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FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (may) chapter 10 PART TWO
Dee Blue waves
My post was too lage for the whole of chapter ten , so here's part two.  Now don't get confused and read part two before you read part one.  Sorry if I'm insulting anyone's intelligence, but I'm always doing that myself on Yaoi daily.  I read later posts and spend time being confused and wondering if it's a translation problem or if it's just ME.  It's usually me.  Eventually I figure out that I somehow skipped part one or part two and went straight to part three.  So here's PART TWO of chapter ten!

FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (may) chapter 10, part 2

"Hey," said Dee, as they rolled up to a red light at the intersection of Lumley and 15th.  "I had an idea about the Bikky situation."

Ryo sighed.  "Which Bikky situation?"

          "His little attempt to buy drugs."

          "Oh yeah, that one."  A pained expression crossed his face. "What's your idea?"

          "Well...I'm not sure whether he might end up trying to pull that same shit again.  Maybe not.  But even if he isn't the one buying it, he could easily end up at a party where people are smoking it.  I wouldn't bet money on him saying no."

           "Yeah, I've been worrying about that too.  If he does it again, he's going to be a whole lot sneakier next time.  I might not find out about it."

          "Right.  So I have a plan, but you may not like it."

          "I'll consider anything at this point."

          "Well, I've got a couple of, er, 'friends' who're doing time.  One of them is for drug offenses.  I gave him a call yesterday, guy by the name of Brian."

          "Go on."

"Well, he's serving his sentence at The Brooklyn Correctional Facility right here in the city.  They have visiting hours tomorrow.  I thought we could run Bikky up there, maybe give him a first hand look at what the future might hold if he doesn't shape up."

          Ryo's response was silence, so Dee said, "Or... we can just forget I said anything!  Don't want to traumatize the brat..."

          "I think that's a fantastic idea," said Ryo firmly.  "What time are visiting hours?"




"What the f-- I mean, hell?  I'm supposed to be meeting the guys for a practice!  Carol said she was gonna come watch."

          "You can practice basketball just about anytime, Bikky.  We're doing this and that's final."

          "Why don't you ask Carol if she wants to come along?" Dee asked with an evil grin.

         Bikky turned shocked eyes on Dee.  "A girl visiting a prison for men?  Are you--- Oh I get it.  This was YOUR fucking idea, wasn't it?"

         "Guilty as charged, twerp.  But you're gonna find it so...educational."  Dee's voice dripped sincerity.

         "Eat shit, geezer."  Bikky whirled and glared at Ryo.  "I suppose you think this is gonna 'scare me straight' or something?  'Oooooh, poor little Bikky's gonna be SO scared by the bad place'.  You think I've never visited a jail before?  I been to Riker's Island AND the Brig to see my dad!  I don't know what you think you're trying to prove."

          "I think you need a reminder, and that's exactly what you're gonna get," said Ryo briskly.  "Now quit whining about it and suck it up.  We're going, and that's that."


           "Bikky!  To your room, now!"



“You're going to a friggin' PRISON?" hollered Dave.  "That's so cool!  But what about the game?"

"Ryo says no game," Bikky growled into the phone.  "I gotta do this.  Hey, uh, you wanna come along? It might be interesting."

        "Really?  I can come? Awesome!  When?"

        "We're leaving about 1:00 today.  If you can get to my place earlier than that, you can come with us. Huh, what's that, Ryo?"

         There was a pause and then Bikky added, "Ryo says if you'd like to eat lunch with us, you should be here at 12:00."

"Uhh...your dad's not still mad at me, is he?"

"What the fuck for?"  Bikky dropped his voice.  "He probably thinks I'm the one leading YOU astray.  I can't do anything right nowadays."

"Well, if you're sure it's okay, I'll be there for lunch, and prison after.  Man, this is gonna be great."

Bikky hung up the phone and turned to Ryo.  "Well, he's coming," he said.  "And he's stoked about it for some reason."

Ryo looked a bit surprised, and said, "Well maybe it won't be as much fun as he thinks."




Brian Webster was a baby-faced man with bad skin.  He was about 5 years younger than Dee and Ryo, a fact that Ryo was glad about.  Maybe Bikky would be able to relate to him somewhat.

