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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I have a little problem that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with. It concerns Youtube.

I discovered Youtube a few months ago and happily did all kinds of searches that I never expected my husband to know about, such as "boys kissing" and "graphic sex in anime' and perhaps some other ones that I don't feel like mentioning here. ( blush)

Then my husband's buddies started sending him Youtube clips of things they thought were interesting or amusing, and then he wanted his own Youtube account. So now he has one, and if he does a search on Youtube for say, "Beach volleyball" or "Bahrain", the minute he types in that first letter "b", the phrase "boys kissing" immediately pops into the search phrase window!

How can I make that stop? I think people shouldn't have their previous and perhaps occasionally ill-considered search topics thrown back up in their and their family's faces until the end of time. How do people with kids handle this sort of thing?

So far my husband hasn't said anything, but so far he hasn't done that many searches on Youtube. So far.

Any suggestions or advice would be most appreciated!

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Try clearing out your cookies folder. If you don't want to lose saved passwords on sites that you have, then open the cookies folder and delete the youtube cookies. Let me know if that works.

Hi there! How are you and the baby doing? It's nice to hear from you again, especially in my hour of technological need!

I'm sure I have a cookie folder somewhere on my Mac, but maybe it's called something else. Searches of my whole system, and trawling through the options on my Safari browser have not turned up anything with the word cookie in it. Do you know if there's another word for cookie or another way of expressing what it is? I would probably get results if I used different terminology in my search.

Where is the cookie folder on your computer?

Thanks as usual for your willingness to help.

well normally for my computer (which isn't a mac) it's underneith tools and it says "clear private" data which will give you the option of clearing cookies, remembered passwords, history, and so on... but currently i'm trying to do the same thing on my father's computer (don't worry I am over 18 so there's no child reading your lemons (which I might add are the best ones I've read yet - all other ones are well frankly, bad: bad plot/no plot, unrealistic, the characters don't act like their original characters etc. You are amazing... plus coming up with a plot like yours and putting all that time and effort into it... (you were so descriptive I was actually wondering if you yourself were a man (then again you could be though right?)))) urgh... too many parenthesis... anyways... good luck with that... maybe the tools option has something like this...

Hello and thank you for coming to my LJ page and caring about my little cookie problem. And also, thank you for the lovely compliments about my lemons. No, I'm not a man, but I do think men are wonderful (when they're not being bastards) so I've put a lot of energy into studying them!

My work computer has that 'clear private data' option under tools, but Macs are different. There's nothing marked 'tools' in my toolbar, but if I go to History I can clear private data which only takes care of my internet search topics. I can't find any mention of cookies anywhere. And I only ever see evidence of cookies in two places: inside my gmail and inside youtube. Otherwise no. One day I'll figure it out, I hope. But thanks for trying to help me! I really appreciate it.

I use a mac w/ safari, so I have the same problem, but you have to use firefox and delete your history. It's a pain in the but, but it's all you can do...

Thanks! I started using Firefox a few months ago and the problem stopped. What a relief.

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