        He turned back to find his lover advancing on him, eyes intently staring into his as if he were looking deep into Ryo's very soul.  Even now, after so much had changed between them, Ryo still found it disconcerting.  Then the green gaze was gone, and Dee's long body was stretched out on top of his, his hands reaching for Ryo's and entwining their fingers together.   As Dee's heart thumped heavily against his, Ryo freed one hand and traced his fingertips lightly down Dee's side, and paused at the other man's hips.  Ryo could feel by the extremely hard and throbbing state of Dee's member that he wasn't likely to last long, but he also knew from their previous lovemaking sessions that Dee had a quick recovery time.  Ryo, who was not at the same level of arousal as his partner, felt he wanted to take care of Dee first, and then slow things down.  He turned his face toward Dee's, and kissed him almost aggressively, lifting his head up off the pillow to gain more control, more access to the other man's mouth. Dee's body was moving sensually and urgently against his -- Ryo could feel Dee's erect cock sliding against his thigh in a silky, wet patch of its own precum.  He could feel how excited his lover was, and yet he knew Dee would do his best to put his own pleasure on hold in order to make Ryo come first.  His right hand slid down the curve of Dee's back until it reached the swell of his lover's buttock.  Ryo gave it a squeeze and then pulled it against him, so that Dee's slippery erection rubbed a little harder against his body.  Dee gasped in pleasure and surprise.  Ryo repeated the action several times until Dee tried pulling away.        

"Stop that," he half-laughed, his voice breathless.  "If you keep that up, it'll all be over before we start." 

"No it won't," Ryo murmured, "Because it only takes one or two kisses to bring you back to life."  He continued his rhythmic pressure on Dee's buttock and moved his own hip against Dee's erection from underneath.
"Ohhh, you noticed that about me, did you? No really, babe, better stop."

 "Don't want to," whispered Ryo, kissing Dee again and pressing the tip of his tongue against his lover's.  He enjoyed making Dee moan into his mouth like that.      

"Stop it, Ryo, I don't want to come just yet..." He moved off Ryo and onto his side.  For a moment, Ryo didn't know what he should do, but then he followed his instincts, which told him to also roll onto his side, facing Dee.  Their erections bumped against each other. 

        "But, what if I want you to, Dee?"

        "Huh?....You want me to...what?"

        "You know," Ryo ducked his head a little.  "Come."

        "You want me to come?" There was wonder and considerable excitement in Dee's voice.

        "Yes.  Now....and later...again."

        "Are you going to make me come? Or..." -- Dee was grinding his erection against Ryo's-- " you want to watch me make myself come?"

When Dee talked about sex like this, it turned Ryo on and made his inhibitions drop just a little.  Not that he was ever planning to admit it.

"I want to do it," he whispered.

Dee's breath gusted gently against his hair and his temple, as his lover nuzzled him in both places.  "How do you want me to come?" he asked Ryo quietly. 

        When Ryo was silent, Dee tried again.  "Would you feel comfortable sucking me?"

         "Yes," said Ryo, still not looking at Dee. "I could probably use the practice anyway," he added.  But he didn't move, because he suddenly felt embarrassed and nervous about his lack of experience.

          Dee, to his credit, understood exactly how Ryo was feeling. No one knows you better than I do, baby, he thought affectionately.  "I love the way you suck me,” he said, and added,  “Do you want to choose the position?"

          "No.  You choose it." 

          "Okay, let's do one we haven't done yet. You kneeling on the floor, and me sitting on the bed."  Dee gave Ryo a gentle push to get him moving.

          Ryo got down on the floor, feeling momentarily bereft as he broke contact with Dee's warm body.  But when Dee sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, he bent forward and reached for Ryo.  They hugged and caressed each other in that position, Ryo's face pressed against Dee's stomach, his face almost in contact with... A part of Ryo still couldn't quite believe he was about to suck a man's cock!  But not just any man, he told himself.  The man I love more than anything on this earth.  And it's not like I haven't done this before.  I've done it twice.  This is the third time now.

