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FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) Chapter 10

  It's been a very sluggish weekend for me, but now I'm ready to post chapter 10.  This one is full of SEX.  Blue's got chapter 11 and I betcha she's slaving away on it right now even as you are reading this.  ( I have a special psychic link with Blue whether she likes it or not)  Anyway, chapter 10 has a lemon on in it, which means it's full of SEX.  As in consenting, loving, but really quite explicit SEX  between two people who just happen to be men.  Now I'm sure you don't want to hear about the appalling amount of pizza I ate last night, the housework that clamoured to be done (and whose cries were ignored) and my enlightening trip to Costco today.  So let's just get on with it.  RJ1of a kind, this is for you: SEX NOW!  Part 1 of chapter 10
SEX NOW!  Part one of chapter ten

FAKE First Year Together:  A New Day (May) 

Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Rating:    Chapter 10 is NC-17  Coarse language and explicit male-male sex

Spoilers:   To Volume 7

Timing: Set in May directly after Book 7 ended

Summary:  Ryo is coming to terms with the changes in his relationship with Dee, as well as his new sexual identity. Meanwhile, Dee and Ryo are searching for a young runaway. This story explores homophobic attitudes but is primarily a love story between two men.

Disclaimer:   I do not own Dee, Ryo, Bikky, Carol,  Drake, JJ, the Chief, Diana, or Berkely Rose  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.

Author's notes:  I believe in a strong and equal Ryo and Dee.  The characters of  Brian Webster, Mike Abernathy and Thomas Abernathy were created solely by me and are not intended to represent anyone living. Dave McDormand  is the guy in the striped shirt that was playing cards with Bikky on the bus to camp back in Book 1.  I just gave him a name.

Thank you Blue Simplicity.  Your beta-ing is bettering my writing.  I’m so grateful to you!

FAKE First Year Together:  A New Day (May)


Chapter ten



"It's Dork-head," said Bikky darkly, handing the phone to Ryo.

"Hello, Dee?"

"Hey, how's it going with the brat?"

"Oh, it's much better now.  We've finished dinner and he's doing his homework."

"Did you guys eat the rest of that spinach?"

"Well, I did.  B wouldn't touch it.  If I want to get spinach into his diet, I'm going to have to hide it inside meatballs or something."

"You know I didn't mean it before, when I said that thing about how you overcooked the spinach?"

"I know," Ryo said softly.

"'Cause it really was tasty, you know."

"Well, I'm glad someone liked it. Did you watch your games?"

"Oh yeah!  Friggin' awesome. The Detroit/Cleveland game was really close.  And somehow I got through the day without anyone telling me the score, which has got to be a first so far this year."

"Well, I'm glad you got to enjoy your basketball games, and now Ted and Drake owe us one."

          "Damn right they do.  Hey...Do you think you might be able to come out and play later?"

          "I -- I think so, but not for the whole night."  Ryo instinctively dropped his voice and turned away from Bikky, thereby missing the way the boy's eyes rolled up to the ceiling.

"Hey, I'll take whatever I can get. Want me to come get you?"

          “No, I'll come by train.  But you can run me back later if you like. The trains aren't fun late on a Saturday night."

"Whatever you want, my love.  What time do you think you'll get here?"

Ryo looked at his watch, a small thrill running through him at having been called 'my love'.  "About an hour.  Say, eight-ish?"

"Okay, see you then."

As Ryo replaced the phone in its cradle, he was aware of a soft smile on his face and a dangerous tingling in his crotch area.  However, he knew he was in Bikky's direct line of sight, so he didn't dare glance down to check whether the front of his pants looked as noticeably large as it suddenly felt.  Instead, he fled to the kitchen to find out if his casserole pan had soaked long enough to be scrubbed.