They sat on cheap plastic chairs in the communal visiting room around a small, laminated table.  The room reeked of stale cigarette smoke and sweat.

Brian seemed pleased to have visitors.  He sat back in his chair, and smoked Dee's cigarettes, while they laughed and gossiped about old times in the neighbourhood.  Ryo observed that Brian was unconsciously mirroring Dee's body language.  Bikky sat sullenly with his head down, periodically kicking the table leg with small but jarring thuds.  Dave's head was swinging this way and that as he gaped at everyone there and took in every small detail of his surroundings.

"So Brian, how'd you end up in here?" Dee finally asked.  "Last I heard, you were going straight, looking for work."

"Aw man, I was fuckin' stupid, that's what happened.  I had me a job in a movie rental place, you know Vidalis up on Gates?  And everything's hummin' along nicely --there was even a girl for awhile there-- and then that fuckin' Christopher comes along with an offer I can't refuse."

Bikky and Dave sneaked sidelong glances at each other.

"What happened, man?"  Dee stubbed out his latest cigarette in the overflowing ashtray.

           "Well, you'll forgive me if I don't go into too much detail considering where we are...and what you are, brother."

"Fair enough," said Dee.

"But if I hadn't gone and got myself caught, I could've taken my girl to the Caribbean for a week and bought myself some wheels.  And if I hadn't listened to that bastard in the first place…Shit."

 Brian suddenly swung his attention to Bikky and Dave.

"Hey, you kids got girlfriends?"

Dave shrugged and said, "Not me, man.  Girls are trouble. Not to mention expensive.  But HE does.  An 'older woman'."  He smirked and nudged Bikky's foot with his shoe.  Bikky's only response was to scowl.  He was evidently not enjoying his outing to the Brooklyn Correctional Facility as much as Dave was.

"No shit.  She pretty?"

Dave started to say, "Pretty?  Try friggin' gorgeous all ove--" but his sentence ended in a yell of surprise as Bikky hooked the legs of his chair out from under him and sent him crashing backwards onto the floor.

"Bikky!"  Ryo was appalled.

"Sorry, Ryo, but he had it coming.  Didn'tcha Dave?"

"Uh yeah, guess I did," mumbled the red-faced Dave who was being helped back up by a snickering Dee.

A guard stuck his head in through the door and said sternly, "No horseplay, people, or you'll have to leave."

 Ryo apologized for the group and promised that it wouldn't happen again. After the guard left, he fixed his foster-son with an ominous glare and threatened to remove basketball privileges indefinitely if Bikky managed to get them all kicked out of a prison.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," sighed Bikky in resignation and returned his eyes to the floor.

"So, what was that you were saying, Brian, before we had a rugrat down and a guard taking an interest in us?" said Dee encouragingly.

"Oh, uh, just that I miss my girl, that's all."

            "Does she come visit you?" Ryo asked.

Brian sighed.  "Nah," he said.  "She was really pissed at me when I got arrested.  I thought she'd come around, but I heard she's with a new guy now." 

"That's harsh, man," said Dave.  "Hey, Biks, did you hear that?  Brian lost his woman. Shi--- I mean sheesh."  He glanced anxiously at Ryo, hoping his near-profanity hadn't been noted.

Bikky transferred his gaze from the floor to the ceiling.

"You people are driving me nuts," he muttered through gritted teeth.




          On the ride home, Bikky and Ryo were quiet, but Dave had a lot to say and Dee was the only one who seemed willing to give him any kind of response.

           "Hey Dee, do you think he has to wear a hair net when he works in the kitchen?"

          "Oh, for sure.  And an apron, too."

          "Did you guys see that one guard with the scar on his face?  I bet some inmate shanked him or something.  Didn’t Brian say they all have to get up at 6:30 a.m.? Even on weekends!  I'd wanna shank someone too, if I had to get up that frig—that early."

          "Yeah, it sucks, but I'm sure he's used to it by now," said Dee, blowing his smoke out the window to hide his smirk.  He was thinking that inviting Dave along had been a stroke of genius on Ryo's part.  The kid was bringing up all kinds of things that Bikky would have just refused to listen to if they'd come from either his foster-dad or his foster-dad's evil accomplice.

