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Brit has returned
Dee Blue waves
Okay, I've been hiding out and recovering, but I'm back. Thank you Rj1ofakind for enquiring. if you hadn't prodded me out of my shell, I'd probably still be lying low.

I returned to a horrible and unusual snow storm which caused my connecting flight to be cancelled. I fought for a place on the bus --people actually pushed and shoved me!-- and got home much later than originally expected. Was picked up by husband and father and taken home to freezing cold apartment to eat pizza. Why was the apartment freezing cold? Well, it was a combination of the aforementioned snow storm and the fact that the renovations guy had removed one of my exterior bathroom walls! Yep, the bathroom was torn apart, and just to add a little spice to the whole experience, so was my hall closet.

AND...(oh no, we're not finished here) AND all the stuff that had previously been in the bathroom and the hall closet was now heaped up in my dining and living rooms.

I tell ya, if there had been any flights flying that night, I would have called a taxi, returned to the airport and hightailed it back to Japan where the food is fabulous, the people are charming, and the bathrooms are not only really unusual and interesting, but not under f&%#ing construction!

Instead, I ate pizza, drank several consoling glasses of red wine, and made the mistake of opening my suitcase. As soon as my husband spotted all my special Japanese chocolate, he pounced on it. Of course I hid it all the next morning, but serious inroads had been made.

So I'm back and will be soon be posting my travelogue. I sure wish I knew how to post pictures.

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I am sorry the return was not a happy one. But it is good to know that your travel there and back again was safe. I don't blame you for hiding out - and how dare your hubby attack your chocolate. Shame on him. He probably doesn't even seduce it properly. Hee hee. Can't wait to here about the trip. But take your time. Recovering from all of that would take me awhile.

PS I am still enjoying and becoming frustrated with your lovely Sex Now button.

No! He doesn't at all know how to seduce chocolate! It pains me to watch. He tosses a large piece into his mouth, gives it one quick bite to paralyze its nervous system as though it were an oyster, and then swallows it in one big gulp! I want to slap the chocolate out of his hands. If I were a judge and we were in court, I could order him into a "Chocolate Management" class or something. Oh, it's so sad. His predecessors were exactly the same.

Men shouldn't be allowed to eat anything more complicated than meat straight off the barbecue, which arrives on the plate in such a traumatized state that it's actually grateful to be gobbled quickly.

Wouldn't it be great if that "SEX NOW" button actually worked? Imagine how famous and rich I'd be!

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