Stretched out on the living room floor, surrounded by textbooks and binders, Bikky glowered at the TV.  Ryo was going to the Perv-Man's place, no doubt for some nasty naked-time.  His mind jumped away from the disturbing mental pictures produced by that thought. He was naturally jealous that Dee now occupied a much more important place in Ryo's life, but he had to admit that the doofus had put in some serious hours to get where he was now. He had been suspicious of Dee from the start, dismissing him as a player who was planning to seduce Ryo and break his heart.  He had also been holding out a small hope that when push came to shove, Ryo would try to stay straight.  Even when Bikky had realized that Dee's feelings were one hundred percent serious, he had still opposed the whole idea on the grounds that Dee simply wasn't good enough for Ryo.  But over time, he had slowly begun to accept that there was some kind of bond between his shy foster-father and that pushy, obnoxious work partner of his.  Dee clearly had it bad for Ryo, and now that Ryo had finally made up his mind to give him what he wanted, Dork-head was likely on Cloud Nine.  And he had to allow that Dee had been pretty cool about letting him go out to take care of that little problem with grody Brody.  He had decided that it was okay with him if his foster dad and Dee wanted to be together, as long as he didn't have to watch or hear anything mushy.  And they'd better not embarrass him with anything like a PDA when his friends were around, or he'd make them regret it!

"Uh, Bikky?"  Ryo's voice interrupted his reverie. "I'm gonna take a quick shower and then head over to Dee's for awhile.  You got everything you need?"

"Yeah, except my friggin' freedom." He gave Ryo a sulky look.

"Well, you did that to yourself, didn't you?  And I suggest you stop getting into trouble if you don't want to be grounded until Christmas." Ryo strode off to the bathroom without waiting for an answer.  

Bikky's sulk changed to a secret smirk.  Ryo would be gone soon and the Perv would make sure he was way too busy to even think about picking up the phone to double-check that those who were grounded were at home where they should be.  Maybe he could interest Carol in a quick soda...




Dee opened the door with a sexy grin on his face and yanked Ryo close to him before slamming it shut and then shoving his surprised lover back against it. He pressed his lean, masculine body against Ryo's, and and ran his tongue over Ryo's ear.  He was wearing a loose, striped cotton shirt open low on his chest and he smelled faintly of cigarettes and cologne.  Ryo closed his eyes and breathed him in. He felt Dee's mobile lips producing delicious tingling shivers on his neck and was dimly aware that his lover's other hand was turning the deadbolt behind him.  When Dee's mouth moved to his own, he met him halfway and gave himself fully into the kiss, which went rapidly from tender and searching to hot and impassioned.  It was almost like they were taking up where they had left off earlier.  His arms went around Dee's hard body and he willed himself to show a little self-control.

After a minute, Dee stepped back, eyes full of mischief, and said, "I vote that we skip the tea and the pleasantries and go straight to bed.  What do you say?"

 "What kind of host are you?" asked Ryo, smiling.  "You should at least make a pretense of offering me something."  He took off his jacket and handed it to Dee, eyebrows raised.

 "I'm offering you my smokin' hot bod on a plate.  And you want it, babe, you know you do."  Dee brushed a knowing hand lightly over Ryo's almost fully erect penis, which caused a little gasp.

            "I---um..." stammered Ryo, not sure what to say.  He didn't know quite how to feel about the way his traitorous body had been reacting to Dee at every turn recently.  It offended his sense of decorum to just run straight to the bedroom, but at the same time, that was exactly what he wanted to do.

            Dee, however, seemed to know this and simply grabbed his hand and pulled him through the living room, tossing Ryo's coat onto the sofa on the way.  When they crossed the threshold of the bedroom, Ryo exclaimed in surprise.  Candlelight glimmered from dozens of points inside the darkened room.  A bottle of white wine stood chilling in a makeshift ice bucket on the nightstand table, with two long stemmed glasses waiting beside it.

            "Ta-da," Dee said softly, grinning widely at the expression on Ryo's face.

"Dee!  Your bedroom different."

            "All for you, dude. I dusted it and everything. NOW what kind of host do you think I am?"  Standing with his hands on his hips, Dee looked exceedingly pleased with himself.

