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Dee Blue waves
I just made my first ever ebay purchase! This is a momentous day. I remember how a little over a year ago, I was dazzled and confused by ebay and baffled by paypal. Now, I'm a confident customer. And in case you're wondering what it was, it was a book, naturally. I'm a big fan of Georgette Heyer, and recently I have been reading Cotillion. I got almost to the end and discovered that a page was missing! (gnash, tear!) When my new book arrives, I'll chuck out the old one. I hope it doesn't take 6 weeks to get here.

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Ah, eBay... stealer of my cash. I've been an eBayer seven years this June and I don't even want to start thinking about how much money I've spent on there.

Enjoy your book!

Be careful, it is a slippery slippery slope. Expect to find so many great deals that you end up losing money.

And Georgette Heyer? I must mock you for your romance reads.

Mock, mock, mock!

How dare you mock, you dreadful demon! Georgette Heyer was wit personified. NOBODY has ever done a better regency romance, and in fact all of her historical novels were meticulously researched. Her characterization was above reproach, and she put just as much energy into creating memorable side characters as she did on the main ones. My only complaint about her books is that no one ever got any sex, and even the kisses were not at all sexy. And I'm pretty sure none of the boys or men ever dropped their knee-breeches for each other. Well maybe sometimes at their country houses when they were ostensibly rusticating for their health.

A pox on your mocks!

I will defend my dear Ms. Heyer to my dying breath.

I applaud your courage to defend your author of choice. Your impassioned speech has almost persuaded me to try a book by Georgette Heyer. But really, no sex, very few kisses and no boy or man love? I don't know, sounds risky. I'm not sure I can give up my regular romance smut for no sex. Just how witty is she?

Convince me

I WILL convince you when my book comes, which it hasn't yet. And in the meantime, my brain is no longer in Georgette Heyer mode. It's gone into "The Time Traveller's Wife Mode". I firsrt learned of the existence of this book last weekend when I was checking out grumpy_demon's website. I'm only about half way through, but it's very VERY interesting so far ( I SO love time travel). When my Georgette Heyer book comes, I promise I'll select some choice quotes for you, RJ1of akind! I've been reading her books on and off for more than a decade, and I say with pride that in terms of sheer enjoyability, she's one of my favourite authors. I even listed her in my bio under interests.

Just wait until she types in the word doujinshi. We'll never hear from her again. In fact, the only sound we will hear from Canada is the sound of her credit card slowly slowly dying. (While BC sits in the corner, giggling, looking at all her dirty pictures.)

I have an uneasy, sneaking suspicion that you may be right. I will try my hardest not to go to the manga section of ebay for a really long time. I think my husband would be bound to notice my little yaoi problem if we were living amongst stacks and stacks of books!

Ah you see, you need a completely unobservant husband like mine. He lives surrounded by the stuff and never notices all the hot boys!

You know, I'm lucky. My husband IS pretty oblivious, plus English is not his first language, so I might be OK for a time as long as I'm careful. But one time, I was reading Yellow 2, which is not totally worksafe, and he came and demanded to know what I was so addicted to! THEN he picked it up and flipped through it! There was nothing I could do except wait and hope that *those* pages wouldn't catch his eye. To this day, I still don't know if they did or not, because he's capable of being very mysterious.

That whole thing happened because we had a freak snowstorm at the same time as my GODDAMN FU*KING cursed bathroom renovations, which meant one huge chunk of my house was missing (in De-freaking-cember) and was replaced by mere plastic. I was forced to read my manga in the one and only room that we were able to heat at that time, which was our bedroom, to the oh so pleasant accompaniment of CNN. So that's how he came to notice what I was reading.

It's just too bad I like boys who look like boys, as opposed to 'chicks with dicks'. (I learned that apt term for what I do NOT like from Blue.) Either way, my hubby would be shocked and would demand an explanation. But the c's with d's would probably confuse him and buy me a little more time. Fortunately, since the renovations, I've got a lot more storage...

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