           Recalling his own past sexual experiences where he had been on the receiving end of this particular service, Ryo began by licking Dee's shaft.  The licking was the easy part.  He could do that, almost with confidence.  He licked it up and down, front and sides, and made the executive decision to move lower and lick Dee's sac and balls instead.  Dee sucked his breath in sharply; he liked that.  Ryo suddenly remembered that Dee had reacted this way once before.  He filed that away in the back of his mind for future reference.  After licking for as long as he dared, he knew it was time to move on to the more difficult part – taking the head and the shaft into his mouth, as deeply as he could, and giving his lover pleasure, if possible, without scratching him with his teeth.  Oh, and without gagging, of course.  He remembered how he had gagged the last two times.  He was determined not to this time.

           He opened his mouth to Dee's cock, and took in just the head, moving his tongue all over it, paying special attention to the sensitive spot on the underside. He had found that it really helped that he had the same equipment as Dee.  It was not wholly unfamiliar to him, after all. He knew how a blowjob should feel, even if he didn't really know how to perform one.
       If Ryo couldn't believe that he was actually sucking a cock, Dee was also having trouble believing that it was Ryo kneeling between his legs, Ryo's warm, wet mouth that was encasing his sex.  After all, hadn't he jerked off to this particular fantasy at least a hundred times?  He caressed his lover's hair, pushing it back out of his eyes.  

        "Ryo, sweetheart, don't stop...That feels so fucking good.... Ahhhhhhh!  Do that again!  Take me in deep again...Mmmmhh... Shit, baby, you're a natural."

         Ryo attempted to take Dee as far in as the back of his throat several more times, but was forced to stop when it triggered his gag reflex.  He moved his head up and down over the top two inches of Dee's cock, and then had the idea to jack the base with his left hand.  That worked like a charm, because suddenly Dee was groaning and thrusting upward into Ryo's hand and mouth. Another thirty seconds of that, and Dee was issuing a warning.

"Watch out, Ryo, I'm--I'm--"

Ryo knew very well what was about to happen.  The first two times he had done this, he had chickened out about letting Dee shoot in his mouth.  This time he decided to keep his mouth in place.  The first jet caught him on the back of his throat and totally filled his mouth with hot, musky liquid.  It caused him to panic a little because there was so much of it and he wasn't sure whether he intended to swallow it or not.  He pulled his head up off Dee's erection, leaving his hand around it, and the second jet hit him in the face.  He closed his eyes, hesitated, and swallowed what was in his mouth.  A third, smaller jet splashed across his lips.  It was kind of overwhelming.  He didn't know if he liked swallowing semen and having it all over his face. 

       "Ryo, look at me.  That was fucking amazing," Dee gasped.  "C'mon look at me; I wanna see your face.  Aww, dude, you're a mess.  An incredibly sexy mess.  No, no, don't wipe it off yet.  Just let me look at you for a moment, with my come all over your face.  God you're sexy.  C'mere, come on up here with me."  He pulled his partner up onto the bed and wiped his beautiful face with a corner of the sheet.  "You swallowed some, didn't you?"

        Ryo nodded.

        "Did it freak you out?"

        "Just a bit."

        "Did it gross you out?"

        "No," said Ryo. "But I don't know if I like the taste."

        "Well you don't have to swallow it next time, you know.  Lots of people don't."

        "But you do," said Ryo softly

        "Yeah, I do," murmured Dee, bending his head to kiss Ryo's lips.

        "Then I will," whispered Ryo.

         Dee uttered a low moan and kissed him deeply, sliding his tongue into Ryo's mouth to taste the evidence of his own passion.  It was there, tasting of sex, tasting male, tasting like the bottomless desire he had for the man beneath him. He kissed him again and then held his lover for a few moments, eyes tightly closed, lips moving silently against that tousled chestnut hair. But not for too long, because Ryo was still hard, well, semi-hard anyway, and no doubt waiting patiently for his turn. Dee knew what he wanted to do, which was to work Ryo into a state of incoherent excitement, and then bury himself inside his lover's hot, tight channel.  Raising his weight off Ryo, Dee went to fish out the tube of lubricant from Ryo's nightstand. It took him a minute or two to find it, because Ryo seemed to have buried it at the very bottom of the drawer, with his journal, some letters, his glasses, and a packet of tissues on top of it.

            Recognizing his intention, Ryo's hand came out and stopped him.  "I'm still a little tender down there," he said.  "And Bikky's on the other side of the wall."

  "You just sucked my dick with Bikky on the other side of the wall," Dee reminded him.  "What's the difference?"

