brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

I have been incredibly productive this evening! After work I went to the gym and burned 850 calories, according to the machine I was hogging for over an hour. Then I came home and prepared a delicious vegetarian dinner of soy ground round with multiple vegetables and a slightly spicy tomato sauce. I even put burdock root in it, which I learned about in Japan. They call it 'gobou'. It looks exactly like a long brown stick, which you peel, chop up and soak in water to get the alleged bitterness out of it before you cook it. It seems to be full of fiber and is apparently some kind of powerful antioxidant. I served it over rice to my menfolk, and then set about washing and removing the labels from approximately 40 empty wine bottles. I sterilized each one with boiling water too. Why? Because my dad and I are bottling wine tomorrow at 11 a.m. I'll end up with 30 bottles of red and 30 bottles of white, which should last me for awhile. I'm not supposed to drink them for 3 months, which won't be a problem, as I'm planning to give up alcohol, bread, and chocolate for Lent later this month. More on that closer to the day.

Anyway, it was exactly midnight when I was finally able to sit down in front of my computer and start typing with my dishpan hands. I have good news for any fans of FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) who might be reading this. Blue Simplicity, who is the most wonderful, lovable, talented and inspiring beta you could possibly imagine, has sent me my revised chapter 11! I was so surprised because I gave her really short notice on that one, and I know she was tired. Thank you Blue! I owe you one. And I really enjoyed your comments. I know as long as I continue to defer to your wisdom, I'll be all right.

So, I'll presently be heading downstairs to fight with the office computer. It's not a Mac, so I can see all the little buttons that let me do clever things like LJ cuts. This weekend, I want to post a chapter earlier than way after midnight on Sunday.

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