brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

 Well, the "Christmas Horribledays" are over, and I for one am glad!  Maybe now the stores and coffee shops will not be closed when I want them to be open.  Our local supermarket was closed today, but Starbucks was open, thank God, so I took myself there and drank coffee and ate chocolate and read book two of Gerard and Jacques, which I must say is a very well-written manga.  Neither of the main characters are irritating or childish, which is a besetting sin in too many of the boys' love and shoujo graphic novels that I have read.  I swear, every time a character cries and runs away, I'm praying they'll ALMOST get hit by a car.  You see, I don't want them to die or anything, I just want them to grow up and get over the whole crying and running away thing -- or at least re-think it as a viable course of action.  I think the sudden flare of headlights and screech of tires would perhaps take care of that.

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