"There's a big difference," said Ryo, rather primly.  "Besides, I really am sore.  We did it almost every day for 5 days, remember?"

 "That was two whole days ago!" 

                "Yeah, only two days.  Dee!  What are you doing? Put that lubricant back.  I told you I don't want to do that right now."

         "Just a finger," said Dee.  "I promise I won't stick anything else up there unless you change your mind and want me to, okay? Just one finger to make things interesting for you while I blow you."  He grinned as he rubbed lubricant up and down the crack of Ryo's ass.

          Ryo stared, mesmerized, as Dee's hand came back up and the other hand squeezed some more lube onto the first hand's fingers.  Then the hand went back down again, and Ryo unconsciously opened his legs and closed his eyes.  Suddenly Dee's finger was penetrating him, pushing inside him, aggravating his soreness just a little.  But the next minute, Dee's mouth descended onto his penis, the finger wiggled a little deeper and found that special place, and Ryo let out a gasp and opened his eyes wide. It felt incredible.  Dee had stimulated him there before, of course, but not so far while performing fellatio. What his lover was doing was an electric combination, and definitely a new experience for him.  Unable to stop himself, he began moaning softly.  Dee's head rose briefly off Ryo's erection, and grinning, he reached forward past his lover and turned up the sound on the stereo with his free hand.

Dee made it last a long time.  He wanted to blow Ryo's mind while he did the same thing with his dick, and firmly establish himself as the best purveyor of sexual pleasure that his beloved had ever had. Above all, he wanted to hear Ryo say 'please'.  After two and a half years of being pushed away, he reveled in the feeling of finally being desired, perhaps even needed.

The moment finally came when Ryo couldn't take it anymore.  He raised himself on his elbows and looked at Dee with such an imploring expression on his face, that Dee took pity on him.

"Dee, please..." he said in a low urgent voice.  "Finish me... I need you to... N-now!"

Dee nodded and applied the full flow of his considerable talent in this area to fulfilling his lover's request.  Ryo had been trying to keep the noise down, but in the crucial moments before his release, he was a man out of control.  A series of three escalating cries were torn from him as he felt Dee's throat muscles purposefully contracting around his erection.  Dee let the first jet go right into his throat, but he pulled back for the second one and any remaining dribbles so that he could feel them splash across his tongue.  He loved the taste and texture of Ryo's ejaculate and wanted to feel it in his mouth.

His hand had been busy pumping his own cock for the last few minutes, and now he needed to climax again, himself.  He straddled Ryo's limp, sated body and looked down at the other man's beautiful flushed cheeks and dazed eyes.

             "Watch me, Ryo," he said.  "Watch me come just from looking at the sexiest human being alive.  That's you, baby."

             Ryo did, his eyes traveling up and down Dee from his face to his steadily moving hand.  Dee jerked his own penis with no trace of the self-consciousness Ryo would have felt in his stead.  The sexual tension evident in his face and body was fascinating to Ryo, and exciting too.  He caressed Dee's spread thighs with both hands and thought how incredibly handsome Dee was.  Dee's prominent abdominal muscles tightened, along with those of his chest and arms as he began to approach orgasm.  The tempo of his movements increased, and the rapid breaths he was taking got heavier.   Those breaths almost imperceptibly changed to soft moans, which continued until Dee suddenly gasped out Ryo's name and let fly.  To Ryo, it seemed as though the long stream of Dee's ejaculate hung suspended in the air between them for a moment frozen in time before falling in hot, wet threads across Ryo's chest and throat.  Another one landed on his stomach.  Dee's hand continued to move, but much slower now, squeezing the last drops out of the tip of his penis.

            Their eyes met sensuously, as Ryo's right hand left Dee's thigh and traced lightly, slowly, through the warm, wet trail Dee had left on his body.  His hand continued to his mouth, and when his pink tongue appeared and slowly licked the tips of his fingers, Dee understood what his lover was telling him.  It was the single, sexiest thing he had so far seen Ryo do, and it hinted at still untapped depths of what Dee instinctively knew was a highly passionate nature.

           "Ryo... My love..." he whispered and abruptly lowered himself down onto his partner, heedless of the sticky, wet seed that still covered him, and was now all over both of them.  Ryo emitted a half-hearted protest, and tried to push him away, but then he sighed and his arms went around Dee affectionately.  Dee held Ryo tightly, savouring the moment, praying that it would always be this way between them.