           "An extremely romantic one," Ryo replied with a smile.  "So are you going to ravish me before or after you offer me a glass of wine?"

            "Before, after, and during, since you asked," Dee advanced on him, his purpose written clearly on his face.




           Ryo slowly returned to consciousness to find himself lying in a tangle of bed sheets with Dee's sleeping head on his chest. His first thoughts were that the room smelled pleasantly of hot candle wax with a hint of vanilla, followed by a feeling of mild worry about one of the candles potentially falling and setting the room on fire. But Dee's weight in the bed was solid and comforting and Ryo smiled at the thought and feel of him. It occurred to him that they had fallen asleep in exactly the same position the last time they had made love here, which was about a month ago now.

           That was the night he realized that he needed Dee.   And that was also the night he had learned how very sweet surrender could be.

            But he had woken up conflicted and overwhelmed, thinking, What have I done?  He recalled a burning need to get away, to be alone so he could think and to try to process the ramifications of what his surrender was going to entail.

           Accordingly, he had disengaged himself from Dee's sleeping form and had slunk out at dawn leaving only a brief note behind.  At the time, he really hadn't understood that Dee would find that insensitive.  He was so used to thinking of Dee as a tough cookie with a hard outer shell that was almost inured to rejection.  After all, Dee had spent so much of his life pushing hard for what he wanted and hearing the word 'no' over and over.

           But now Ryo understood.  Only recently had he gotten some inkling of how much Dee loved and needed him too, and how difficult all those rejections had been for him, especially in the last year or so.  At one point during those first few heady nights together, Dee had woken up beside him in the wee hours, and not feeling Ryo's sleeping form beside him, cried out his name in alarm and had felt around frantically for him.  Although Ryo couldn't see his face in the darkness, the relief in Dee's voice had been unmistakable when Ryo reached out for him and spoke soothingly.

            "Oh," Dee had said, burrowing close to him.  "I thought you'd disappeared again, like that first time..."  His heart had actually been pounding against Ryo’s body.

           Unconsciously, Ryo's arms now tightened around Dee. Never again, he thought.  You're mine now.  Forever.  I won't let you go.

           Ryo looked at the clock on the wall.  Dee had clocks everywhere.  He was so famous for being late that people were always giving him clocks as gag gifts, although it didn't seem to help.  He was relieved to see that it was only 10:15.  That meant they had a little more time together before he had to start thinking about heading home.

           He found his thoughts going back again to that first night with Dee, in this very bed, naked and with no further barriers between them.  He'd been so lost and so hungry, yet frozen with fear.  He felt afterwards that he had lain there like a puppet while Dee did all the work.  He wasn't used to taking such a passive role, sexually.  But just saying yes had been overwhelming enough, and so he had lain in Dee's bed and let sensation wash over him.  Everything Dee had done to him that night had elicited an intense response.  Good God, he had liked it.  Dee had been so gentle and had taken things slowly for him. It had been far better than the wet dreams and half-realized fantasies he had had about what sex with Dee might be like.  Even...even the much dreaded moment of penetration had been mitigated by the love he had felt coming off Dee in waves.  Dee's love for him had been practically palpable, like a third presence there with them in the darkness.  It had engulfed him totally, had wrapped around him and penetrated far more deeply into his mind, heart and understanding than any physical penetration of his body could have.

           And afterwards, he had been afraid all over again, but for different reasons from the ones he had walked into Dee's apartment with that night.  It had taken him three weeks to sort himself out.  Dee had been jubilant and expectant the first week, wary but still hopeful the second week, and a pale shadow of his former self in the third week.  But everything was fine now.  The right moment had finally come, and Ryo had found the courage to open his mouth and tell Dee how he felt.  It was a harsh world out there, but they knew they could count on each other.  They'd always had each other, but now their exchanged promises of love and commitment had given them a solid foundation to build on, and a sense that they had a future together.

