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Dee Blue waves
 Well, the "Christmas Horribledays" are over, and I for one am glad!  Maybe now the stores and coffee shops will not be closed when I want them to be open.  Our local supermarket was closed today, but Starbucks was open, thank God, so I took myself there and drank coffee and ate chocolate and read book two of Gerard and Jacques, which I must say is a very well-written manga.  Neither of the main characters are irritating or childish, which is a besetting sin in too many of the boys' love and shoujo graphic novels that I have read.  I swear, every time a character cries and runs away, I'm praying they'll ALMOST get hit by a car.  You see, I don't want them to die or anything, I just want them to grow up and get over the whole crying and running away thing -- or at least re-think it as a viable course of action.  I think the sudden flare of headlights and screech of tires would perhaps take care of that.

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You do NOT want these characters getting hit by cars - Because then they become cripples who constantly need a big strong man to take care of them for the rest of their lives. And when they're not crying about being crippled and needing said big strong man, then they're shagging them and crying about THAT!!! (Lovely Sick anyone?)

No - murder is good. Murder works. Besides, everyone knows that when wheeny whiney wussy boys die, they go to the WORST PLACE imaginable.



Hi Brit, I'm sorry the holidays were not a good time for you. Here's hoping things will be better soon :) Chocolate always helps
I also have yet to read the second Gerard and Jacques, but the first volume is a keeper. I kinda went overboard with the manga recently; I read Rising Storm and it was just a bit too much for me. I can understand "rape" in a storyline if it makes sense...but perhaps one day you will elaborate on the use of forced consent that you learned about at YaoiCon. But on the other side, I haven't read too many mangas featuring crying and/or whining boys *lol*

Thanks! You're right about the chocolate, although I really have to stop eating large quantities of it every day. I had to work yesterday afternoon with chocolate stains on my pants because I had been eating it at lunchtime and chocolate 'crumbs' had fallen onto my lap and melted, unbeknownst to me. I felt like such a schlep!

Yes, I have lots of opinions about rape, and I promise I'll get to that soon.

If you haven't read any mangas yet with clingy sobbing boys in it yet, then let me just say that your turn is coming! It seems to be a popular theme. I read one recently on Yaoi Daily called "Pure My Honey" by Erii Misono. The semes were so pretty but the ukes were so annoying, particularly the main uke. What a wimpy, snivelling zero-personality bump-on-a-log HE was! And here's this hot seme putting up with dull conversation and endless tears. I just don't get it.

Well now I have to go find out about Rising Storm. I hadn't heard about that one.

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