For some time afterwards, the two men lay in each other's arms in a sated haze.  Ryo felt sleepy and relaxed.  He wanted to get up and have a shower, but he didn't want to leave Dee. Just then, he heard the toilet flush, and that reminded him of Bikky.

"Hey, do you think he heard us?" he asked Dee.

"Nah," his partner replied reassuringly. "He saw the writing on the wall at dinnertime.  You can bet his headphones haven't left his ears since."

"Well, I hope you're right," said Ryo a little doubtfully.  He was blushing.  Even in the darkness, Dee knew it, because Ryo's face was pressed against his chest, and he could feel it getting warm.

"We had our own music, too," Dee reminded him.

"Yeah, and what made you choose Aunt Elena’s relaxation CD?" Ryo complained. 

            "That's not relaxation music, it's sex music. I'm just glad we finally got some mileage out of that sucker.  Come on, don't you think it was perfect?"

           "Yes, it was," Ryo admitted.  "But now I can never use it for relaxation again, because every time I hear it I'll think of sex."

           Dee laughed softly.  "Come on, dude, like that'd be a bad thing! You don't need a relaxation CD anyway, now that you've got me!"

As if on cue, the music stopped.

"See?" Dee added.

Ryo raised his head and looked at his grinning partner. "Oh Dee, I do love you," he said.

                Dee's grin disappeared and his eyes softened.  "I love you, too," he said simply.  "More than you know. 

Ryo moved forward and kissed him tenderly, and as he did, he felt Dee's penis stir underneath him.  He broke the kiss and stared at Dee in surprise. "What, twice wasn’t enough?" he demanded.

"What can I say? He responds to love! C'mere, you sexy thing..."

A little while later, Ryo spoke, his voice low and breathy.  "Dee.  Hit play. "




Not long after after one a.m., Dee was roused from sleep by the sound of someone tiptoeing past the bedroom door.  There was something inherently stealthy about that sound, which aroused his cop instincts, and brought him suddenly fully alert.  It had to be Bikky and he had to be up to no good.  Dee extricated himself from Ryo as carefully and as quickly as possible.  If the kid was on his way out, he'd best catch him before he made it out the door and down the stairs.  Once his feet were on the floor, he cast about for something to wear, and found his jeans.  He knew they were his and not Ryo's because unlike him, Ryo wouldn’t throw his jeans on the floor, even when he had a hard-on and a willing partner. As he opened the bedroom door, he heard the front door click quietly closed. He hurried after the departing Bikky, and exited the apartment just in time to see the brat, fully clothed and with his rollerblades slung over his shoulder, starting down the stairs.

          "Yo," said Dee softly, and pulled the apartment door shut behind him, to prevent any noise from waking Ryo.
            Bikky started and stared back at Dee in dismay.

           "Aren't you supposed to be grounded?"

            Bikky looked at his feet. "I gotta go fight someone."
            "You gotta, or you wanna?"
            "Both.  It's a matter of honour."
             Dee recognized the look on Bikky's face. "Oh, something to do with Carol?" he asked.
            "N-- Something like that."  Bikky looked away.
            "You wanna talk about it?"
            "Fuck, no. Just lemme go do it.  Or school's gonna be impossible tomorrow."
            "Are you in trouble?"
            "Nah. It's just a smartass loudmouth a couple of years older than me.  He doesn't know it, but I can take him." 

Dee looked at Bikky thoughtfully for a moment.  He knew what he should do as a responsible adult and as the co-parent that he secretly saw himself as, but he also understood what he thought Bikky was up against, better than most people would.

"Go," he said. "But don't hang around when you're done.  Get back here ASAP.  And don't damage the other guy too much.  Remember, you're going for respect, not injuries that could bring parental involvement.  If you get brought back here by any of our brothers in blue, you're on your own with explaining that to Ryo.  As far as I'm concerned, this conversation never happened. Got it?"

"Thanks, man," Bikky gave him a brief grin of surprised relief before turning and running softly down the stairs.

Dee let himself quietly back into the apartment, wondering if he had done the right thing.  Ryo would probably never forgive him if anything happened to Bikky.  But his gut told him that Bikky had more than his fair share of street smarts and could take care of himself.


         ~~ End of chapter seven~~



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  • Dragon Lady, Chapter 06

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