brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

I have a little problem that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with. It concerns Youtube.

I discovered Youtube a few months ago and happily did all kinds of searches that I never expected my husband to know about, such as "boys kissing" and "graphic sex in anime' and perhaps some other ones that I don't feel like mentioning here. ( blush)

Then my husband's buddies started sending him Youtube clips of things they thought were interesting or amusing, and then he wanted his own Youtube account. So now he has one, and if he does a search on Youtube for say, "Beach volleyball" or "Bahrain", the minute he types in that first letter "b", the phrase "boys kissing" immediately pops into the search phrase window!

How can I make that stop? I think people shouldn't have their previous and perhaps occasionally ill-considered search topics thrown back up in their and their family's faces until the end of time. How do people with kids handle this sort of thing?

So far my husband hasn't said anything, but so far he hasn't done that many searches on Youtube. So far.

Any suggestions or advice would be most appreciated!

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