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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
You know, one of the reasons I don't post more often is that I write to Blue every night and basically get whatever was on my mind out of my system. We bitch about stuff, count our blessings, get very philosophical about all manner of things, and of course we never tire of endlessly dissecting Fake!

My life is freakishly busy nowadays, but I do see a respite shining softly on the far horizon. The good news is that I'm back to writing, even if it's just dribs and drabs here and there. More good news --at least I hope it's good--Blue has sent Chapter ten of A New Day back to me for the second time and I believe we've worked the bugs out of it, so I'll be ready to post it very soon. If not tomorrow, then Wednesday at the latest. And it has a big ol' D up A lemon in it, too.

You know, I went to the trouble of buying a green tea flavoured Kit Kat bar when I was in Japan, and I haven't even eaten it yet! Maybe it's the 'green' part. Chocolate just shouldn't be...well, green. Of course I ate all the cherry blossom Kit Kats, and they were pink! Is it okay for chocolate to be pink but not green? I think I'm irrationally discriminating here.

But I do know that I must not unwrap that green tea Kit Kat until I am in a state of clear desire. We must both be ready for the experience. The poor thing is blameless; the limitations are mine.

If I were a coward, I'd eat it in the dark. But that would be Wrong.

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You know, I don't care if you don't post as much to your LJ as long as you're emailing me.


You, and Sw0rdy, and GD - You're all MINE!!

BWAA HAAA HAAA! Feel the greedy wrath of the only child!

Re: I Make No Apologies

*edges away slowly*

Uh oh... who gave her E numbers? ^_~

Re: I Make No Apologies

Don't be scared--I'll distract her with a maple latte. Decaf, of course, since it sounds like someone has had a LITTLE too much caffeine today...

Re: I Make No Apologies

Oh please, like you don't love her insane. Now be good little possessions and start writing. (She totally didn't make me say that.) (Wink) (No, seriously, it was all me.)

Well I never took you for . . .

So you prefer the oh so innocently blushing pink to the oh I'm raring to go green eh? Are you a seme? I feel as if the "green tea" chocolate is trying to seduce you and it's making you nervous. Just give in the the desire. It's okay to give the chocolate some control during the experience, as long as it feels good. And (a very strong and) you firmly take back that control when your done. Think Ryo handling Dee. Hee hee. Let me know how it works out.

RJ (Who enjoys both sides)

Re: Well I never took you for . . .

You know, it's not so much a question of whether I'm a seme or an uke. I am either or both, depending on circumstances. The problem is more that I'm a total SLUT, at least in the chocolate department. And Christmas, followed by the January sales, revs up my choco-ho quotient like you wouldn't believe. For example, I am currently working my way through a Terry's chocolate orange snowball, which, for the uninitiated, is a white chocolate orange. Yesterday, it was half a box of Hershey's almondillos (only available at Christmas time), and before that, a Terry's mint chocolate orange. The endless temptation of these exotic seasonal treats sends me careening between fits of outrageous promiscuity to all too brief periods of shuddering self-denial. The excessive nature of my urgent consumption of so many in such a relatively short period of time has made my appetite a a dulled and heavy burden. It lacks the whetted sweetness of my more temperate times....No, I can't face my little green tea Kit Kat until I have my desires in hand, er, that is, 'under wraps'. Or perhaps until I have worked my way through the rest of 'the competition'. Well you know what I mean. How I long to run my tongue along my Kit Kat's verdurous, quivering furrows! But I still have two and a half boxes of almondillos. May God forgive me for my sins.

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