Loving Dee, touching him, giving him pleasure and taking it from him was coming a little more naturally to Ryo with each passing day. So if this was happily ever after, what had happened to his confidence?  Suddenly he was questioning everything.  He was screwing up at work.  God, only yesterday he had put an important paper in the shredder without thinking.  He hoped that didn't end up coming back to haunt him.  Furthermore, he now had an enemy at Internal Affairs, a circumstance that could have easily been avoided had he been feeling more himself.  And why couldn't he be a better parent? Nothing with Bikky went the way it was supposed to according to the books he'd read. It seemed like every decision he made was wrong and led to a further erosion of his authority.

The only thing that seemed to be going right nowadays was his relationship with Dee.  And yet, even that was a source of bafflement. 

He couldn't believe that he had refused to allow himself this simple but powerful happiness for so long.  Ryo was able to admit to himself that for years he had denied his feelings, crushed his desires and disguised them as something else.  I was too weak and fearful to face them, he told himself. But at the same time, I thought of myself as a strong and together person. He wondered uneasily if there were any other big life-altering issues he might be hiding from himself.     

 Of course the discovery that he was attracted to men, and specifically to Dee Laytner, had been an unsettling one.  But it was such a relief to finally stop fighting that part of himself.  He felt as if a door had opened for him, and the door led into his own heart and mind.  All the things he hadn't permitted himself to see or feel for the last two and a half years were flooding his senses now.  For example, he loved the way that Dee's face always lit up at the sight of him.  That had been going on for years, but he had never consciously registered it until recently.  And he loved just gazing at Dee, drinking in the beauty of his hair, his skin, his lean, muscular grace.  From the day that he first met Dee, he had refused to see his partner as a desirable being.  He recalled being aware that Dee was handsome, but he had been careful not to let the dark-haired detective's face and body affect him.  It was necessary for him to be vigilant about that because the few times he had relaxed his guard, Dee had immediately sensed it and made a pass.

          Ryo smiled to himself and kissed the top of Dee's silken head, a wave of affection washing over him. The other man twitched slightly but did not awaken right away.

After a few minutes, as if sensing his thoughts, Dee stirred in his arms.  Ryo felt him yawn noisily against his chest, and then felt those long legs stretching and flexing against his own.

"Ryo?" he mumbled, pressing a kiss to the nearest dusky nipple before turning his head to fix him with one sleepy green eye.

             "Who were you expecting? JJ?"  Ryo hoped his voice sounded calm and slightly amused instead of that of a man who had just been doing some serious soul-searching.

            The eye widened in horror and Dee sat up in bed to glare at him.  "Do NOT ruin a perfectly good romantic moment by mentioning that name!"

            "Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  How are you feeling?"

            Dee cracked his knuckles and looked thoughtful.  Then he smiled.

            "Alive, in love, and horny.  And just a little bit hungry.  What time is it?"

           "Twenty to eleven," Ryo answered unnecessarily, since Dee's head had already swiveled to look at the clock.

"How much longer have I got you for?"

           "Hmm...Whatever my answer is, I have a feeling it's going to get me jumped."

           "Yeah, you got that right, so you might as well just accept it."  Dee grinned and raised himself on one elbow so that he could give Ryo a kiss.  It was slow and sensual and the affection in it chased away the lingering shadows of Ryo's uneasy thoughts about himself.   He felt the slightly rough pads of Dee's confident fingertips tracing the contours of his chest and stomach with just the right amount of pressure. He gasped mid-kiss when one of his lover's hands began to pinch and tug at his nipple.  It still came as a surprise to him that his nipples had turned out to be so erogenous.  No one had ever paid any attention to them before; nor had he ever thought to touch them himself. 

          Dee chuckled at his reaction and said, "Oh he likes it now... So it's getting less 'embarrassing', is it?"

           Ryo tried to smile back but couldn't quite manage it because of the intensely erotic sensations that were spreading outward from his nipple across his chest and sending little stabs of pleasure shooting down to his groin.  Dee just watched his face for a moment while he pinched and rolled that nipple.