          "Hey, Dee," Dave leaned forward from the back seat and dropped his voice a little.

          "Yeah, Dave?"

          "Do you think Brian's still straight?"

        Dee quickly blew smoke out of the window again, before replying in a casual tone of voice.

        "Straight how?"

        "Well...uh, no offense but..."  Dave's voice dropped still lower. "Sexually."

"Couldn't tell ya.  It didn't exactly come up in the conversation."

"Oh come on!  Don't tell me you guys don't have some kind of special 'radar' about sh-- er, stuff like that."

         "Well, what do YOU think, Dave?" Dee asked innocently.

        "I think a lot of guys don't have a choice about stuff like that in prison."

         "Guess not," Dee agreed.  "But he'll be out in a couple months.  You'll be able to ask him yourself."  This time he grinned, because he just couldn't help himself.

         "No way, man.  I ain't gonna ask him that!  But everyone's sure gonna be thinking it."

           Not quite as amused as Dee, Ryo wanted to ask, "And does that make him less of a man?"  But then he stopped himself because even to his own ears it would have sounded defensive.  If the thought of that made Bikky think twice about knowingly getting within a city block of a drug deal ever again, it would be worth it.


                ~~~end of chapter 10~~~


































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Hey Brit, another fantastic chapter. I love Ryo's internal questioning - isn't it funny how stuff can be so obvious, but somehow you fail to see it? I do that ALL that time, much to my regret. And lastly, *blushes* ahem, I really wanted to be Ryo in part 1 of Chapter 10. *hides*
Thank you!

I do that all the time, too --miss the obvious stuff, I mean. And it really can go on for years until something happens to shock you into a realization of it.

You want to be Ryo? Don't we all. darling! Except occasionally, I'd rather be Dee. And other times I think I'd just like to watch. But in some kind of invisible capacity of course, because somehow I don't think that either of them could really let themselves go if there was a woman sitting in a corner of their bedroom with a notepad and an avid expression, saying "Just act natural, guys. Pretend I'm not here."

So, I was going for serious

Okay, I read the first part (a few times) and thought I'll write a genuie "Your writing is great, the story is still riveting." (Which it is by the way) review at the end of the second part. So here is the serious . . . I really love your interaction of Ryo and Bikky. The parent/teen relationship is rocky and you have it down well.

Now, back to the being invisible . . .I'm thinking instead of invisible, more of a mind meld, where you can slip in and out of Dee or Ryo's mind. A fluid movement slowly gliding from one into the other on my on whim. A give and take sort of feel. I would even look into some sort of memory erasure for either of them, in case of tramatic effects. However, it would be burned into my memory for ever. (Bwah ha ha). Oh well, back to "Sex Now".


Re: So, I was going for serious

Oh I love that fluid mind meld idea! I've always hoped that's what sex and love are like when we die, with the physical part still optional of course. In a way, that's what we do now as writers, isn't it? We flow into the minds of our characters and become one with them for a time. Then we run what they said and how they felt throught the filter of our own minds and set it down on paper.. If you look at it that way, we writers are 'mini-gods'!

hmmm...to be in there bed =]

I think I'd like the ability to switch off from being Ryo and sitting in the room with a pencil and paper (of course that wouldn't work if they could see me so realistically how about a two-way mirror between worlds that lets me watch them? ^_^;;

Re: hmmm...to be in their bed =]

Yeah, but this two way mirror has to have zoom! And different viewpoints, as in left side of the bed, right side of the bed, view from the foot of the bed, view from above, etc. And then of course we'd have to remember not to squeal or shout encouragement in case they got nervous and stopped.

Ryo don't think like that! *whacks him upside the head* Of course it doesn't make you any less of a man... in a way it makes you more of a man! *wink*


Man... I bet Bikky's upset about this little trip.

I love re-reading your stories Brit, it makes me see things that I didn't the first time around. And I enjoy them so much!

Ish verry Gut!


Ryo is looking around everywhere and rubbing his head with a confused expression on his face. It's so funny.

Actually, the whole top/bottom issue and who gets to be thought of as more of a man is one of the central themes of justice.

Thanks for enjoying my stories, Neengy. *Hugs you*

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