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Dee Blue waves
I've got good news for those of you out there who are following my FAKE First Year Together:A New Day (May) story. Blue Simplicity, my wunderkind beta, has gotten chapter 12 back to me despite her incredibly busy schedule and the fact that she had a ROOT CANAL today! An extremely painful one, against which the usual happydrugs don't work. I'm awed, because that never would have been possible, had it been me. But then, I don't think I could beta at all no matter how many drugs were involved. But you see, I'm not as nice or dutiful as Blue. ( Please send Blue some love. She works damn hard and for love not money, since we're all penniless fanfiction writers)
So the upshot of this is that I'll be posting that chapter sometime this weekend. I'm in the habit of posting late on Sunday night, but last time I posted late on Friday night instead because I thought people might want to read it over the weekend. However, it didn't seem to make any difference in terms of people noticing, so I guess it doesn't matter one way or another which day I post. If you're one of the people who care, be looking out for it.

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to send me reviews and encouragement. Encouragement works, yes indeedy. When I have a choice between watching a travel show with my husband, during which I will receive a hand and arm massage (Really! 100 % true!) OR go work alone on the next chapter...Well, let's just say again that encouragement works. If I feel no one cares, I'll go chuckle at the pithy comments of Ian from Lonely Planet while drifting into a dreamy state from the massage.

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I must say, I love your writing. You've constructed a wonderful story and I always look forward to seeing your updates. Your beta is awesome as well. Heh. There'd be no way I'd even -touch- a computer after having a root canal done. (I'd head straight to bed x3) The fact that you've stuck by this so long and have spun an amazing tale with it is just... wow. I write fanfics as well, and I know how hard it can get when the muse dies or if real life starts getting in the way. ^^ Great work!


Why thank you, Rak. That certainly qualifies as encouragement. And my beta IS awesome, isn't she? Okay, I'm on my way to fix all the mistakes and excess commas she caught for me in chapter 12. When it's done, I'll post it, that is unless real life gets in the way. Back off, real life! Got a job to do here.

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