          "'re just so unbelievably beautiful," he breathed.  Their eyes met in the flickering candlelight, Ryo's full of arousal and pleasure, Dee's full of emotion.  Ryo's body began to undulate slightly under Dee's.  He wanted more contact.  He wanted Dee to touch his other nipple; he wanted to be able to wrap his legs around Dee.  He wanted...He wanted Dee to enter him again and fuck him into a state of delirium.  But there was no way he could say those words out loud. 


           "I know, love, I know."  Dee's lips closed over Ryo's other nipple and he sucked hard.  Ryo's back arched up off the mattress and he let out a sharp cry. The double nipple stimulation was overwhelming. It pushed him quite suddenly into a greater state of arousal and caused his sticky penis to unfurl so rapidly that it made his head spin. One of his hands tangled in Dee's hair and tugged on it a little.  Dee, who was aware of what was happening between Ryo's legs, decided that his lover had to be set free from the sheet that seemed to be twisted around his lower body.  He set about doing this, even though it meant he had to leave those tantalizing nipples behind.  Ryo gave a soft moan of disappointment as Dee's hand and mouth left his sensitized chest, but he seemed to accept the necessity of getting his legs free if anything further was to happen. Dee unwound the sheet from where it was restraining Ryo and then began caressing his legs in long, leisurely strokes.  Periodically, he lowered his lips to the sensitive skin of Ryo's thighs and pressed nibbling little kisses against them.  When he moved to his lover's inner thighs and the inside of his knees, Ryo moaned, and his erection twitched. Dee glanced at it, but didn't pause in his ministrations.  He'd get to that later.  He moved to position himself between Ryo's legs, pushing his thighs apart with sure hands.  He ran his tongue wetly from mid thigh to inner knee and then turned and did the same to the other leg.  He knew Ryo wanted him to go higher, but instead he went lower, working his way down Ryo's calves with lips, teeth and tongue.  He became aware that Ryo's hand had gone to his own penis and was pulling on it with urgent strokes.  Dee reached up and gently removed it.

          "If you keep that up, you're going to be finished soon.  I want you to come when you're impaled on my cock. Again."

          "Then do it, Dee.  Do it. Now."  Ryo's voice was husky with need.

           "Soon."  Dee smiled and returned to Ryo's leg, but he didn't relinquish his hold on Ryo's hand.  He held Ryo by the ankle and bent his leg, lifting his knee up in the air, opening his body up.  He kissed the ankle and the inside of Ryo's foot and then moved his face to the back of Ryo's raised thigh.  He glanced down at the portal he would soon be violating for the second time that evening.  It was still somewhat stretched and open from their earlier session and it glistened with lubricant and ejaculate.  It looked a little sore, but not too bad.  He would have to be careful.  And of course he would use more lube.  The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt his beautiful, sexy Ryo.  He blew air over Ryo's balls and watched the skin on them contract.  Ryo struggled a little. 

          "'re doing all the work. Let me do something for you." His voice was breathy.

          "Like what?" asked Dee, not really anticipating a response.

           As he expected, Ryo remained silent.  Dee knew there were all sorts of things going through his mind, however.  But he thought he understood the one thing Ryo wanted above all.  When he retrieved the bottle of lubricant from where it had been warming itself next to a pair of candles, Ryo emitted a little groan of excitement just at the sight of it.  As Dee knelt between his legs, spreading lubricant over his penis, he looked at Ryo with his sexy bedroom eyes and said, "Guess what I'm gonna do with this?"

          Ryo's pulse quickened and his eyes jumped back and forth from his lover's eyes to his glistening cock.  He couldn't speak; he just waited breathlessly.

          "Yeah, you know, don't you?  I'm gonna bury it inside you and pound you into the mattress until you come all over the place."

          Dee tentatively applied lubricant to Ryo, who flinched a little at the touch on his slightly tender opening.  He spread lubricant all around the outside and pushed some just inside the entrance with his fingers.  He'd let his cock do the rest.

          "It'll only hurt for a moment, love, and not very much.  Once I'm inside...well we both know how much you love that."

          "Dee!"  Ryo's voice was practically a whimper.

          Dee steadied his cock at Ryo's entrance and leaned gently on its springy resistance, waiting for the inevitable yielding.  After a moment it happened, as Ryo pushed outward with the muscles of his orifice and forced himself to relax down there.  Dee eased the head of his member in slowly and then stopped.  The tight ring that was Ryo's entrance throbbed urgently around his cock, which increased its sensitivity and took him a couple of steps closer to orgasm than he wanted to be at that point.  He gritted his teeth with the effort of not just sliding deeply inside where the throbbing would be less and the hold not quite as tight.  He waited for Ryo.

"Breathe, love," he said, because he had realized that Ryo was holding his breath.

Ryo did, glad to be reminded.  A few more heartbeats went by and then suddenly the tight grip was loosening slightly, and Dee understood that it was time.  He slid another inch inside, and when Ryo let out a low, sexy moan, he knew they were in business.  Slowly, carefully, he inched forward until just over half of his length was sheathed inside Ryo's hot, slick passage. He paused and then just as carefully, he eased back again until just the head remained inside.  Ryo began to pant and squirm, his movements telling him that he wanted more, looking directly into Dee's eyes, and forgetting all shyness. 

          "Dee...oh!  So good...move...move now, please."

          Needing no more encouragement than that, Dee drove deeply into him, eliciting a loud cry in response.  Strong internal muscles twitched madly all over his length, and Dee prayed to the Almighty for the strength to hold back the floodgates on his orgasm until he had managed to satisfy this bucking, wanton creature under him.

          Fortunately, it didn't take long.  He knelt tall, pulling Ryo's legs up over his shoulders and lifting his buttocks off the mattress.  From this positon, he pistoned in and out of Ryo's body with long, powerful strokes.  Every time he passed over Ryo's prostate, it produced an unrestrained cry and a spasm inside.  In this position, he didn't have a free hand to get Ryo off, but as he had expected, Ryo's naughty hand crept back to his own cock and he began working on it himself.

           "Dee!  Nnngh!  Don't stop, don't stop..."

          "Come for me, baby.  Come with my dick up your ass.  Show me that you like it."

          These words tipped Ryo over the edge.  His mouth opened into an "O" of surprise and pleasure as an intense climax tore through him, his cries coming out almost as sobs. The powerful internal contractions that accompanied his orgasm were what finished Dee.

          "Jesus, Ryo!" he groaned as his cock began to swell and throb inside his partner's tight hold.  Then he was emptying, shuddering as his hot male effluence flowed from his body deep into Ryo's.  He came so hard that he was sure Ryo could feel the powerful spurts, the spreading wet warmth inside him.

          Dee lowered Ryo's buttocks to the bed, and sagged over him, breathing hard, waiting for his heart to slow somewhat.  He was still partially buried inside Ryo.  It was so much wetter in there than it had been a minute ago.  His cock was still semi-hard, although the softening process had begun.  He wanted to remain inside for as long as he could, to stay joined to this amazing man under him.  The love he felt for his partner welled up in him until he felt he would burst with the effort to contain it.  There was nothing he wouldn't do for him, nothing he wouldn't give him. Overwhelmed by emotion, he shuddered, needing with every fiber of his being to hold him close to his heart. But he didn't want to bother or upset his lover by lowering his sweaty body down onto the streaks of semen that were arrayed across Ryo's chest.  He withdrew carefully from Ryo's body and lay down beside him

"What are you doing?" Ryo's voice sounded as unsteady as Dee felt. "Come close to me.  I know you, you big ball of mush."

Dee didn't wait to be told twice.  He wrapped his arms around Ryo and held him tightly, a long, happy sigh escaping him.



 End of part one of chapter ten.  Now go click on part two!














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